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  1. Why not limit Squadrons like before?
  2. I am not sure I agree. I find playing with the AA reinforcement already cumbersome, I never bother with it I leave it all at 100% both side and sail with that, so I do not want to have to try and shoot planes...I play the game to shoot at ships. Let the AI shoot planes. That said...in the past the plane attacks were AI partially too, the player chose a target and approach and the AI did the rest...you could use your player skill in maneuvering and avoiding Plane attacks while your AA was being fired by the AI. Now it is much more difficult to do because the planes themselves are no longer AI and players have direct control of them, planes seem faster too. CV's are much harder to sink too... And they introduced a 3rd type of plane with rockets. Plus, you get unlimited squadrons...in the past if you destroyed so much at one point no more planes...Now, you get discovered much more often and can be attacked in repetition by a CV compared to before where it took more time for planes to go to places or, find targets for the CV player. Now no, you can come back over and over and over and harass the same ship all you want...but do you think that is fun for that player, who seeks to shoot other ships? Who is playing this game for the Naval Battle Experience? Food for thought maybe...
  3. Suraknar

    Encouraging Growth, Game Rejects

    I agree with many of the posts here. And it is not only the CV system. It is the CV system exposing the problems of the game and the direction it has taken in the last one and a half year. Constant nerfs here and there and especially at lower tiers. Tier 5 and 6 were very fun to play when the game launched, and now they are utterly unfun. And you know the MM makes this game very unrewarding, this is a problem of the design overall World of Tanks suffers the same and world of planes was even worse (no wonder most people went to War Thunder) Because a player has to go through hoops and loops to level to the next ship only to be placed against even higher tier ships and you get the feeling of always being weak until Tier 9-10, and even then, now it is not actually rewarding, it largely depends on the ship...and to go all the way there and realism that this is not is and have to start another line of ships all over again with the feeling of weakness only appeals to the most passionate players...it eliminates all others... But you know this is a trend of Online games since a decade, and I play them since Ultima Online 1997...I have seen many bad designs over the years I played upwards of 50 MMO's in that time. I have come to believe that the problem is monetisation and business model. Devs are pushed to come up with ways to generate more money. Companies not only need profits they need also to show growth...the Business growth however eats on the quality of the game over time... So things are the way they are today because slowly the game was adjusted to promote or incite players to spend some money here for boxes and spend some money there to get doubloon to convert for free XP to buy some premiums (which in reality are a catch 22 and utterly useless in the progression if you really analyse it)...so there you have it. If anyone is wondering hat nerfs I am referring to, I would point you to Aoba..it was a very fun ship to play, and now is a floating coffin.... CV revamp was made to have something to announce in terms of marketing create noise have more people try the game and hopefully get more people to play the game AWSD piloting planes..but at the same time it exposed the weakness of all the ships in all tiers and especially in lower ones. The game had become BB centered...Cruisers have a tough time competing with DD's as is...some DD's out DPS cruisers and cruisers are supposed to be the DD counter, and DD's are supposed to be the BB counter...but now... CV takes all. So now the BB captains are feeling it too..as the Honeymoon is over. I play both Cruisers BB's and DD's...and I feel the difference with the new CV system with all of them in Tiers 6+ definitely. The game took a bad turn somewhere and it is not only the new CV system, which by the way if you play CV's (I did try it) is somehow more fun than before. BUT...it is less fun for all the rest of the classes now. I am not sure what they can do to fix it at this point. For sure they will not go back to the old CV system. But they need to take a hard look at the other classes and the MM for sure. There are many things to Fix not only CV's, otherwise this game is lost... I support the ideas to limit Tiers...tier 6 should not play with Tier 8. The problem is that, as the game loses players and the population shrinks this will affect the waiting queues tremendously. But things need to change for players to return, and more that try it to stay. I have not invited friends in the game in the past year because of how it plays. I will not invite anyone so they can be frustrated and be mad at me after that. I will not promote this game until it is fixed back to the fun that it was when it launched. Good luck, have fun!
  4. Suraknar


    The CV revamp, can be fun to play. Flying around with planes and actively fighting Targets as opposed to click and forget can be exciting. But, and this is the major issue. It is so damn annoying and in some case game breaking on the receiving end. You get engaged by Planes much more often now than before, and also get detected much mor ethan before now too.. and it is just annoying as hell, and not fun on both counts... Ok maybe it will "force" players to learn to play differently, maybe it will "force" players to not sit behind islands as they make nice targets like that for planes... but people will quit before they do this... What is the goal here? Cause a mass exit of Ship Captains from the game so that only Carrier Players are left playing it? I do not have any suggestions at this time but there should be some adjustment...
  5. Suraknar

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    I agree, my Favorite was Tier V and VI but then the nerfs hit...
  6. Suraknar

    When was "The Golden Age" of WoWS?

