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  1. Really? It sounds to me that you are justifying the use of Cheats here. What the game permits and incorporates as a mechanic to its gameplay is how the game is intended to be played by its design. You cannot use that to justify third party Mod/Assist etc to give yourself advantages not available in the game by design. That is cheating. So they would use it in Ranked or Clan battles instead maybe? It matters not where people use them. It is a cheat one way or another. And I disagree about it not being useful, because it contributes to a player hitting with more consistency thus It definitely contributes to DPS.
  2. And what happens when experienced players use it? They get an additional advantage that they hide behind their "skill". The facts do not corroborate the idea that "bad" players only use cheats. This is a myth. Actually all of the scandals on youtube having been caught cheating were from Influencers and "Good" players in game communities. I really think that WG should work on detecting anyone using cheats, warn then with a suspension of 2 weeks on the first offense and ban them completely on repeated offense. And I consider a mod that tells you if a ship goes forward or backward a cheat too actually, gee why do we have to learn to determine that by a miss or by observing smoke stacks? It is an advantage already to all those that use it. And if you say that "it is there use it" then WG should incorporate it in the game to make it available to all. Players should not feel obligated to install third party software to keep up to others. I play online games for more than 20 years now and never cheated, if I can play without cheating so can everyone else.
  3. Suraknar

    Ranked Match Making

    It is sheer luck who you play with in every battle, ranked or random, MM does not count skill...battle record (it should) but I think it counts whether you have premium or not...and also it seems to count how many points your Captain has...it is a hunch though....maybe just coincidence that I observed...we may never know what it really takes under account. Anyways for ranked, My advice is simple, play each battle with the aim to cap 2 flags and sink 4-7 ships before you get sunk. Do what you need to do to meet this goal. When all the players on your side for that battle aim that goal in every battle then you will win much more consistently. And when you are in teams that do not care to have that aim, then you will end up first and not lose a star at least.
  4. Well after replying here I switched to ranked and played some battles, here is one exciting battle. I am now Rank 11..lol I am not good enough to sink all of the enemy team...,.. but I will keep trying....maybe like that I can rank up..eventually. Nevertheless I think we did good as a team on this one overall...so there is always the luck factor here...
  5. Well, I do hope that you have played Submarines and that you have posted your feedback in the feedback thread. I have done so and there is another piece coming. Now I am not saying that Submarines are perfect, I think they need tweaking and adjustments still as well as addressing some of the issues expressed by many and of course according to the gameplay vision. what I am, saying is that the addition of submarines is a good one overall. For specifics, Honestly the homing torps only really work best towards slow ships, very easy to evade on maneuverable ships, this fact also makes them more effective against other submarine since these are so not maneuverable. In addition these are not passive homing weapons in the current system., it requires active effort to maintain the "lock", my concern about this approach is with cheats "aim bots etc" because judging distance underwater is not as easy as on the surface with the ping mechanic and you miss allot the bow and stern markers and lose the "lock". In maps with many islands and ships moving behind islands forget about maintaining the lock. Close range torps do not work well under water either and miss the target before they can home in. As for teamwork, I think Subs actually help because they introduce a counter to certain tactics that have made the dynamic stale. For example, sitting out there at the edge of the map alone and taking pot shots, a sub will get you. Sitting behind islands alone shooting invisible to all but your team, the sub will get you. Doing the same in smoke over and over, the sub can get you (not if you are a very maneuverable ship) but subs fill in these gameplay gaps as counters to these tactics.. ;) Many of old players used to Love open Ocean Map, I did too, why? because it was the only map where everyone actually stayed together and focused on targets together and coordinated. DD's picketing, followed by light cruisers and then the main line of Heavy Cruisers and BB's. with CV's even further back when present. It was the only map where this force actually maneuvered together at sea and formation of the fleet was important.It was the only map where the game felt like a Naval battle. Then the gameplay shifted to become World of Tanks at Sea, spread out, use islands like buildings sit in corners shoot one another triangulate create a killing zone etc etc, rinse repeat... in every single game in very single map. The first team to achieve best positioning will usually win and in lower tiers in one sided victory. Subs, now add a way to interrupt this same routine in my opinion, and that is good for the game. More variety ion gameplay and tactics is good for a game, it can reach a wider audience.
  6. Been Stuck at Rank 12 all week .. lol I gave up and started playing Submarine games instead.
  7. I agree with the OP, In all truth I do not even know who Flamu is even, I do not watch Twitch and similar, and only maybe watch a youtube from time to time when I know what I am looking for and look for it and that is it. I make my own opinion about the games that I play and I do not need anyone else to tell me what to think and how to feel about them..all this "influencer" stuff is not my thing really...as old school gamer I learned to explore the games I play myself and enjoy them or not and form own opinions. ..besides, I have no time to sit there watching someone else playing and blabbing about anything and everything according to their preferences...I prefer spending that time playing instead and chatting with friends about anything and everything. Yet I understand that this social media thingy is the way for new school gamers so I say whatever suits you best cool for you. As such, for my part, I think subs are a good addition and change the dynamic of the game in a good way, they only need some tweaking and some gameplay issues addressed and it will be good to go! And yes Subs add to Teamplay.
  8. I made a thread about unlimited Planes on Carriers a couple of weeks back. However I suppose planes are seen as Ammunition for Carriers and since all other ships have unlimited Torpedo reloads unlimited Shells etc, carriers do too, it is their weapon. I mean, the argument of the OP here is like asking to make Shells and torpedoes do less damage at the end of the Battle because everyone is damaged and can be killed with one shell let alone a full salvo. It is just part of the game and from that PoV it is equivalent.
  9. Suraknar

