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  1. I wish I hadn't heard about WoWS till it was almost released because I want it so bad now. Makes the days go by so much slower :/.

  2. Stug III is a baws

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    2. Wunderwaffen1945


      I'm from Europe but playing in NA server. I played this game two years ago when they gave free gold every day......that were days

      maybe we could play platon sometimes, i'll add you....

    3. sgtpepper500


      Oh cool. I started playing about a year ago and I got so frustrated with donkey teams I rage quit'd. I am no enjoying it more after giving it a second chance. Oh what I would do to get some gold :D. Cool I will be on today and this weekend and will be looking out for you. I am not a premium fyi :/.

    4. Wunderwaffen1945