    Best time was in the first 6 months! Then it started going downhill from there...after a year I became jaded and cynical with all the changes nerfs etc...I stooped spending money for it...it has been 2 years I am playing F2P... I just play few hours a week have fun and whenever I progress I progress... I do not care about boxes offer promotions premiums etc etc etc anymore... ranked battles is my favorite time..I usually play allot then..other than this I dislike the periodic missions the limited time clan battles and everything that tries to hook me in and turn the game in to a routine job...not to mention get a portion of my wallet... But the first 6 months were surely very very fun and I have fond memories of those times, probably why I am still playing. See ya out there! Have fun and good luck!
  7. Suraknar

    Zao — Japanese Tier X cruiser.

    Well I think Zao is overrated. I am having much more success and fun (that is the most important thing) with Ibuki. And Ibuki can shoot farther than Zao... 19.2 Km versus 18.8 Km (with gun fire control system mod 2). Ibuki is more maneuverable too, tighter circle, faster rudder and higher speed and better acceleration. The 1800 hitpoints more for Zao mean really nothing it is low compared to others. And Armor is quite ridiculously weak too, as is the case with ALL IJN cruisers actually and even some BB's, but that is another issue all together. So at this point I am wondering what is the whole hubbub about Zao. The only real thing it has over Ibuki would be the better guns, at first glance, in terms of fire chance and some better AP damage, in practice the guns are situationally worse, because you will still find yourself shooting HE and that does only 100 more points of Damage plus the traverse speed is considerably worse than ibuki, you coupled with the lower maneuverability, you actually have less opportunity to fire at targets and you cannot track fast moving ones such as DD's (and cruisers are supposed to be a DD counter..go figure) ... ibuki has much higher opportunity to shoot and score hits so it compensates... As a verdict I would have to say that Ibuki is a great Ship for Maneuvering and moving around while fighting and employing hit and run tactics... and Zao needs to hide behind islands and try to take pot shots undetected...and until detected at which point if you don't get out of there..your done. I do not like to play World of Tanks on Water though...so..I am not impressed by Zao at this time at all, moving up from ibuki at that...if Zao was more maneuverable with equal or better gun traverse at least it could go after DD's actively...and maintain a similar role ina higher tier as ibuki...at this time it is not capable of either especially in the open as it cannot last long on its own ...it just takes too much damage.. and is an easier to hit than ibuki due to lower maneuverability... (you can be 110% certain Ia m not spending any money on Camo for this ship as is ever it would be a waste). I will give it a couple more weeks of play see how I get used to it...but so far...first impression is negative.....and if no change this is another example of the negative-fun progression ...There is nothing worse in a game than to work your way to the next tier and be rewarded with something lesser than the previous... Anyways that is it for now... my advice...don't get your hopes up too much...
  8. Suraknar

    Nagato is just so utterly worthless...

