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  1. How to add submarines

    I feel like nobody really was waiting for another thread asking for subs... the ship class that will probably never see the light of day in warships.
  2. To A Certain Mouse, About Richelieu...

    I mean... you could do that with any bb when presented with a super easy target XD
  3. Hangout by the Sea

  4. Hangout by the Sea

  5. I would, if you are playing it at a distance anyway, it will allow for more consistent damage and greater exp returns, which you can later invest in CE with.
  6. Slap IFHE on it and snipe superstructure using the super high velocity guns, or wait till a cruiser goes broadside and give them the good news with a few well placed AP salvos before they can correct. It takes some wiggles and some good aim for it to do well, but its easily one of my favorite T6 premium cruisers... even if its a free cit if a bb can hit you. High skill floor or something I guess, not really ez mode.
  7. CV antidote