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  1. Kiz, You quoted me first. This was my response to the OP's original post. I respect your work and MANY contributions to these forums and I do not wish for this back and forth. Please accept my apology.
  2. I'm really just pointing out that the OP has valid concerns. I didn't involve you until you came after me. Time for meds?
  3. Relax. Such emotion and concern! I'll do as I like and comment where I have concerns and I am free to calmly state my concerns. This mission is poorly thought out. That's my opinion.
  4. Whether I do it or not is my choice, but i am free to criticize the 'construct' of each mission... and I feel this is not thought out correctly. I
  5. Most of us know how to 'citadel' and set fires, but Time is the rate limiting step in being able to get 20 set fires or Citadels ribbons in one battle... Unless SCENARIOS were available.
  6. Sinton

    Narai is where we need to draw the line...

    In the very early 2000's I found a CD in a PC gaming magazine, popped in my PC and I and my youngest were amazed at the World of Warcraft. Even before the 1st expansion, we were playing together on extra PC's I bought and accounts I set up for my family. I wondered how long it would last. I now log on every now and again, but I and my family have moved on. I came to WoT around 2009, became a Closed Beta tester in WoWp ( which was completely f*cked up by it's developers... dead to me now) and walked int WoWs about 5 years ago as an Open Beta player. I will play and spend here until I don't. That time seems to inch closer at an increasing pace as I see the same mistakes being made here as I have seen in the past. Something new will come along as I now have my eye out for the next new thing.
  7. Sinton

    New BRN CA's Impressions Part 2

    thanks Admiral, especially for the specifics on build out.
  8. Sinton

    How was your Part 2 Opening Day (BRN CA's)?

    1st Directive done in happy game play on my part. Unlocked Albermarle (Tier 8) with my lucky win Surrey so I can get those 10 extra tokens a day to offset the days I don't play. Having the missions as 'ship type' specific is kinda' cool, but I'd rather pick my own poison. I use these events to blow the dust off some boats I haven't taken out in a while so I bristle a bit of being told how to do each mission. The lack of a Scenario still bothers me quite a bit. I think it stinks and continues to foster my misgivings. I do not believe WG nor do I trust the explanations for the lack of this totally fun game play option. They keep stepping on their own di*cks and can't get out of their own way. I learned in the US Army that 1 screw up ruins 50 'atta' boys'. I fear the level of toxic that continues to climb between the Community and the the Apparatchik Fools that continue to mismanage this potentially fine game.
  9. Doing CV in Random and I'm nearly done. Not sure if I like each directive tied to a ship type as opposed to our choice.
  10. Plus there is only one mission in 1st directive, so far. for Scenario!
  11. Sinton

    Iona Sub Commander

    Obviously, my point is that why 11 points? Has anyone played with Subs on the PTS? Is 11 points a significant level for a sub skipper?
  12. It looks like WG has several templates that they can change by either adjusting scale or changing the sea level. Seems it would be easy to make a really big scale map and then 'tear off sectionals and change scale, water level and weather. That's why I think that the time needed to 'overhaul' scenarios is alot of crap.
  13. With Submarine expansion approaching, Is there any benefit in buying the 11 pt. Captains for subs before they go away in the morning? I see they are 11 pts., which is kinda strange as I haven't seen a Capt. for sale at anything over 10 pts. before. TIA
  14. Sinton

    Scuttlebutt #43 (featuring Halland)

    Drool! +1 Capt.