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  1. I agree with the OP! If you load a consumable and it is not used, it should remain in that ships' inventory or be available for reassignment. 'Resa ipsa loquitor' ... the thing speaks for itself. Gd Dm Sovietski econometrics
  2. Sinton

    Are you ready for

    Thanks Miss Mouse! There alot of us out here that really appreciate your work and use your past articles as reference in our ships' library!
  3. Sinton

    Phantom Salvos?

    It's happened several times to me. It's loud enough to be your own ships' report. First few times it happened I 'free looked' all around as I was sure that another ship was right on my tail.
  4. Guess I'm not as well versed in this stuff as you are. I bow to your superior knowledge of this fine arcade game.
  5. Sinton

    8.0 and Credits

    It's the 3rd tab of the after action under 'detailed report'. It's quite detailed. It shows things like what I'm talkin about. You might be playing the mobile version.
  6. Sinton

    How is plane damage applied to XP?

    I can't even see that credits for plane kills are applied. Look over your after-action detailed report...Nothing. Either way, zero credits for kill or damage to the 'sky cancer' is a total rip off!
  7. Sinton

    How is plane damage applied to XP?

    I just posted on this very topic Snarg. I have been reviewing my detailed reports after battle the last few days and I can't see any allocation of credit from damage to planes shot down or , more importantly, damaged. On some higher tiered boats I've pulled down 40 and 50 k damage to aircraft and I can't find any way that it is credited to me in the post battle detailed report. That's alot of smoke, noise and damage on my part for nuthin'.
  8. Sinton

    Cleveland Camo "Freedom"

    It looks ridiculous. I have it, but don't use it.
  9. I've taken my Kii out several times in 8.0 and I've been happy with her performance. Always buddy up with another and lob shells whilst my AA gunners shred the sky.
  10. Sinton

    8.0 and Credits

    So I'm still trying this out and I'm trying to concentrate on my ship's main mission...like torping if I'm a DD. I just don't see any credits issued for the damage that I do to enemy aircraft. I was just in a game with my Akizuki and I did about 50K damage to ships and 30K damage to aircraft ( was watching that little aircraft damage counter in the upper right side of the screen). In the detailed report it showed the 11 planes I shot down, but it does not show credits for that or even the total damage done to enemy aircraft. If my total damage to ships and aircraft is aprox. 80K, why doesn't that get reflected in credits, XP etc??? It looks like I only get credited with damage to ships.
  11. Balans??? What do you mean??? Do you mean 'Balano'...i f so this is an old medical term that refers to the male phallus in general and the foreskin of said organ specifically. Cthulhu...speak clear man!
  12. Sinton

    Punishment counts

    Click on your Avatar and it will take you to your profile page. On the left (upper Left I think) there will be a box with the strikes against you, the date of occurrence, a description of the occurrence and the status, temp or permanent. Hope this helps.
  13. Sinton

    I figured DD play for now

    Wow! Fostering discussion. This is cool kids!
  14. player base perhaps WG has engineered a way to make the Majority of the Player base to spend more on consumables; thereby increasing doubloon sales. Greasy.
  15. Clearly, then some advice as how to proceed as I am quite frustrated