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  1. Hauptmanpanzer

    1st time

    OK, I have been watching the you tube videos about the up coming changes to the game. It seems like most of the changes are no being received very well. So I started wondering what was going to happen to the game. Well, I tried to get a game with my tier 9 Mushasi, and after a considerable wait, I just left the que. So, I tried a tier 5 match with the DD Hill, and again a very long wait, but just as I was getting ready to leave que, I got a match. The crazy thing was, there were 3 CV's per side. I have seen 2 each side but never 3 per side. I assume there wasn't enough people in game to fill both sides with a reasonable roster, in fact only 3K people. Yep, this has me worried. No need for replies, just an observation.
  2. Hauptmanpanzer

    Are there known cheats/hacks/exploits?

    Yes there are. Prove me wrong.
  3. Passive teams, PERIOD !
  4. Hauptmanpanzer

    Simple solution to passive play

    The only way to stop passive play is to fix MM. Passive play is a defensive measure by weaker ships fighting against higher tier ships. Higher tier ships can stomp lower tier ships hands down. I didn't say I have the solution, only that as long as 2 tiers lower fight 2 tiers higher, people will look for ways to mitigate the risk.
  5. Hauptmanpanzer

    Phantom Torpedo

    have you heard of land sharks..........well this is the infamous land torpedo .
  6. Hauptmanpanzer

    Crashing game ?

    What is going on, game has been rubber banding then crashing. Anyone else experiencing this ?
  7. Hauptmanpanzer


    AHHHHH, ok thanks
  8. Hauptmanpanzer


    I mean if they don't have a bundle or event and super containers are for crap chances ?
  9. Hauptmanpanzer


    So how do you get a captain ?
  10. Hauptmanpanzer


    Does the Haida come with a 10 pt captain or some other captain ?
  11. Hauptmanpanzer

    Holiday operation

    This is the most waste of time, un fun, lop sided piece of crap, sorry excuse for an operation, that WG has come up with since I have been playing the game. It is on the level of WoW , crap expansion, sorry I wasted my time doing this. I mean this in the nicest possible way. It's jump the shark bad. Happy Halloween.
  12. Unable to log in since new patch ?
  13. Hauptmanpanzer

    Cannot log in to play the game

    Yes , I did.
  14. Hauptmanpanzer

    Cannot log in to play the game

    When I press the play button it show a content server or authentication server . I opted for the new center set up and now can't play ?