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  1. Aslain's and Scripts.zip

    "My personal mods aren't an issue, but the modpack that everyone uses is because I'm the only one getting bans" No logic here.
  2. Ranked MM Unfair

    Lets just hope next season we don't see irrevocable ranks about 12... or none at all would be a neat thing to see.
  3. It's almost like you are making broad assumptions of what people will think of a rework we know barely anything about... lol
  4. Funnily enough, those classes are actually played... sooo.. found your difference.
  5. Hey look, the whine threads about WG changing the least played and most unenjoyed class in the game have started... it's almost like this change has been requested for years...
  6. Concerned about Halsey Achievements

    That's an awful lot of complaining about something this is only in testing, will probably be hard to get, and won't be seen super often in games.
  7. Rest in Peace dseehafer.

    Rest in peace dseehafer. Your posts and conversations were always a welcome addition to this community, and will be missed greatly.
  8. Some of those other T8s don't seem to have a problem doing well in those matches it seems... plus damage to higher tiers gives more exp vs same or lower tiers.
  9. How to add submarines

    I feel like nobody really was waiting for another thread asking for subs... the ship class that will probably never see the light of day in warships.
  10. To A Certain Mouse, About Richelieu...

    I mean... you could do that with any bb when presented with a super easy target XD
  11. Hangout by the Sea