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  1. PvtFodder

    WG's worst nightmare???

    As A Canadian myself I approve this. By The way my Wife said she loves this comment :)
  2. PvtFodder

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Sorry to see you go and thank you for all your work in the past that is why I bought the only Canadian ship in the game.
  3. #1 I have verified my diver and Windows updates are all good. #2 Before this latest patch I could run the game on 3440 x 1440 Now my game will freeze when I'm zoomed in to shoot. I comes back after 5-10 secs then is fine for a bit then it does it again. the game is now unplayable and I have been on the game since beta. This has only been happening since the latest patch.
  4. PvtFodder

    HMS Juno

    HMS Juno Wiki This is a picture of my grand father about 1908 in the royal Marines aboard the HMS Juno.