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  1. Sinton

    A Warning About Viribus Unitis

    so much Japanese sadness, so much Japanese sorrow... this might help Watch Saturday Night Live Highlight_ J-Pop Talk Show - NBC.com.html
  2. Sinton

    Musashi camo

    Isn't there a Musashi camo that is Plain Gray with thin red stripes over the superstructure...kind of like the blue stripe for the Yamato? I thought I had this in my inventory when I bought this ship some time ago. I didn't use it because it kinda looked like something from the HSF collection. Anyhow it's gone and I want to if anyone knows if it was deleted.
  3. Sinton

    Snowflakes are coming back

    So I opted in to the HSF event and after 2 matches i got 1 character and 2 sets of flags (10 ea.) in the 1st and 2 characters and 1 set of flags. While I know that 'n' is ridiculously low at only 2 outcomes I will extrapolate what this HSF re-do event means: $ HSF ships available with 10 missions allowable for each ship = 40 crates 40 crates at 1.5 character per crate = 60 characters w/ an auto duplicate exchange at 15,000 silver= 900.000 silver...PLUS 40 crates with 1.5 ten flag bundles per crate = 600 more signal flags. I overlooked this offer due to a 'been there done that' attitude, but when this repeat HSF event is coupled with other missions there is a nice synergy to give players the tools to amp up their account with silver and tools to take advantage of the upcoming holiday event.
  4. Sinton

    Snowflakes are coming back

    A couple of points on how this event can help our economies: If we participate in the current 'HSF' event and we completed the event the first time around, we'll still get crates along with items in the collection which will be awarded at the 15,000 silver duplicate award. Also, if there no 'steel ships' to meet your wishes get as much steel as you can. Steel is also useful for 'Coal' ships at the exchange rate of 1 steel = 10 coal. That might help push someone into a Georgia or Schmolie a little quicker! I think this will be a fine and generous event and as it now looks, I'll say Thanks WG in advance.
  5. Sinton

    Balance Smole

    Troll or should I say 'Trollie'. By the way I think I was the Shcmolie in your game this morning and you're welcome...kills secured!
  6. Sinton

    Mouse's Super Quick Updated Review of Harekaze

    When I first migrated to this game, after a long stint on WoT and playing as a Closed Beta Tester on the failed WoWP, I started playing WoWS. It was to me a revelation!!! I loved it...like Frank McCourt eating Uncle Pat's leftovers, I ate every Nation's ship lines and I did it all at once! So fascinated was I with every national nuance that I could never hope to specialize or concentrate, but that was how I became successful in my own personal life. Now this is no way to progress because after 18 months, playing in my very spare and sparse time. I was tier 4- 6 in all Nations and all of their respective ship types. Still, when I read Dame Mouse' review of Harekaze, I knew that she must be mine! I consulted the high and mighty Oracles of the forum. 'Should I, a tier 5- 6 player at best, buy this ship?' "NO", they said! "you're acting above your station!" "You've no business playing at this tier as you will be a sub-par contributor to your team!" I was condemned by the forum! Well I didn't make my tiny fortune by listening to anyone in the rabble. Sooo, I bought her! She showed me how to play better. Since then I have used LWM editorials to guide my purchases and and get a bit more competitive! Never listen to the dried up idiots that throw roadblocks in the face of Neophytes with the money to buy. They are death and decay! Buy Harekaze. I did and I love Her! Buy above your Station and damn the WoWS intelligentsia! Don't let them keep you down. Buy the High level premium, ( I did !), wrap one hand one the wonderful throttle and your other hand on the Glorious guns and let Her Rip!!! TY LWM!
  7. Sinton

    How should I play Des Moines?

    You've got this far and you don't know what to do? You're lost man. Ask Sir Bonesalot or even JT and Chad. Amazing that we are raising such children.
  8. Sinton

    Sinop ?

    Sinop! A horrible name for a vessel of war. The name sounds like a condition or ailment that needs the attention of an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon... " oh, I see your'e a bit peckish, with the phlegm, the cough and the hackin'. 'Oh', sez I, ' It's the Sinop I have, but I'll be takin' a visit to the surgeon to have a look so I will'. Sinop...worst name for a fightin' ship...
  9. Wasn't there something in the Dev. Blog about a month ago about the mechanics of DD Depth Charge drop being either automatic or Captain controlled and that the Devs. were looking both aspects. I bought Smolensk when it came out in hope she gets depth charges. Even if she does't I still think she is a riot!
  10. Sinton

    Pink abuse?

    You got da stink in da pink!!! Own it, work it off and come back. But, don't cry you earned it we all have... work it off and then be more careful. There are no excuses.
  11. Sinton

    T4 AA ship

    RN BB Orion does quite well a does the German KM BB Kaiser, but you must also have a Cpt with at least 10 pts. or more with BFT (3pts) and AFT (4pts) to add to your ships' innate qualities.
  12. Sinton

    Very late to CV play

    Thanks all!
  13. Sinton

    Starting CV Cpt. skills

    like I said son....part of me is in your mouth, enjoy
  14. Sinton

    Starting CV Cpt. skills

    thanks Doug a part of my anatomy found it's way into your willing mouth