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  1. GRUMPY__reaper

    NA clan battles..WHEN IS IT 11/18 or 11/19

    again when does it start.... NA thursday or friday. your post above does not make sense
  2. I am confused, if you read the the posts it has different info on each update post... one says clan wars starts on Thursday one says starts on Friday.... please tell me when clan battles starts is it 11/18 Thursday or 11/19 Friday.. thanks
  3. Is this bug resolved yet... its 12:02 am pst and i think its still there.... 9/11/21
  4. GRUMPY__reaper

    Important message for the community

    Bottom Line WG...... Is action speaks louder than words.... You have something to prove to us... We will be holding you accountable for these expectations....
  5. GRUMPY__reaper

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Not sure that this helped your statement, I make over 6 figures a year... don't think it helps mine either but there you go.
  6. GRUMPY__reaper

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    WG in all the years i have given to them in all three games has never learned the a few of the golden rules of any business. 1, Be loyal to your customer base. be truthful and respect them.. 2, The customer is always right. 3, Under promise and over deliver..... Your response WG is pathetic. You sound like the press sectary for our wonderfully capable president
  7. GRUMPY__reaper

    Congress seems soft and weak dont buy

    thanks for the info Riminisky. I will try it that ay.. since its not what i thought it would be...
  8. Bought this as i missed the free xp Alaska, so far not impressed, feels weak, guns dont do anywhere near the average listed.. One salvo on a cruiser has a 40% chance of missing period. When they do hit its like 1 to 2 k damage if i am lucky... Armor seems meh..... at best... I think i got a lemon and would like a buff or a refund...
  9. GRUMPY__reaper

    Jingles out as CC

    No loss, all gain