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  1. I didn't get the reward after I claimed the starter pack, that's weird
  2. already quit. Suddenly lost all interest on this game.
  3. flashcat

    Poll on 8.0 patch

    God. my impression of CV rework in co-op: AA is already too strong, my planes die so quickly. I can't do damage even if i hit some ships. This rework is TERRIBLE.
  4. flashcat

    Dam this game, made me uninstall it again

    you are probably one of the "fall apart" teammate made this poor guy quit
  5. flashcat

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    if it's a 2nd hand account it explains everything
  6. flashcat

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    you are trolling right? based on your stats you are definitely not a noob so that you can't understand this "hacking situation"
  7. you get the logic wrong. if you average 2 kills per game, 70k damage, and survive 80% of the time, then your win rate ABSOLUTELY can't be 43%. and you really think a player with an average kill rate of .4 , average damage of 20k, and 40% survival rate can achieve 70% win rate after let's say 500 games played? LOL
  8. if they can play this game and get a good stats, they can achieve a lot of things in their real life other than this game. vice versa
  9. I made this choice because WG let me, and it's a legal option. you said i paid money for the right of playing this ship right? so it's not a product, it's a service. they shouldn't de-value the service if real money involved, this is how business works, no matter you like it or not. But yeah, you think this game are pixels worth nothing, you believe that if WG shut down tmr we would lose everything. so I can imagine you haven't paid a penny for this game. AND i went through your profile, YOU DON'T HAVE ONE SINGLE PREMIUM SHIP LOL so if WG shut down their server forever, or nerfing premium ships, IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOUR BUSINESS. you have zero interest involved. technically you are just playing this game for free, you are not even a customer, so gtfo
  10. FXP and steel can be obtained by grinding (time) and cash. CASH IS AN OPTION AND MANY PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN THIS OPTION. So real money is lost if they nerf premium ships. you chose to grind these ships out doesn't mean other people have to play this game all day long to grind it.
  11. It's not about this fire duration nerf, it's about WG crossing the red line: nerfing premium. I spent money for a product, I expect it works as it has always been. I bought steel monster campaign because I want stalingrad, yeah because it's OP. if it's not OP why would I spend money on this? I would've bought other steel ships. same logic apply to other premiums ships. I bought xxx ship because it has xxx features. you nerf premiums, you are making our money less valuable. this is why this red line should never be crossed. All of us are customers, if you let WG hurt your benefit a bit today, they will hurt your benefit a lot more tomorrow. And yeah, if you haven't paid a penny for this game, and you kept getting bullied by OP/premium ships, of course you don't care WG crossing the red line.
  12. flashcat

    The Stalingrad

    1. This review is made BEFORE a fair number of players starts playing this ship. 2. Make your own argument. 3. Stalingrad might be a bit OP but at this point you can't judge how OP it is, simply as many people said, it has never been played by players with all skill level. Data is not sufficient.
  13. flashcat

    The Stalingrad

    Some people play a few hundred games to understand the game, and their stats are getting better and better; On the other hand, some people played thousands of games but can't get pass 4x% win rate, and they kept getting stats shamed so they have to hide their stats. So yeah, I think it's far more enough to account for the massive performance difference
  14. do you guys have problem comprehend WG NA's post? It seems like it's written by non-native English speakers. Or it's some kind of direct English translation straight from Russian. Exhibit D: The rules of the changed aircraft carriers are intended to ensure maximum advantage (Shouldn't we use benefits here instead of advantage?) to players, and the general principle is really simple: you have gained an advantage rather than lost something. A special category, Aircraft Carriers, will be added to the Inventory to display all of the aircraft carriers you've researched and purchased. If you don't like the new gameplay or would like to research the entire branch from the beginning once again, you can go to this category and exchange the available researchable aircraft carriers for credits and Free XP. Also, you can sell Premium aircraft carriers for their full price in doubloons. Please note: it will be possible to exchange researchable aircraft carriers starting from higher tiers. For example, if you want to convert Ranger, you won't be able to keep higher-tier ships, e.g. Midway, on your account. And the above paragraph is quite hard for me to understand the first time i read. But I am also a non-native English speaker too, so I don't know it's my own problem or it's their wording made it difficult. Any native speaker wanna answer this? thanks!