    Nagato is weak. It recieves too much Damage from AP. And it is not thata ccurate either to at least be able to give same back to other BB's Another example of IJN weaknesses... Sometimes I can do well with her, but it is a matter of luck and circumstance. Scores/Stats with this or any other ship in this game are very subjective and siatuational and not proof or basis of the effectvinmess of a ship really..unless a very different curve is observed overall. Is there some kind of Addon out there that tell one where exactly to aim or something that people use? Because it seems like everyone shooting me in my Nagato scores maximum damage and I am not showing broadaside here now not a newbie. So either that or I am really unlucky player... I Raised Tier 9 to US BB's tier VII to IJN and Tier VII to German BB's...she is weak for some reason..I hope Amagi is better...I hear Izumo is not good (still) so I willl skip it all together with Free XP etc...
  9. Hmm... I was not aware, but it explains observations, I think these changes were actually necessary, these ships are made weaker in this game and have to stay on the perimeter cannot brawl or duel, bad accuracy just insured the ships were true cannon fodder or a placeholder in a battle... The ships are still made out of paper though, and can be sunk by a BB shell (not salvo..a single shell) at any angle, but you know say we accept that in the sake of rock paper scissors balance. BB's are supposed to sink Cruisers they are the counter to cruisers and not vice versa...how about DD's? IJN cruisers have trouble dueling with Most DD's nowdays....let alone other cruisers. Also, 12 km Torps may sound nice but anyone familiar with torps will tell you that it is not a anything special, the chances to miss your target at these distances are very very high and with all the consumables planes etc and experienced players at tier X even higher.. we are not talking taking out newbie BB's at Tier 4 here... Well perspective is the fact that Numbers don't mean much in the grand scheme of things. No two players are the same and no two players play a given ship the same, no two battles are the same either. Add to this the Luck factors, RNG, add to this MM randomness and Team composition and there you have it. Win ratio numbers become very subjective....damage very subjective too. It is all averages and most people who do not resort to various tactics to improve the odds (like trying to synchro queue etc) hover always at around 50%. So all that the numbers give us is averages...the problem is however how these averages are interpreted ...or used to determine the actual play experience. ...on average the ships seem according to the numbers more of less equal or better in one area than another etc...and this average does not measure the "how does it feel playing that ship?" aspect of it all. You may have 5 different players playing the same ship and 4 of them low stats and one of them very high stats because of various factors and the average could be said to be "acceptable" for this ship. It does not however mean that this given ship is not lacking or is fun to play...how it feels may not be acceptable... how do you measure that if not by examining player feedback or playing the ships yourself. When most players take the time to come to the forums to express their woes, it is because it felt bad. Not because the numbers are bad, the numbers are average for all anyways. How about this as perspective?
  10. Well exactly that is the whole issue here...I did mention Zao though because of some replies here advancing the idea that the Torps on these ships are restricted to aft firing arcs because the torps are positioned on the rear areas of the ships..and Zao certainly does not support that argument with its launchers even further aft than other designs.
  11. And also, the Zao, it has all the launchers positioned even further aft on the stern, yet can swivel them to fire forward at 35-40 degrees. Atago can shoot em at 15-20 degrees, I would say Myoko, Mogami and ibuki should be able to at least shoot them at 25-30 degrees...and since Zao does it at 35-40.
  12. Yes Atago's position of the launchers are approximately to the middle of the ship. Whereas on Myoko, Mogami Ibuki they are positioned in teh aft quadrant. However, the forward Launcher should be swinging like the Atagos, coming out a a forward firing arc. Its positioning on the ship may not give it a 15 degree firing arc like the Atago maybe but it would give it a 35 degree arc forward. Even a 40 degree forward firing arc would be much more historical compared to its current restrictions... but most importantly would make these ships somewhat more useful in the game too....
  13. The question is about the Firing arcs of the Torpedoes in game...not where the torpedoes are located on the ship. The firing arcs are not historical and the ships were not designed to shoot their torpedoes at the game's arcs only aft. The Wargaming designers placed the torpedo swivels on the reverse position so that they cannot turn on forward angles.. The historical firing arcs of the IJN ships are like the Atago/Takao...Myoko, Mogami, Ibuki Zao all should have the same firing angles... IJN ships have been arbitrarily nerfed and never looked back...
  14. I agree and also think that the firing Arcs of Torpedoes on IJN ships are not Historical, and were made as such in game arbitrarily for various other reasons... Also IJN cruisers are weak in many other respects...there have been many nerfs to them since launch....people used to complain even about Aoba which was very fun to play and now is a floating coffin. Personally not happy with what they did to IJN in this game... but I am guessing there is some bias against it...or the line just got unlucky...it used to be popular, but at the start of the game there were not many nations. So as new nations came along someone had to get nerved so that people switch nations and buy the new premiums... but they never really revised IJN since and now IJN cruisers even have trouble taking out new DD's... who can out gun and out shoot cruisers noways... And cruisers are supposed to be the counter of DD's... go figure.. If you go IJN cruisers at higher tier you have to stay at the perimeter, pick your targets and shoot sparingly. if you get spotted get out of there. These ships cannot tank at all. Bow stern whatever the angle incoming shells will pen will cit. You can get sunk from a single BB shell... stealth, surprise, hit and run, supporting fire.. and luck, lots of luck! Or do yourself a favor and just don't play that line... it is cannon fodder and you really must love the game otherwise you will start playing less and less...I been a casual since 2 years now...after the nefs the game was never as fun for me... Cheers!
  15. Hello, I installed the Tic-Tac cross-hair but maybe I did something wrong? It does not scale with various zoom levels...it takes all of the screen up to 10 for all zoom levels. Was that made for Low tier ships only? At upper tiers need to aim 20+... Thanks