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  1. stevezaxx

    Actual In-game Speed values.

    in "Real Life" 1 knot = 0.0308667 Km/min so we are going on the order of five times faster than "Real Life"
  2. That would be true... If there were never battles that had bots on one side or another (OR BOTH). which I am given to understand, happens in randoms in times of low population. if team A with 6 players and 3 bots beats team B with 5 players and 4 bots, then there is now 1 more winning player than losing player, breaking the "exactly 50.0%" conclusion. I have no idea how COMMON are battles with bots are in randoms, but there are such battles.
  3. you quoted someone refering to LOSING 60% of their games. that is NOT repeat NOT a 60% "WIN" rate.
  4. stevezaxx

    Worse than Epicenter ever was....

    apparently the answer is : "you want the cap defended, YOU DO IT!" This is all because WG has not incentivized WINNING ahead of FARMING XP
  5. stevezaxx

    Is this against the EULA or any rules of this game?

    IANAL, nor a WG wizard. In my "OPINION" if you post a game replay on YouTube clearly showing "playerX" committing in-game infractions and you don't point that out via in-game chat , and merely let the viewers determine via their own watching, that playerX is INDEED a (cheater, AFKer, hacker, a spy for the other team, whatever), and then you come here and post a link to that YouTube clip and STILL don't "name" the player, then it is possible that WG wont do anything to you...., and if you post the replay to WG via the customer support system, "playerX" might actually get what he deserves.
  6. stevezaxx

    Are replay's broken again?

    someone on WoT has archived old versions so that old replays can be viewed... if anyone has done this for WoWS , i do not know of it. But it would be great if there were such an archive.
  7. stevezaxx

    O-Class freeboard in game

    they COULD without buff or nerf, merely repaint the anti-fouling paint slightly lower on the hull... couldn't they?
  8. stevezaxx

    Thanks for all the planes.

    OP continually changed his count of CVs from "the amount on both teams(4)" to "the amount on each team(1)" Unless i've been lied to all these years there's a limit of 2 CVs per team not FOUR; and never a 2 vs 1 or 1 vs 0 (until one is killed)
  9. stevezaxx

    107 Years Ago, USS Arizona (BB-39) Was Launched

    I misread your post. its free starting tomorrow. i will check back tomorrow.
  10. stevezaxx

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    Then I was misinformed by by someone posting in this thread about what would be replaced by what. Thank you for your resolution of that issue.
  11. stevezaxx

    Yet another unfairly compensated CHANGE

    i'm not intimately connected with the ACTUAL DETAILS of tha change, but if you are swapping PERMANENT cammos(with attached bonuses) for EXPENDABLE bonuses ( even if the bonuses are bigger ), then there better be a LOT* of expendables for each permanent in the exchange. * on the order of 1099 to one.
  12. stevezaxx

    Aviere (and Huron?) Permacamo Injustice

    i was about to say "why expend effort on painting below the waterline, no-one will ever see it", then you showed a port view that i forgot was there, and also reminded me that DDs also "rock on the waves" so now i totally agree with you.
  13. stevezaxx

    LestaKorabli? On the WoWS Twitch channel?

    they wont be sending MY money to Russia.... join the pledge.
  14. stevezaxx

    What was your first Computer?

    Atari 800 with a 5 1/4" floppy drive!