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  1. brawler1967

    Getting out of a clan

    Sorry but I haven't been on for a bit, but I have a question. How do I get out of the clan I'm presently in? I looked recently and I'm 1 of 4 active members and I want to join a active clan. Any info helps. Thanks.
  2. brawler1967

    CVs are now kings of the sea

    Since the rework of the broken CV mechanic, the ship AA actually now works. AA is actually shooting down planes. So i'm back at it.
  3. brawler1967

    So what games are people going to now?

    Since they fixed the CV nightmare on Thursday. I'm back. AA now actually works.
  4. brawler1967

    CVs are now kings of the sea

    Actually I was shifting the AA to whatever side the the planes were coming in from, and to no effect.
  5. brawler1967

    CVs are now kings of the sea

    I agree. This new Patch makes for a truly unenjoyable game. Can't shoot anything down. Even with a huge AA rating.
  6. brawler1967

    Goodbye World of Warships

    Me too, its now what artillery used to be in WOT. Sky Cancer.
  7. brawler1967

    CVs are now kings of the sea

    Tried to play yesterday and today. With a combination of playing CVs on COOP and Random. The playing as a cruiser and BB on random, you can hardly shoot anything down, even with a huge 75% AA rating. The RNJesus rating for the game has gone to a totally different level. I tried out the tier 4 CVs, and in both Coop and Random, holy mother, its ridiculous. I couldn't get the knack at all. The players that were good before, are now so good that its a total CV show. I guess i will keep trying and dying. Thanks Wargaming .
  8. brawler1967

    Best BBq joint you've ever eaten at?

    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
  9. brawler1967

    Do you still play Single-Player games?

    OMG Deadspace. I loved the 1st one so much.
  10. brawler1967

    Best BBq joint you've ever eaten at?

    The best BBQ place I was ever at had to be a place called Smoky Joes. It was a couple of Texans who set up a restaurant way up here. Its long gone and I have never found a place like it again.