    Subs do bring about a change

    I am not on WG discord. what are the results? are these actually representative even, since not all players go there? We will have to get results from multiple sources to have accuracy and I think only WG has that priviledge
  10. Suraknar

    Submarines has nothing common to realism

    I do agree with the comment here on first glance, yet I did actually watched the EU Youtube presentation about Subs, with the Dev there and he explained how WoWs is not meant to be a simulator, this is why there is infinite fuel, infinity ammunition etc etc. It is also why some ships are not historical in some ways for Game Balance reasons. Their aim is to make a Fun Game. So with this in mind, maybe we can think of some suggestions to find a balance between the two. I been playing with subs for three days now and while in the beginning I was lost and it was tough, I am seeing improvement, and I understand better what they are aiming for. So on second glance, I think the decision to be able to recharge the sub at 1/4 speed under water is a great one in terms of gameplay. I did not like to be forced to surface in the Halloween event version of the submarines. And trust me it would become old very soon if you had to do that in the span of a battle so many times. Now if the battery can be good for 10 minutes run, maybe ok, but then you have to consider the surface ships perspective too. For now I think they strike a balance in the Battery power management. And I run out of power allot in the first two days. You exchange speed and maneuverability considerably in order to preserve power. It is a good mechanic game wise I think. And even at full speed underwater forget about outrunning DD's and Cruisers. There is that issue about subs revealing other ships in Smoke cover, Think this should not be the case if the sub is submerged and that the Ship on the interface in smoke should only be visible to the SUB. Someone else in another thread suggested that enemy ships in smoke only appear on the minimap to teammates. I think Subs at 50m should not be visible to AWS and only be revealed by Hydro acoustic if not firing torps or pings. And Subs at 80m not even by Hydro acoustic if engines are stopped not firing torps or pings. Ping recharge should be faster, let the player manage Power. And finally can we reduce a bit the radius of depth charges, they kill subs way too easy in a couple of explosions, and can kill a sub even at 80m...it should not, there must be a way for the sub to escape destruction...currently there is not once the enemy is above you with depth charges. Right now the only good strategy for subs is to remain near other cruisers or battleships to be able to avoid enemy destroyers. I tries many solo operations and they all end in death. If you want to be an effective Sub Captain you have to play in with a bit of cunning and just operate submerged in the middle of your own team in tandem. Then you can concentrate on aiming pings maintaining refreshing and guiding your torps. I think Subs are fun whether you want to Captain them or fight against them (I played several games as a ship too and hunting them). More ships need to have AWS, like Aoba, Graff Spee etc. All those that historically carried Depth charges should have them. And posted ideas in other threads about Heavy Cruisers and BB's maybe a Maritime Patrol Aircraft consumable with a salvo of self homing torps? And I also notice already a change in the battles etc, Subs can disrupt Canned Tactics now and routine and help turn the tables if properly played. I could see 2-3 Subs per side on Random Battles, and a maximum of 1 sub in ranked. And please make these hard rules, so that if there are not enough players we do not end up in battles with more subs. Better wait for more players to become available before the MM launches a game.
  11. It is because you are not using the hacks and cheats that they do, and are not lucky with MM. Rest assured they exist. Actually I remember at one point in the EU server they made people using them Visible to otehr players, in the US servers they chose not to do this because different ethics and all. But they exist. I notice the same things that you listed as well. It is also why I have not spent a dime in several years and stopped paying premium. As long as Cheats are not eliminated I am not paying for any Competitive Game on the internet not even buying them anymore. Cheats are rampant in all such games, including the more popular ones such as Fortnite, battlefield etc. Aiming Bots, Wall Hacks, Stat modifiers, Packet manipulators etc. (it is all happening through TCP/IP anyways) Hence my motto "everyone sinks, not everyone really fights" Now to be fair here I am not saying that everyone who is performing exceptionally cheats, there are people who have better hand eye coordination "skills" than others, spatial awareness, communication, teamwork etc that do make a difference. And also, I think that the situation is not always that dire in WoWs as other games, which permits for average performance and fun nevertheless. It is not like if someone can constantly head shot you and one shot kill you in this game. It is also why I do play still and I do have fun still. Yet, I do very very often think that all my ships are shooting peas instead of Shells and I am really unlucky with the MM always ending up in the wrong team, so yeah, It maybe me after all :)
