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  1. When aiming at a stationary broadside target at citadel, all of the shells sometimes fall short. Same with aiming higher going for normal pens I get all shells falling short. I dont remember this game being this frustrating.
  2. Garrrbage ship. Improved AP angles like the stalingrad would fix this ship really quickly.
  3. Wouldn't this just improve higher caliber secondaries for mainly German brawling ships to pen the 32mm threshhold? It still wouldn't help other bbs with smaller 155mm guns like Montana, Ohio, Georgia, or the fact that secondary builds cost way too many captain points to make useable. This patch wouldn't help the yamato, the conqueror, cruiser secondaries etc. I have fought many Georgias, Massachusetts, and GKs with secondary builds and have never thought their secondaries we're overpowered. You probably have fought even more. Yes they are scary and they do damage but using the word overpowered is a long stretch to describing them. 11.3 km secondaries would incentivize the bbs to push the cap instead of staying in the back. I don't see how it would contribute to the passive play besides scaring away cruisers and adds(my Georgia secondaries can barely hit them As it is). Like I said, buffing the advanced firing training skill wouldn't make them overpowered on other bbs. Remember I mentioned that they don't even need to hit. Heck they barely even hit without manual firing training. The secondaries just need to be firing away and make a beautiful fire works show to make the game more enjoyable. Right now for most bbs in the game, secondaries are just decorative ornaments, Useless guns that look scary but do nothing the majority of the match. My proposal intends to change that. I am positive that wargaming can make secondaries fun but not overpowered like the Massachusetts. Such as the stigma that secondary builds are fun but impractical and inefficient? It shouldn't be this way. I intend to bridge that gap of fun and efficiency. They should go hand in hand instead of sacrificing funness for efficiency.
  4. You give up so much for a secondary build. Without the captain skills, secondaries on all bbs are basically a decorative ornament. And with the secondary build captain skills, you give up much more valuable captain skills like fire prevention, concealment, and basics of survivability. It sucks and punishes people for pushing with battleships. The game needs to incentivize pushing and moving not hiding in the back of spawn for half of the game spamming HE and farming battleships. Tell me what is more fun and exciting. Staying in the back of spawn [edited] and being a passive [edited](like yoshino) or going to these caps guns blazing with your secondaries popping a beautiful fireworks show. Please Wargaming, make secondaries great again. I mean all secondaries not just specialized ships like the Massachusetts, kurfurst, Georgia. Buff them to where they start shooting further out. They don't have To hit anything, just start making a firework show to make the game more exciting and make them useful. Make advanced firing training skill a 2-3 point skill not a jaw dropping 4 point skill where you become a free bbq dinner. You can imagine adding manual firing training and ifhe. Right now, Secondary builds are just not viable. They are a meme and it shouldn’t be like this. I can't be the only person who thinks this way. Please comment.
  5. Wargaming, You guys keep releasing God tier Russian ships like the stalingrad, Kremlin, and Smolensk. Then you release absolute garbage ships like the yukikaze, Yashima, yoshino, and Azuma. Please, no one is going to grind 30000 steel to get this stinky pos. They should rename the ship to Tsushima as there is clearly some hate against the IJN ships. 6 guns for same dispersion as yamato, overpen city, slower shell velocity, slow reload, and Lack of overmatch benefits. Best part is that it gets the same giant citadel as the yamato so they can get instablapped if getting to those closer ranges where your slow velocity shells can actually hit something. You guys always shoot yourselves in the foot releasing these ships. It's okay. This is a work in progress ship so I hope to see you guys buff it appropriately. I'm just worried that More than likely it will turn out to be like the Azuma, yoshino, and yukikaze. All absolute Meh- trash boats. Now don't worry I am not the person who would criticize without offering constructive criticism ;) Here's what you can do: Slow down the turret traverse and improve the dispersion for that medium-long range passive build Or/and Give it super nuclear tipped HE shells for massive 6 shell explosions :) just like the thunder. Something I would spend steel on. Or/and Beef up the secondaries and give it turtleback armor for a close range brawling beast. Or/and Improved penetration angles like your beloved stalingrad. Or/and Improved shell explosion timer like your beloved stalingrad
  6. Pyun

    Increase in detonations?

    Its WGs Stealth buff to detonation flags. Makes the flags more useful.
  7. Absolutely. See attached vid.
  8. Probably because only the very best play it. I see this time and time again for the most absolute trash ships. People saying its fine because the stats are fine.
  9. Pyun


    Woah man its about the reload the benham is like 60seconds while shimas are 120 seconds or so. But great pointing out that the Benham has stealthier torps. ANyways i'd rather play the Benham than the shima and thats a Tier 9 ship. And i've Freeexp a lot of ship lines and never had any problems. I just watch youtube vids on how to play the ship and do it. There is no need to play the lower tier Ijn dds. I have the harugomo, free exp'd all the way through and love that ship. Amazing guns. Acceptable torps for bonus dmg. The torps really remind me of shima torps. Good for backup weapon but not relied on.
  10. Pyun


    Really its a km away?! that's substantial. I'll start to torp effectively as soon as you give me a benham, a buff, or a real torp boat.
  11. Pyun


    I use 12 km torps and they are still slow and spotted from lightyears away. Yes all i think it needs is a faster reload on the torps.
  12. Pyun


    This is one of the worst high tiers I have ever played. I regret even researching it. Terrible guns that take molasses to turn. Terrible fire rate. The torps are detected from the moon so enemies are always dodging it. the torps feel slow INSANELY long torp reload time SUPER Long so you are easy to hit Terrible Turning radius Pros: High damage torps meh alpha guns good against dds when teammates support. Long story short get the harugumo. You get the same torps just less of them but you get amazing dps guns. ps i still believe the atago needs a buff.
  13. Is it fun to have less range than a Worcester? What about the fact that the citadel is insanely high up and runs through the entire length to the bow or maybe we have more fun with getting overmatch citadeled from our butts? The 203mm guns take ages to turn while the kremlin's turrets are like lightspeed. The guns are accurate but you have to get too close to use them. The torps are slow and get spotted from the moon so they never hit and you have to expose all your broadside to use them. Im talking about all the IJN cruisers here. The Atago, the Yoshino, the Azuma, and the Zao. They all suck donkey. Angling means jack poop. I am not the type of person who complains without giving suggestions for fixes. I understand the devs want the IJN line of ships to be squishy but deliver the damage from perfect positioning. I, therefore, won't be too greedy asking these ships to be buffed to be overpowered. Just do one or two things maybe? Buff the range they can shoot at. It makes no sense that a 203mm gun has less range than 155mm~152mm~. Make it to where it has Less range than the super cruisers like Yoshino Azuma but maybe another 1-2km. We will be able to deliver precision He from a distance. Buff the turret rotation speed Improve the armor to not get slam-dunked despite angling or getting overmatched from the butt. the Foreend plating and aftend plating buff from 25mm->27mm Lower the dang citadel. decrease the turning radius Improve the RoF of the main guns. My Atago and Takao are getting 16 seconds per volley thats insane. We aren't shooting alaska 305mm or Yoshino shells. It should be 13 seconds.
  14. Pyun

    Kremlin OP?

    Okay guys I was wrong. I got a hold of the ship and slapped a 19 pt captain pre sigma nerf and it is very strong but not OP. I honestly think It's a bit overhyped. It's ok where it's at now.
  15. Pyun

    Kremlin OP?

    Why does the Kremlin have more penetration than the yamato gun? Is it OP? Do you think Wargaming will properly nerf it? Let's discuss.