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  1. Hauptmanpanzer


    This game has evolved so far off the mark, I'll play for free, but spend no money. That is all.
  2. Hauptmanpanzer

    British Heavy Cruisers

    Remember that song " he ain't heavy.....he's my brother" ? Well the new theme song for the new British Heavy Cruisers is " they ain't heavy....they're my fodder" !!!!!!!!! wth worthless !!!!!!!! my row boats have better games. My rubber ducky lasts longer. Don't drop the soap in the shower, it will pen the armor. That is all.
  3. Hauptmanpanzer

    1st time

    OK, I have been watching the you tube videos about the up coming changes to the game. It seems like most of the changes are no being received very well. So I started wondering what was going to happen to the game. Well, I tried to get a game with my tier 9 Mushasi, and after a considerable wait, I just left the que. So, I tried a tier 5 match with the DD Hill, and again a very long wait, but just as I was getting ready to leave que, I got a match. The crazy thing was, there were 3 CV's per side. I have seen 2 each side but never 3 per side. I assume there wasn't enough people in game to fill both sides with a reasonable roster, in fact only 3K people. Yep, this has me worried. No need for replies, just an observation.
  4. Hauptmanpanzer

    Are there known cheats/hacks/exploits?

    Yes there are. Prove me wrong.
  5. Passive teams, PERIOD !
  6. Hauptmanpanzer

    Simple solution to passive play

    The only way to stop passive play is to fix MM. Passive play is a defensive measure by weaker ships fighting against higher tier ships. Higher tier ships can stomp lower tier ships hands down. I didn't say I have the solution, only that as long as 2 tiers lower fight 2 tiers higher, people will look for ways to mitigate the risk.
  7. Hauptmanpanzer

    Crashing game ?

    What is going on, game has been rubber banding then crashing. Anyone else experiencing this ?
  8. Hauptmanpanzer


    AHHHHH, ok thanks
  9. Hauptmanpanzer


    I mean if they don't have a bundle or event and super containers are for crap chances ?
  10. Hauptmanpanzer


    So how do you get a captain ?
  11. Hauptmanpanzer


    Does the Haida come with a 10 pt captain or some other captain ?
  12. Hauptmanpanzer

    Holiday operation

    This is the most waste of time, un fun, lop sided piece of crap, sorry excuse for an operation, that WG has come up with since I have been playing the game. It is on the level of WoW , crap expansion, sorry I wasted my time doing this. I mean this in the nicest possible way. It's jump the shark bad. Happy Halloween.
  13. Hauptmanpanzer

    Cannot log in to play the game

    Yes , I did.
  14. When I press the play button it show a content server or authentication server . I opted for the new center set up and now can't play ?