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  1. Most of the days were usually 2 teams, I think only Thursday did we have 3. Look forward to facing everyone in the future, and good luck in your battles!
  2. nya~
  3. *boop*
  4. I did too, but I bet you will like nepnep more!
  5. its a large buff over edin, you'll get there!
  6. nya~ *giggles and paws at*
  7. *purrs happily and nuzzles against your hand* always gewd to hear~
  8. *nuzzles your head* how are you doing kako~
  9. *huggles back* haihai~!
  10. Always enjoy seeing [CUTE] around, they know how to make a match fun
  11. Another badly photoshopped version of my old WarshipsToday sig