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  1. Hope you giving the good fight my friend :)

  2. Soccer in WoT...I NEED A TEAM!!!!

  3. My B-day today!!!!

    1. _Jeremiah_Gottwald


      Happy belated birthday mate! Hope it was a good one!

    2. Appollosnos


      Thanks man, it was pretty good.

  4. apparently my anti virus software on my PC thought my graphics card drivers were malware or something, now its in the shop again :(

    1. jojokla23


      so wasteful if you have a titan gx graphics card but what is your anti virus software?

  5. The glitch removed my Alpha tester tag....oh well :(

  6. I think they really need a cheetah in alpha...you always need someone with the eye of the cheetah ;)

    1. Wunderwaffen1945
    2. Appollosnos


      Uhh no, everyone knows that Eye of the Tiger was a rip off from Eye of the Cheetah....CURSE YOU ROCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  7. Well Ari did his Guepard class right up.....they had pretty crappy luck

  8. I was going to write up a page about Greek "Oxi" Day(no day) but my pc is broken and all I got left is the tablet... Oh well I hope someone else covers the start of the Greco Italian war.

    1. Hampster_Tamer


      got the freebees in the Italian CA line. Played 10 battles in them... will never play them again


  9. Ariecho just told me the French made a destroyer class named after cheetahs.......I Love the French

    1. stealth250


      I heard the Germans made a ships named after Lions.......I love the Germans.

    2. SpitZzeRr


      I heard that my uncle hunted cheetahs and has real cheetah rug.... I love my uncle

  10. GovT is open, I can see the cheetahs!!!!

    1. stealth250


      Gotta love America. Celebrating for escaping a disaster they made.


  11. I hope the zoo is not closed if the Govt shuts down, I need to see my cheetahs

    1. stealth250


      lol. Get some pictures for us please

    2. Flakstorm_


      i can't wait till they eat you.

    3. SirDerpOfCamelot


      Aw man, why would you say that?


  12. Che che che cheetah che che che cheetah!!!!

    1. SpitZzeRr


      Lob lob lob lobster lobster!!

    2. stealth250


      ca ca ca cats!!!

  13. Cheetah cheetah cheeeeetahs!!!!!!!!!

    1. SpitZzeRr


      Lobster Lobster lobsteeeeeeer

    2. mrlazorz