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    Contact me on STEAM, ID: YYismyname
    Thats all.. :P
    Also, I love Europa Universalis 4.


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  1. Vacation time! Be back in a view days.

    1. YYismyname


      And he was never back lol

  2. You know what is very hard to do? Change your Wargaming EMail address. It is like extremely hard, and complicated process. :/ Well atleast I feel good about the fact I don't think anyone could change it. I can't even!

  3. Why must time go by so quickly. :I

  4. I got a Minecraft Server! :D IP:

    1. dayofdoom33


      Be careful on who you give the ip to!

    2. YYismyname


      Yeah, I feel as I can trust the forums though. At least, nothing bad has happened yet!

  5. Happy New Year! :D

  6. Can't wait for next Alpha wave! Actually, I just want to see more pictures of the game, looks awesome. :D

    1. RutgerS


      Just go for closed beta, more fun, less work!

    2. YYismyname


      Lol, maybe so, but I just wanna break the game so much. Muhahaha.

  7. I'm Forever Alone On My Profile. xD