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  1. PvtFodder

    Frequent Game Crashes Recently

    Well it seems to be better today and it was only the last 5 hops out of 17 that were having issues.
  2. PvtFodder

    Frequent Game Crashes Recently

    Then if it's not WoWS servers then there is something between me and them, but it's funny it's only that server that is having issues
  3. PvtFodder

    Frequent Game Crashes Recently

    Well since this is the only thing I'm having issues with I'm going to assume it's with the WoWS servers that are having the issue not my ISP
  4. PvtFodder

    Frequent Game Crashes Recently

    Nope I have Shaw and Gigabit network
  5. PvtFodder

    Frequent Game Crashes Recently

    Getting disconnects and freezing in game, then kicks me out. Ran ping plots to login1.worldofwarships.com and, WoW gets lots of packet losses Google DNS is totally fine over the same time frame.
  6. #1 I have verified my diver and Windows updates are all good. #2 Before this latest patch I could run the game on 3440 x 1440 Now my game will freeze when I'm zoomed in to shoot. I comes back after 5-10 secs then is fine for a bit then it does it again. the game is now unplayable and I have been on the game since beta. This has only been happening since the latest patch.
  7. PvtFodder

    HMS Juno

    HMS Juno Wiki This is a picture of my grand father about 1908 in the royal Marines aboard the HMS Juno.