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  1. how long of a meeting did it take to create all these requirements?
  2. No new carrier lines

    One thing WG could do, is make the US / IJN CV lines split too. Im sure there are a bunch of USN cv's that could have their own gimick. One thing the Saipan has is a small hanger size with high performance planes. Although my criticism of WG still stands. The game has been out for 2 years, how hard is it to develop a balanced ship class? Surely a whole year of thinking / testing could yield something.
  3. No new carrier lines

    Games been out for over 2 years, still the same 2 original lines. Come on WG, develop stuff.
  4. who hit rank 1 first?

    Ask your mom. ';..;'
  5. who hit rank 1 first?

    I've been looking for a thread for this. anyone know?
  6. Clan disappeared

    strange, seems like I got my tag back now
  7. Clan disappeared

    same, just noticed I was tagless... unless of course I was booted for some reason.
  8. too many flags

    Not that I expect anything to change, but having 37 "look cool" flags is a bit much.
  9. This just may start a good debate...

    play better
  10. Reward ships for rank - when?

    copy and paste can't be that hard. It's my opinion they could reward these ships in a faster manner. They are after all, programmers.
  11. Reward ships for rank - when?

    "it takes a while to credit the ships" Yet they keep a rolling roster of who hit rank 1 on the front page of their site.
  12. Flint AA is too strong

    Perhaps the stream of shells leaving smoke is a clue there's a flint there.
  13. Flint AA is too strong

    Flint is balanced, it dies pretty quick when people shoot into smoke radar her, and torp smoke. Unfortinately you as a CV can't do anything against AA spec flint / Atlanta, and have to rely on your team.