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  1. Sinton

    "Newish" Player looking buy tier 6 DD

    Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, who tells you to wait before you buy a high tier boat is someone you should stay away from. Have fun. Do what you want. Don't look for approval from this lot.
  2. I only have 3 Tier 10 ships' I'm a mediocre DD main Thought it might be a gas to play the big boys on rental... A few flags A bit of silver... But nope!!! Too many people with rentals who are so very lost! Not their fault as they were let in the ring! I am done and finished in this season as I will not be a subject for the STUPID Russians to get data from my attempts to make sense of this dynamic
  3. I find the mechanics a bit difficult. More so than usual. I wish all of you the very best. This topic will probably be deleted as was several before
  4. In a random match ( to which i do not object) that contains tier 5-7 ( to which I do not object) there are 2 CVs per side (which I am not happy about) and before my IJN 'Furry Taco' can load torps or get off a 2nd salvo I AM TORPED BY CV PLANES FOR 1/2 OF MY HP!!! ARE YOU NUTS??? NO, U SQ!!! NICE META NICE GAME u YIDIOTS!
  5. I have all but a few of all the premiums at all tiers. Atago was my first premium and I enjoyed her but she is a bit squishy and easily citadelled by the Tier 8 premium BBs mentioned here. If Bismark is one of your most played, the Tirpitz is a no brainer. A simple build that includes Expert Marksman, Basic and Advanced Firing Training and the Combat flag for secondaries will have your Double Rifled 150 mm and 105 mm secondary turrets will auto fire at ANY enemy that approaches inside about 11.5 .km... which in the last 1/3rd of a hot match will print money because those babies will start fires even without DE or IFHE.. But, if have a bit of cash, The Tier 9 Jean Bart is a blast and a revelation... Easy to play GREAT guns , takes T10 damage pretty well and makes bank! You have alot to look at but in this case shopping for that right higher Premium is fun too! Don't forget to watch some videos...no one puts up a bad one, but it can show how good you can be.
  6. Ohhh....thats where the Yammy camo came from
  7. Does anyone kmow when the Perma camos go on 1/2 price sale? I think its only once a year at Christmas?
  8. Sinton

    High Tenure Players.

    7/26/15. Was a Beta tester (can't remember if it was open or closed) and before that a Closed Beta in WoWp, but WG destroyed that title and I rarely go to that game. WoT had me just as it left closed Beta, but that was along time ago. I complain an awful lot of some of the things that WG does, but this company and these games of WG nearly fulfill the hope I had back in the 1970's, playing Avalon Hill games and telling my pals, "Man I wish a computer could replace the rule books, outcome cards/tables and multi-sided dice". Despite the imperfections, what is here is more than I could've imagined back then...and that's why I always come back!
  9. Sinton

    German BBs Diasappearing

    True words, BUT my T9 Alaska will get murdered by any T8 Biz/Tirpitz if I don't have my head on a swivel. Maybe that's the way it is in Co-Op, but German steel is all around in Randoms at all levels, especially T8-10
  10. Sinton

    German BBs Diasappearing

    Yeah, I don't think so slick. The only reason that those beautiful, precision made German Warships are under water is because the USN and RN put them their. If the Sovietskis helped with that fact, it was in a minor way. I see and am careful of German steel whenever I take out my T8-10 DDs and sorry, the failed State that was Soyuz Sovietski Socialischte Republic (CCCP/USSR) will giving us lionized versions of boats that engineers might have envisioned , but the 'glorious' CCCP was unable to build...on so so many levels. The Russians have a proud heritage, but to me 8.3 will be more like 'Space Wars'.Pure and utter imagination, sigh....but then I remember "It's only a Game."
  11. Sinton

    T5 vs T7

    I think Tier 5 - Tier 7 matches are fine and I didn't flinch when I was in them and my highest ship was T5. It was fun and I thought, 'I can do this'. When I got my 1st tier 8 and ended up in a t8- t10 match ( Randoms, not co-op atari) , that did get my attention and I feel like the level of everything had increased more exponentially than linearly. No.... t5-7 is fine. Fight with friends, watch videos and try to figure out how not to make mistakes. It's a game ( I often forget) so lets have fun!
  12. WG went cheap on this one. Embarrassing. The end of a multi-week campaign used to be a unique ship or a studded out Commander...but a bunch of house paint for my boats and a few lumps Fecallith/ coal (fossilized poop). Hey, WG?1? Nice that you set up these dime store rewards when alot of patrons are still not pleased with the CV debacle. PR Geniuses. Love this game when you get it right. Work towards that.
  13. looks like you need to do less posting and more fighting...watch some youtube/ videos and WATCH and LISTEN to see how it's done. You can learn this, but there is no substitute for fighting.
  14. Tell you what my Outlander brother, that Alaska is worth the grind! U WILL LOVE IT! oh and do you want porta johns while you are on a long WoWs grind?...well WG will sell you porta johns, they're called YOUR PANTS!!!! Sorry (old SNL bit).
  15. Sinton

    Ducky Acquired

    Please don't take this as arguing, but I find these conversations helpful. I see a new perspective and I examine my own nebulous ideas. Aki's torps at 20K + damage a hit are some of the best damage dealers at tier 8. With torp reload in the 1st 14 min of battle you throw out an additional 16 torps... that's ~ 330,000 in potential additional damage left on the table without TRB. CV's have changed the game and I'm finding it harder to survive the 1st 10 min of a match, unless I stand off a bit throw out more torps, then close in and kill the wounded. Thanks Wu as for an enjoyable exchange. +1 on your original post here.