  12. Thank you for these links, I was not aware and it is good to know. Nevertheless this is not widely used or standardized equipment so that is maybe why I was not aware and it was developed in the late war, like so many other innovations V-2 rocketry and first Jet planes and early radar. Nevertheless, the game does contain some Designs of ships from the drawing board, which were never built, so with this new information, I think it would not be a stretch to assume that all Subs have these Acoustic Homing torpedoes, it does clarify to me the current mechanic. And even sparks another suggestion why not have acoustic mechanics as an upgrade for later sub designs in the tree and use ping to lock targets with fire and forget mechanics initially? This helps diversify and also be more in line with history (while I think we all understand that this is not a historical simulator either and it is a game). I think it just opens up more possibilities :)
  13. Some interesting points indeed. Here are my thoughts on them While I find the addition of Submarines a good progression of the game and I would love to see Sub Tech Tree, I would like to see Subs added to random battles and even ranked (1 max). I do agree that Subs need still tweaking in many areas and overall gameplay mechanics need to be balanced with their addition. Objection One - RIP concealment, again - I would have suggested that a Submerged sub that spots a DD which is in smoke would be the only one actually seeing this DD and the information does not carry to team members because subs cannot communicate underwater anyways, in that time period and would need to be at periscope depth and extend an antenna to transmit or be within 20m to receive. (this is why buoys are used when subs are deeper etc). So I also think that to transmit the position of other ships a sub has to be in a position to be spotted too. Objection Two - Game endgame is going to be even more drawn out - a question of patience or impatience here I suppose. I personally am patient person so I do not think it would be such a game breaking situation but I can see how it can annoy some others - this could be mitigated with more ships having anti-sub capabilities CL's and DD's etc. And even possibly Heavy Cruiser and Battleships that can launch planes could have an anti-submarine plane consumable "Maritime Patrol Aircraft" instead? (so we could have 3 different ones) or the Spotting plane could do this job (with a few tweaks to its timers and mechanics). This ties in to objection four and five a bit as well. Objection Three - Homing torps are going to be abused by good players and failed by potatoes - This is part of the overall balance, no one is good at everything. Just like there will be some good submariners there will also be some very good submarine hunters. This is player skill and self balances except when randomization MM's several good players in one side versus less experienced players ..but that is part of the reality of the game as as many have argued one sided matches do not happen that often. That said, I recoiled to the fact that Subs in the current version have homing torpedoes. This is not historically accurate. In that era Torpedoes were fire and forget. I understand they want to make Submarine play interesting and entertaining but I offered an alternative. So instead of the two Ping markers mechanic in the bow and stern of ships and instead of homing torpedoes. Why not use the Ping to help target a ship instead. Just hiting the ship's keel anywhere would mark that ship as targeted for the sub. At that point the aiming indicator will appear to help the sub played launch their torps calculating the relative speed and direction and also Z axis elevation (depending on the depth of the firing sub), just like we have for surface torps. And then the player launches. Torps will be launched in a similar fashion as ships in a fire and forget fashion, surfacing some 1-2 km from the target if a ship. Players could also launch torps without a target but would need to manually account for angle and elevation without indicator as the torps will continue on the firing trajectory without self adjustment. This could be like a "snap shot" firing of torps for very close targets mostly enemy subs etc (as subs fight one another underwater too) Objection Four - Many ships have zero counterplay options - This one is related to Objection Two. The suggestion here is a maybe comming up with a Plane consumable that has anti-submarine capabilities. Maybe even it could call an Anti Sub Patrol from the land airports to assist the ship calling for it and hunt down any lingering subs. You know sometimes we see some planes flying across the map. so basically this consumable would call in a Maritime Patrol Aircraft to hunt the sub. And this way more ships and even BB's could have a means to counter and fight back subs. Objection Five - Counterplay relies on teamwork in a game which... does not have great teamwork - I think people will become betetr in coordinating threats, while I agree team play is not great always maybe this objection can also be addressed by suggestion in objection four. These are my thought as of now.
  14. I like the idea of subs. I think they need a bit or tweaking and rework but the basics and the potential is already there. 2-3 of these in Randoms Maximum, and 1 maximum in Ranked (and I mean hard rules for these maximums in the MM no fillers etc just to get a match going) is a good progress for the game I think.
  15. Suraknar

    Subs do bring about a change

    I find the addition of Subs a Good change. Having 2-3 Subs per side on a Random battle 1 maximum in ranked, would make things interesting and, for me at least, constitute a step of progress of the game. That said, I think Subs need some more work and tweaking though in their mechanics and I posted my feedback in the appropriate thread.