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  1. Sinton

    Musashi - Got her today!

    She is hella good fun. Not true about keeping your turrets in one direction. I stay 13-17 km back from main action and do a figure eight back and forth ( don't give a broadside). She hits hard if your gunnery is up to snuff. Congrats! Enjoy!
  2. Sinton

    WoT, cautionary tale for WoWS?

    I read 'Slaughterhouse 5' when I was 11 years old. Changed my life trajectory. I was in 7th grade and I wrote a lengthy book report on this sentinel work. I got an 'A', but my English teacher was concerned. 'Where did you get this book David?', he quizzed. 'Do your parents know that you are reading books like this?' he queried with great concern. 'Of course', I said...'My Dad gave it to me.' My Dad was a brilliant physician who gave the gift of a questioning mind. +1 to you So_It_Goes for a great avatar. Tell the Tralfamadorians that I see them all the time, in time and through time.
  3. Sinton

    Upcoming ship lines

    Where is your Beta tester badge? Just askin'.
  4. Sinton

    Atago vs Myoko

    Are you high? Atago has FOUR torp launchers...TWO per side!!! And she has a heal!!! Back to sailing the Erie for you, .
  5. I got 4 Black boats in 12 crates. I own all but one of them as originals. The only one I don't have is Mass. While I have the the Gold Mission notification for all 4 Blacks, I only get gold in battle on the 3 I own.
  6. I just played my black Mass. I do not have the original Mass and I still got the 10 gold missions....so that's an additional 10k gold plus my 4 boat haul on 12 crates!!!@
  7. I have 3 'Actual s' of the 4 Blackamoor boats I got from crates so that's another 7,500 gold from missions to add from my 12 crate haul
  8. Got all 4 boats in a 12 crate purchase and they were in the first 8 crates I opened. LOL. Worth it.
  9. I bought 12 crates. I got all 4 black boats ( guess I'll get the missions too, right?) 5,000 gold 60 Shadow Lurker 10 Type 59 Pretty happy with this
  10. Sinton

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    That's what I like about you Mouse. Reasoned thinking with deliberate deductions. Clarity, but that must drive you crazy in a crowd of histrionics. You are fun to follow. Thanks for the best content on these forums.
  11. Sinton

    Free Camo Code

    Thank You
  12. Sinton

    Ranked ******

    So I got to Rank 15....Ready for the next battle I rigged my Atago for a rare CA appearance. NO GO!!!! I must proceed as a tier 10. What kind of crap is this????
  13. I have completed 'Science of Victory', 'Honorable Service" and "Yamamoto Isoroku" in good time and with an investment of effort and time that i did not think inordinate (stay with me). I think the current campaign is a bit drawn out. 'Hit Hard' seems to reward me not as often as the past campaigns and often rewards with 'duplicates'. Anyone feel the same? Just askin'.