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  1. Raide_Sixx

    A message from the Pumpkins

    Wargaming need to bring back the Salem Witch & Phantom Fortress for Halloween events - let you pumpkins captain those! For those that weren't around back then - https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/phantom-fortress/ These were played in mid tier battles - and were pretty fun. Don't know how the Phantom fortress would go nowadays with the CV rework though.
  2. Raide_Sixx

    Premium commander from event

    Why would you want to do that? (I admit they do get annoying) Yukikaze's laugh when you hit the speed boost or fire torps does bring a smile to my face though.
  3. What's concerning about that screencap is Sub_Octavian stating "Cesare is just first in the queue". What other premiums are in the "queue"? And to those talking about the EULA - that's fine. For a F2P game like Warships what do you think happens when players stop paying for premium items and the game's revenue falls?
  4. Raide_Sixx

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    I own the GC & many other premiums, as do many players. I bought a Super Pershing in WoT back in the day. That was the first premium that was ever nerfed by WG. The furore back then was the same, if not worse than now - it also set the precedent for doubloon (gold in that case) refunds for nerfed premiums. Many demanded cash refunds back then - they didn't get it. WG will NEVER refund your money. May as well ask for more than just doubloons as I suggested.
  5. Raide_Sixx

    Premium Ship Balance [Poll]

    Premiums shouldn't be nerfed directly or moved up/down tiers. This will set a precedent for changing other premiums. Gremy? Now a tier 6. Kamikaze sisters? Detection & torp range nerf. Belfast? Tier 8. Mass? Secondaries rate of fire & range nerf. Missouri? Radar & credit earning nerf.....need I go on? If WG do decide to do it, then (EULA notwithstanding) as a good faith gesture to their customers, they should provide an option to refund ships value in doubloons (since they won't refund the cash), any xp on the ship as freexp and free Captain respec if trained for that ship & de-mounting of upgrades. Otherwise - why buy any premiums in the future knowing they can be changed at anytime for the worse?
  6. An online game isn't just a product - it's a service. Much like your phone & power company or your internet service provider. If they made drastic changes to the service you didn't like - would you stick with them? A company that relies on money coming in for an ongoing service they provide, may not owe us anything, but they do rely on us for their financial survival. Customers are always told vote with their wallets or their feet - which is what some are doing. We don't OWE them anything either.
  7. Raide_Sixx

    Your very first Premium was?

    Yubari, Grem & Sims - Sims was awesome back in closed beta. First premium once the game went live was the Atago. I think almost everyone back then got the Atago to have a tier 8 premium for credit making. Had quite a few matches that were mostly Atagos way back then - similar to when Tirpitz was released.
  8. Raide_Sixx

    Prepping for CV update

    I don't see any reason why anyone would use freexp to research and buy carriers just to refund the credits & freexp - isn't that redundant? Unless I'm missing something. I'm sure you won't need to own the carriers to refund the xp (just have them researched). But I guess we will find out. Edit - I understand using freexp to finish off researching a CV though.
  9. Seems like the Neustrashimy will shine in mid to late game, where it's high HP, low concealment + torps & guns will help it cap & finish off surviving enemy DDs which, at that point, are probably low on health.
  10. Raide_Sixx

    Why is Ocean map still in the game?

    The ocean map would be fun if the storm covered the whole map for the duration of the match - or maybe clear up in the final 5 mins.
  11. Well, now that CVs are practically extinct, the BB players have to whine about something else - so DDs are next in line. They'll whine until Wargaming make DD players leave & the class becomes extinct too. So then it will just be BB's and their cruiser punching bags.
  12. Raide_Sixx

    Why bother with tier 8

    Maybe they should do something like Grand Battles in World of Tanks - 30 vs 30 ships in a match for tier 10's only. Increased rewards for winning a match - including 10-20 steel. Might pull a lot of tier 10's out of randoms.
  13. Raide_Sixx

    CV Rework - Full Co-Op Game

    Wonder if the Saipan will still get tier 9 planes for extra survivabilty against AA, but with smaller squadrons (except for the huge DB squad). And the Kaga / Enterprise will get the tier 6 / 7 planes?
  14. Subs seem like an decent idea - but as everyone and their dog has mentioned, depends on how subs are implemented. Destroyers & Light Cruisers should be the counter to Subs (most light cruisers in WW2 carried Sonar / Asdic & depth charges) make hydroacoustic have a longer sub detect range, like how there is a difference range between detecting ships & torps. Like Carriers, they should be limited per team (i'm thinking 1 per team). They should not be able to cap unless surfaced - if they dive it resets the cap & they cannot contest caps if submerged. As for how heavy cruisers or battleships can fight subs? Dunno about that. Next - addition of torpedo boats. Fast, low HP and limited torps (1 or 2 reloads per tube) but you can respawn 3 times per match.