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  1. No - I did not - but good to know there is a problem with that. Thank you!
  2. Yup - thats one way to do it .. Since i have more credits and free XP i could ever spend during the games lifetine .. why not spend about 3,4 mio free XP on a Tier X cruiser that is a HE gatling gun ^^. Thanks to my clan for providing me loads of clan battle bonus FXPs ^^.
  3. Hey WG support, .. first - hope you have a great time here in germany at this years Gamescon in cologne! Came across a problem I guess regarding Naval Battles and the new french cruiser - the Colbert. Just won a naval battle in it - our french cruiser Naval Nattle log was empty before - no victories in that yet and - after the victory in the colbert it is still empty. Expected at least to get the 300 point bar done but nothing happened - neither the 300 bar was completed nor the battle was subtracted from my available naval battle attempts. Is the Colbert too new ? Does not seem to be counted in Naval Battles .. Cheers, Illgrim
  4. Hmm where did the other Threat go where the compensation was announced ? That one with all replies was deleted ? Censored ? Why ? Anyways - the offered compensation was some republic tokens. If I would have known about the removal of the "Symbols of France" i would have worked getting all my coal from the lower tiers. Missed more than 12k coal by that little mistake Would worked with much more effort on that instead of playing ranked battles - if I only knew that it ended today.. Cheers, Illgrim
  5. Illgrim

    PSA - Additional clan battle day

    Nice - thank you !
  6. Illgrim

    Clan Battles broken

    that was luck i guess - played 2 matches - now - every player in division is redy - hitting the "battle" button - nothing happens :-(
  7. Illgrim

    Clan Battles broken

    we were just lucky - we were able to start a battle NA vs EU team - hope it keeps working..
  8. Illgrim

    Clan Battles broken

    Same problem with that - same clan but I am connecting from EU to the NA Servers ..