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  1. No new carrier lines

    One thing WG could do, is make the US / IJN CV lines split too. Im sure there are a bunch of USN cv's that could have their own gimick. One thing the Saipan has is a small hanger size with high performance planes. Although my criticism of WG still stands. The game has been out for 2 years, how hard is it to develop a balanced ship class? Surely a whole year of thinking / testing could yield something.
  2. No new carrier lines

    Games been out for over 2 years, still the same 2 original lines. Come on WG, develop stuff.
  3. who hit rank 1 first?

    Ask your mom. ';..;'
  4. who hit rank 1 first?

    I've been looking for a thread for this. anyone know?
  5. Clan disappeared

    strange, seems like I got my tag back now
  6. Clan disappeared

    same, just noticed I was tagless... unless of course I was booted for some reason.
  7. too many flags

    Not that I expect anything to change, but having 37 "look cool" flags is a bit much.
  8. This just may start a good debate...

    play better
  9. Reward ships for rank - when?

    copy and paste can't be that hard. It's my opinion they could reward these ships in a faster manner. They are after all, programmers.
  10. Reward ships for rank - when?

    "it takes a while to credit the ships" Yet they keep a rolling roster of who hit rank 1 on the front page of their site.
  11. Flint AA is too strong

    Perhaps the stream of shells leaving smoke is a clue there's a flint there.
  12. Flint AA is too strong

    Flint is balanced, it dies pretty quick when people shoot into smoke radar her, and torp smoke. Unfortinately you as a CV can't do anything against AA spec flint / Atlanta, and have to rely on your team.
  13. Nurnberg, best CL for ranked

    Just hit rank 1 today, 85 of 134 games played were in Nurnberg. The next most played ship was the Anshan, 20 games, then Warspite, 14. Battles 85 Victories 48 (56%) Battles survived 46 Damage caused 4,133,701 Warships destroyed 51 Aircraft destroyed 19 Average Score per Battle Experience 1,056.25 Damage caused 48,631.78 Warships destroyed 0.60 Aircraft destroyed 0.22 Main battery hit ratio 22% Torpedo hit ratio 3%