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  1. Took a long hiatus. Tried 2 games at low tier to warm up, see if the game was worth getting back into. Both games. Green CV is AFK while enemy CV has a captain with Air Supremacy. Someone on the enemy team is clubbing with a RPF Clemson. Team falls apart in a 3-12 stomp that's over in less than 10 minutes. Not even worth the time it took to reinstall. Why play when it stacks the deck and games are won based solely on whichever teams has more seal-clubbers and fewer non-loading AFKs on their team?
  2. Gene_Inari

    Premium Ship Review - IJN Ishizuchi

    This thing is nothing but a piece of crapwaste of money. HE does nothing but miss at even 9km and AP bounces even off broadside omahas. Nevermind if you get put up against nothing but T5 BBs because not even angling will save you from Kongo bending you over your own [edited]and citadeling you while angled at 14km and you just have to sit and take it because this thing has craprange and absolutely 0 redeeming qualities. This piece of crapneeds more than a 5 second reload buff. It flat out should never see anything above T4 with how crapit is compared to T5 BBs. And of course you will see nothing but Kongos because every seal clubber and his mother plays the ship and you're just going to deal with being completely useless against every single BB that can just citadel you from beyond your own range and can see you from across the map for no [edited]good reason. Because it totally needs the absurd detection rnage it has. Nothing like being shoot at by every enemy ship on the map because WG really needed to make everything about this ship terrible. This piece of crapought to be a T3 BB. Not this [edited]MM where it only sees T5 but it's nothing but Kongos that outclass it to such a degree you may as well not even [edited]bother playing. Look at this [edited]: http://puu.sh/osFSe/f10491a2ee.png Dead in 6 [edited]minutes. Why? becausr [edited]Kongos can just do 10000 damage to you with every slaov at 14k and because teammates do nothing but turn away and hide when anyone even looks at them funny. 25km traveled. You know how far that is? that's far enough to move from spawn, poke from an island and immediately [edited]die to Kongo shells to your citadel from beyond your firing range, even when angled inwards. Barely shot 2 salvos because literally nothing could come into range and [edited]kongo shell also took out a turret as well because this ship is [edited]terrible in absolutely every aspect posssible. I have never had such a terrible excperience in this game before until I bought this ship. And I know what to do with ships, but this? no [edited]this. you're nothing but a punching bag for everything this ship faces, because MM hates you and will always put you aginst multiple kongos because that is literally tyhe only BB [edited]play in this game