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  1. Pyun

    Yukikaze Is Trash (testing phase)

    Its workable but isn't as special like you'd expect this ship to be. The f3 torps is supposed to be its gimmick but that range(and trash detection) just limits you. How about extending the range without touching the speed? Sure you will get poor results at further range but just get closer as if your torps only have 8km. It has a pretty legendary name but wargame completely blew that off. Take this guys review on it. Just Disappointing and frustrating in this meta. Idk, if the AL event doesn't have anything special I'm going to pass on the yukikaze. I prob would have more fun in my kamikaze or harugumo?
  2. Yamato OP guys? I guess they haven't found out about its Hilarious Citadel or the fact that most people Melt the thing to death. Conqueror all the way guys...
  3. Pyun

    Azuma wth! Why you gotta hate me bro!

    You got unlucky and wish you had Alaska's autobounce angles.
  4. Pyun

    The Azuma is Trash 8.2.0

    Well im sure only people who like a challenge would get the ship aka decent players that can handle the challenge. Overall, sales must be down though since i rarely see one in a game compared to the alaska. WG is going to troll us by buffing the crap out of it lol after it goes away from sale.
  5. Pyun

    Azuma, is a paper ship. (Literally and figuratively)

    You guys keep saying "STAY at max range" but honestly the bbs can outrange you and citadel you even more due to plunging fire. Finally, since the honeymoon phase is over more people are starting to believe me when i say this ship is trash!!!!
  6. Pyun


    I was doing intelligent gameplay flanking and keeping our flank safe. The reason why we have citadels and side torpedo hits is to reward players for flanking, getting crossfires where the enemy can't angle against you. CVs suck [edited]because it punishes people for this intelligent gameplay. You guys keep saying, "stick together, stick together" but flanking and spreading out is the gameplay without a CV in the match. Just I don't believe this game was designed for CVs. Having a broken one like the Midway is just icing on the cake. Also this game is like Rock paper scissors. cruisers against dds, bbs against cruisers, and dds against battleships. When WG throws in CVs to the mix that can deal with all three classes. It is unfun to play against. It is OP. It is Cancer.
  7. Pyun

    The Azuma is Trash 8.2.0

    Tier 7 german cruiser citadeled a tier 9 super cruiser at that range lol?!
  8. Pyun

    Enterprise Tips

    Go for the ships on their team at your tier. Stike secluded ships(mainly battleships) that are away from their cruiser escort. Spot. At tier 10 you will be at a disadvantage and thats just how its going to be unless they tweak the matchmaking(which i think they should).
  9. Pyun

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    Yeah i know it has torpedo reduction but like i said it was capping so i had to reset the cap and bring home a win. Its actually 55% torpedo reduction. I just wish all the carriers had more alpha strike. I love the speed of the graf though.
  10. Pyun

    CV need alpha strike back

    Okay so cvs need their alpha back. Keep the midways bombs as it is but buff the hakuryus torps and all the other cvs damage.
  11. Pyun

    Anyone else disapointed with the Zep

    All cvs except the midways bombs suck right now. I spent the entire game in my GZ dropping a musashi for barely any damage due to its torpedo belt. However i cant say i wasnt in the wrong since he was secluded and was solo capping. All in all i dropped 27 torpedos on him and didnt even get much damage from it.
  12. 20 premium crates. I got all four cvs :D Too bad after playing them they are all meh.~
  13. My theory is that those hakuryu stats are from post nerf. The He bombs are simple to use but have insane alpha damage. Ap bombs take the most skill(angle of attack, speed, positioning) and still has similar if not worst damage. You get richochets, overpens, pens based on those three variables. The normal pens do crap damage and even the citadel damage is underwhelming. Why should the HE dive bombers that take less skill to use have higher alpha damage than the AP bombers?!?! Doesnt make any sense. He bombers get good fires starting too. Id expect he bombers to be the damage over time (dot) bombs while AP should be the alpha damage slam dunk bombers.
  14. Pyun

    AP bomb reality check

    If ap bombs take the most amount of skill to use(angle of attack, speed of attack, lack of chance of fires) then it should have the highest alpha damage out of all the other bombers. But no give most of it to the midways HE bombs instead.