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  1. Flinch

    Black ship giveaway on facebook

    seems somebody is trying to hijack wows original posts
  2. Anyone else feeling like they have been cheated after being told they have been chosen to win one of the black ships only to find they have to complete a log in task and supply their cc details ??? My bank refused to allow me to complete the signup and therefore receive the code required to obtain the ship because the site being used is a reported scam site and theres a high risk your bank accounts will be emptied. A Free giveaway should be just that part of the requirements were that you gave your ign and server in the comments on the giveaway page surely if you win they already have your account details and would credit your account accordingly without the [edited] of having to signup for some useless book offer. the link supplied sends you first to this page https://www.facebook.com/hashtag/congratulationswinnworldofwarships
  3. Flinch


    sorry and yes my gpu is worth over 2k lol
  4. Just wondering if to add to the realism and aesthetics of the game if there are plans to include "floating sea ice" in the winter style maps as this would have been something crews would have faced and it could add a new dimension into navigation etc as it affects a ships speed and would present risks of becoming trapped if your ship stopped for any length of time ??
  5. Flinch

    getting ridiculous

    I don't know i'd like to see him come round a island at full health and encounter my tirp letting him have all barrels of he plus 4 torps don't know any dd that survives that sort of blasting lol
  6. Flinch

    Tech Tree switching 0.10.11

    I'm not running any extended tech tree and i can't change nation etc
  7. Flinch

    New Naval Battle format stinks

    The fact it's being used at all will be enough to drive many small clans away from participating in naval battles
  8. Flinch

    New Naval Battle format stinks

    instead of naval battles being a 1 on 1 match against another clan it is now a free for all clan against all other clans ranked affair meaning that the matchmaking is gone and the larger stronger clans will always triumph while the smaller weaker clans shake their heads and forget about playing naval every week.
  9. Flinch

    New Naval Battle format stinks

    totally agree the new format only benefits the larger more active clans it's just another format that will be killed off as smaller clans decide not to bother playing it
  10. I've experienced this in other games and it never ends well for the clan, when the leader and his exec go MIA and none of the other officers have the power to assume command or clean the member lists of inactive members invariably the clan dies as people leave and find more active clans , in most games where clans are possible if the leader fails to log in or play matches after 30 days his command is transferred to next highest ranking active officer should the commander return normally the officer in command would simply hand the reigns back. The point is for clans to survive they have to have active leadership without it the clan and the whole game suffers and a lot more pressure is placed on game support because clan members can't ask their leader for advice or voice complaints about other clan members .
  11. Hope you can get it fixed our clan has both the commander and exec missing for over 60 days as they have started playing a new game and probably won't return
  12. Flinch

    Naval Battle error

    It appears they have changed how naval battles work and that is why it's glitching you no longer have 1 opponent but rather fight for position amongst a group of opponent clans. Would have been nice if they informed us properly and didn't just make the change
  13. Flinch

    Naval Battle error

    getting the same
  14. I disagree on the clan battles Corry i see enough people on in my clan to form 2 teams while clan battles are in-active removing the time constraint would allow more clan participation from people like myself that are normally locked out . sure the majority of the clan is on during the time clan battles are active but it makes those of us who can't participate look as though we don't want to help our clan.
  15. WG need to remove the prime time setting from Clan Battles / Brawls and Ranked Battles as this prevents some players from participating once a prime time has been set , this occurs when a player is not normally on during the clans Prime time setting the same can be said for Ranked battles. Although i Live in Australia and would normally be catered for on the asia server i prefer to play on the North American server as it is mostly english speaking and i have many friends in the USA however by the time i get home of an evening ranked battles and clan battles are inactive meaning my participation in these events is restricted to a small window on a weekend, Removing the time constraints on these events would allow me and others affected by the time constraints to participate more fully and give our fellow clan members and clan more support.