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  1. play better
  2. copy and paste can't be that hard. It's my opinion they could reward these ships in a faster manner. They are after all, programmers.
  3. "it takes a while to credit the ships" Yet they keep a rolling roster of who hit rank 1 on the front page of their site.
  4. Perhaps the stream of shells leaving smoke is a clue there's a flint there.
  5. Flint is balanced, it dies pretty quick when people shoot into smoke radar her, and torp smoke. Unfortinately you as a CV can't do anything against AA spec flint / Atlanta, and have to rely on your team.
  6. Just hit rank 1 today, 85 of 134 games played were in Nurnberg. The next most played ship was the Anshan, 20 games, then Warspite, 14. Battles 85 Victories 48 (56%) Battles survived 46 Damage caused 4,133,701 Warships destroyed 51 Aircraft destroyed 19 Average Score per Battle Experience 1,056.25 Damage caused 48,631.78 Warships destroyed 0.60 Aircraft destroyed 0.22 Main battery hit ratio 22% Torpedo hit ratio 3%
  7. I have a feeling you didn't even watch the video, you 2.
  8. I hit rank 5 today, played 60 some odd games, about 30 in the Nurnberg. Here's the strategy I used.
  9. Ended with 203k dmg, 4 kills. brawled with those 2 bb's from full health and won
  10. ​A citadel is the engine room or ammo under turrets. Generally speaking most ships engine rooms are under the smoke stacks, and ammo under turrets. Aim at the waterline. When your AP rounds enter the citadel, and do not over penetrate the armor on the other side, you get 100% AP damage, aka a citadel. ​There are 3 times you get citadels: ​1: enemy cruiser or battleship shows you a 90 degree angle on his side (broadside), you hit his engine room. ​2: enemy cruiser or battleship has their bow / stern angled towards you, however your shell penetrates the bow armor, hits the gun #1's ammo, and you get a citadel. ​3: you are at a great range, your shell hits the deck armor and goes down into the citadel. If a ship is moving towards you, to hit the water line you have to aim slightly below it, so he moves into it. ​Like wise if he's moving away, aim around the deck, or slightly above to have rounds land on him. ​Here is a video I made, although it was made about 6 months ago, so obviously its a different version of the game, principles still apply. Also, my credentials are 9700 games played, about 1/3 in battleships, 65% win rate.
  11. ​I run the -40% and -20% rudder shift upgrades for Kutuzov... like a 3 second rudder shift. Very effect at dodging bb shells as you run and gun at 12-15km burning them down. Use smoke to get turned around or if you get low on HP
  12. No, when I screen captured for the video I played the world of warships replay. At 4:10 I would normally be aiming at the water line. The ship was moving towards me, so shells would land on the deck or superstructure.
  13. From the time I came around the island, it took me 4 min to kill 5 ships. I also got 328k dmg in this game: