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  1. AA is a national flavor for a reason. Some lines ( like the fuso you mentioned) have fairly poor AA and require (get this) teamwork to stop a carrier strike. This means sticking with your team, or not sniping at 22km. Other lines even without AA builds are hard to approach, like British CLs, or most american ships. Tldr AA strength comes with the lines you play, some require teamwork.
  2. Or were you taking my last section tok seriously? ;3
  3. Pretty sure the reason that scenarios are 5 and 6 exclusive is to help with their mm, not that it can't be overcome in the right situation. I guess good luck with people who don't want to follow the missions, and we eagerly await your rage quit post about that too.
  4. It is a mixed message, but it prevents the " I can never get the op ship" senario. Its better than WOT that just puts out a $300 bundle if you want them. For the flags, they get removed at the end of the season, so you first have to earn them, and then they last a month at most.
  5. Just to throw it out there, all premiums are avaliable. Some you just have to get through seasonal or supercrates. They are still avaliable to every player. As for the flag issue, there are very few flags that give bonuses. Bonuses were decided to be an issue at an early point so they nipped it off after military month. They will not offer this flag again as it defeats the cosmetic value of flags. This flag will not be removed as people payed money for it, and a large sum went to charity iirc. As per balancing, WG is able to use data from alm servers to balance, and it doesnt require a long period for trends to show. Rapid changes come from certain things affecting others, and balances out in the end.
  6. Becuz kako and their french things:
  7. Just over 11km detection is quiet useful for fading in and out, since most dds won't push to scout until enemy dds are damaged or dead... plus it helps me get into a position early where I won't be taking useless damage by sniping from the back. Works for me, but its not everyone's cookie. lol
  8. Oh you are going to play on a different server like it will change the fact you raged and teamkilled... You will be mis- jeez I cant event type that without laughing XD
  9. I would say mine is doing quite well, it depends on the player most of the time.
  10. "Risk management" is not "yolo into radar cruisers, die, and go whine." While I would be game for testing islands blocking radar, its a fairly useful tool in the game to prevent the "i sit in smoke for 20mins" players.