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  1. Kill 3 Japanese and 3 German ships

    Do the Raptor operation for the Japanese ship, we're screwed for the German ship. I have 2 I need one more. GL
  2. Anyone else having trouble getting this finished due to lack of ships ? I did an operation but unable to group up for the German operation. Maybe a Looking For Group option. ????????????
  3. There are hacks being used in the game

    OK......I'll play along.....I found all of the responses entertaining, even if it was at my expense sometimes. I do know what the WASD hacks are, in fact I use them from time to time myself. Some times with great effect, some times not so much. I have also heard of hacks that really do work, even if it's by magic, and have supposedly been guarded against by WG. Don't believe or do, that's up to you. I think there are hacks, but you decide. At least look.
  4. There are hacks being used in the game

    I never switched to guns, so no PT. Not sure about WASD hacks. I never said I launched 1 spread in 1 direction. Multiple spread in cross pattern. I did say NO other ships around or planes to spot my torps. I did say deep water torps with .9 detectability and he moved as soon as I launched, every time. No matter what you say to defend, I know what I saw.
  5. I was just in a game and I shot 4 loads of torpedoes at a Nagato and every time he maneuvered out of the way and was not hit once. He was sitting in the back slowly moving, I was not detected and launched 2 salvos at 13 km, he then maneuvered and I missed with all torps. A few minutes later, I repeated the attempt and again as soon as I launched he moved out of the way. A typhoon moved in and I shot again at 7 km and as soon as I launched he moved out of the way. At no time was I detected and no other ship was close enough to spot my deep water 72 knot torps, with .9 detectability. I was in the Ashasio with 5. something detectability. I don't expect to connect with every torp I shoot, but this was so obvious it was almost laughable. Now the thing I get from this is, if some people feel the new ship is op or [edited] then they feel they have the right to cheat to even things up. If he even tried to hide what was going on I might not have noticed, but to start moving out of the way before my torps were any where near him, repeatedly, is not coincidence or the mark of a skilled player with uncanny spidey senses. It is the mark of a cheater.
  6. Duca d'Aosta

    I went back and played a game with the Duca and sure enough we won. So what I found to be working or what made this game a success was : 1. Hide until most enemy ships were dead. 2. Run from the ones that weren't dead. 3. Shoot at all the life boats. 4. Scream "Fung gu" at the survivors floating in life preservers. 5. Make spaghetti then eat it. 6. Sing "That's Amore". 7. Drink wine. 8. Hide again. That is what seemed to work. I'll follow that recipe like Chef boy r Dee.
  7. Duca d'Aosta

    OK, I went back and play her again. I got 57 hits, mostly AP against a Cleveland, Aoba, Omaha and 2 BB's. 15K damage. This is with out a doubt the most worthless waste of money in the game. IFHE I doubt it. I wish I could get my money back. Really really a floating turd if ever there was one.
  8. Do you have a cursed ... tier?

    Yes, 1 thru 10
  9. Duca d'Aosta

    Does 32 hits for 5k damage seem low. It does to me. I shot mostly HE but did fire some AP until it seemed to yield no results. Most of the targets were cruisers but I did hit a BB also at about 12k away. I didn't fair that well, I was sunk rather quickly. I know the Duca doesn't have great staying power, but wow, only 5K damage. RNG ?
  10. yep, happened to me in my Atlanta. It said I did 24k damage to a BB in the beginning of the battle and sank him. But I watched him sail past me and get plastered by the enemy half way through the game. I didn't get the news till the fight was over. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ?
  11. in sync or not in sync

    I have run ping checks and am sure it has to do with the route to the server, still working on it. Thanks again everyone for the help.
  12. in sync or not in sync

    All graphics are on low, I have dynamic cross hairs with the lead time showing, no background programs running and I watched most of the tutorials and you tube videos on game play. I one thing I have read is the ping response and the time lag that may occur from it. Which is what this post is about. How often do other people experience it. I have noticed it happening more often to me. If it was happening to just me, I wouldn't bring it up but it has happened to other friends as well. I was wondering is it more wide spread and should WG have to take a harder look at their servers. I have made other posts about this and rubber banding before. When it's my issue I follow all the advice I was given here and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Nothing more frustrating than watching tutorials and trying to apply the advice but when aiming having to come out for sniper mode and lead to one screen edge or the other as lead ( = 30 or more seconds lead) and still be 1km or more behind the target. Another thing I've noticed is that I am either not shot at, at all, or 99% of the shots at me miss. A double edge sword, I know. I wish I was smart enough to make a recording of it to show what I am trying to explain. I only want to make this game better, because I really like it and look forward to playing other, newer ships. But thank you all for the advice and help.
  13. in sync or not in sync

    Well, I guess I should have said that it happens on more than 1 ship type, DD's, cruisers, BB and in more than 1 nation. When I notice it I jump around to check other ships. Yes some low velocity, but also high velocity guns. It happens in American, Russian, Japanese, French and Italian. Sometimes if I log out and log back in later it goes away, sometimes not. When it doesn't I call it a night and play other games. I've noticed, I've had to log out and play other games more often recently.
  14. in sync or not in sync

    I have noticed in numerous games an issue with I assume is game sync. I'm not sure what goes out of sync, the game or server or both, I'm not sure. But I am sure that sometimes I can lead a target inside of 5-10 km and still consistently be way behind the target. I lead as much as half a scree width and still am way off target. When this happens I just log off of the game. Has anyone else noticed this type of problem. I have other friends that play and they too have experienced it, I just want to know if it is as wide spread as I think it is. Keep in mind that I am aiming and making corrections, not just firing 1 salvo, and am still way behind. If it isn't a sync issue, does anyone have an idea what is going on ? Oh, and it's not just a 1 day issue, it has happened many times in the past. Thx
  15. Lag

    I have tried a few things that were suggested by my buddies, and then went back to play. All seemed to go back to normal. What happened to me, may have been specific to me, but others were experiencing the same or worse than me. I'll get on in a few minutes and see if it was an isolated event or a recurring issue.