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  1. As u can check this Photo, Alabama The Tier 8 US Premium Battleship has modeling bug Its the bug that Life Tube above on Turret No.2 is floating on Mid-Air Its the Bug that appears new recently
  2. Same as HMS Incomparable's 20 inch as well, it never made or tasted Shikishima's 20.1 inch guns are maded but neither completed nor fired
  3. Yea thats what I quote on start, I know its the Test Bed Ship but I think the Ship itself would be perfect 20 inch gun carrier after the Test Just a Idea ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. I just recently got news that wargaming introduced 'Connecticut' on test which is Vermont's sister ship for testing US 18 inch's light AP shell Yep, Testing new type of Shell&Gun isn't problem at all but Connecticut itself should be released as Up-Gun Version of Vermont (which is 20 inch gun) I'll tell u why 1. Consistency Usually Tier 10 Premium(Armory, Research Bureau) Battleships are Up-Gun version of current Tech-Tree Tier 10 Battleships For example) 16.5 inch Conqueror -> 18 inch Thunderer 16 inch Montana -> 18 inch Ohio 18.1 inch Yamato -> 20.1 inch Shikishima Just like those, Its natural that Vermont's Sister Ship has Up-Gun which will be 20 inch That way its more better Difference & Characteristics too 2. US's 32mm Overmatch Ship There are no such ships on US that overmatch 32mm yet The Japan has both Yamato & Shikishima (18.1 & 20.1 inch) The Germans (although it was event mod) had Hannover (19 inch) The British will now gets HMS Incomparable (20 inch) So I think its good time for US got 20 inch Ship to get 32mm Armor Overmatch capability too And Vermont's Hull is perfect for it cause it has 20 inch Gun Plan on History 3. Historical Vermont is Battleship that based on Tillman Maximum Battleship Design Hull is one of 1916's Tillman Design Photo by Korean-Asian CC 'WorldOfWarsheeps' And Armament, Triple 18 inch/45 guns on 4 turrets is from 1934's Maximum Battleship Design's Scheme B Tillman's 1910's Maximum Battleship also has 18 inch Gun Design, but all of them are 18 inch/50 cal while Vermont's 18 inch guns are 45 cal Plus, none of Tillman's Design was 'Triple 18 inch gun on 4 turrets' Here is 1934's Maximum Battleship Design The Scheme B finally chosen on the Design and its also the Vermont's Armament too but what about other schemes? 1934's Maximum Battleship Design has 3 Major Scheme The First one is The Scheme A = Dual 20 inch on 4 Turret The Second is The Scheme B = Triple 18 inch/45 on 4 Turret The Third is The Scheme C = Quad 16 inch/50 on 4 Turret This is the Point that I want to talk 'The Scheme A' Dual 20 inch Gun on 4 Turrets Its on Real Historical Plan Just like Triple 16 inch Montana - Dual 18 inch Ohio Just like Triple 16.5 inch conqueror - Dual 18 inch Thunderer Just like Triple 18.1 inch Yamato - Dual 20.1 inch Shikishima We want Triple 18 inch Vermont - 'Dual 20 inch' Connecticut NOT Triple 18 inch Vermont = Triple 18 inch Connecticut Plus, current Connecticut's 18 inch 'light AP' Shell isn't Better than Vermont's 18 inch 'Super Heavy Shell' Vermont's AP = 15,750 Alpha DMG Connecticut's AP = 14,300 Alpha DMG Vermont still got better Penetration, higher DMG, while Connecticut's Light AP Shell didn't that much faster Flight Time either Just switch it to 20 inch Gun like Shikishima has Dual 20.1 inch Gun on Yamato's Turret Thats way more Better Plus, currently WOWS didn't have Tier 10 US Battleship on Armory too Its good way to Introduce it (Steel maybe? Coal would be fine too) Who would buy Connecticut which is just has Same Gun with little faster AP but huge lose of DMG and Penetration of Vermont? (I know it has slightly better side armor too but not the point) But I think people would buy '20 Inch Gun' version of Vermont for sure 20 inch gun on US Ship is what Players are asking for a long time too Its both Win-Win to Player and Wargaming