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  1. 4000 from Aoba, woot!

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    2. RogueFlameHaze


      Heyheyhey I loved this anime, though I always love anything with strategy. Did not like the ending to chaika though, first season was great. second season ruined that anime for me.

    3. Abyssal_Flagship


      I got 1/2 way through that magical high school thing first season and then realized, "...what the heck am i watching?" and then i stopped watching..


      Chaika was amazing, second season was beautiful as well...only the last episode had me going, "um, really guys? so we're just going to accept this or is this what happens when you guys get high and goof off?" Felt like they needed at least 1 or 2 more episodes to properly lead into that sort of end, but they tried t...

    4. RogueFlameHaze


      I did like it but I felt it could have had more. second season was nice but felt like it rushed to the end really fast, and even the ending was super rushed.