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  1. Sinton

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    That's what I like about you Mouse. Reasoned thinking with deliberate deductions. Clarity, but that must drive you crazy in a crowd of histrionics. You are fun to follow. Thanks for the best content on these forums.
  2. yes, how could you miss it.
  3. Sinton

    Free Camo Code

    Thank You
  4. Sinton

    Ranked ******

    So I got to Rank 15....Ready for the next battle I rigged my Atago for a rare CA appearance. NO GO!!!! I must proceed as a tier 10. What kind of crap is this????
  5. I have completed 'Science of Victory', 'Honorable Service" and "Yamamoto Isoroku" in good time and with an investment of effort and time that i did not think inordinate (stay with me). I think the current campaign is a bit drawn out. 'Hit Hard' seems to reward me not as often as the past campaigns and often rewards with 'duplicates'. Anyone feel the same? Just askin'.
  6. Sinton

    "Pronounced 'Wooster'"

  7. Sinton


    yes! PS love the avatar!
  8. Sinton

    CCP Cammo for October Revolution

    Thank you. I'm sure you are correct. I was OIC for a Combat Rifle Team detailed to work with a CA (Soviet Army) Team in 1991 just after Desert Shield/ Storm ( an 'atta boy' for me after the 'conflict'). It was part of 'Glasnost'. We received a crash course in Russian and basic diplomatic protocol. I think that the powers that be thought it would be hilarious to put a 1st Lt. (Me) in charge of a detail where my CA counterpart was a CA Major. He was not happy and I was out of my league, but we were more than equal and my Team did shine. In the end, they wanted our M-14/ XM-21's and we didn't give a second thought about their Dragunov SVD...a pile of crap.
  9. Sinton

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    SCTV was amazing and a late night staple here in the States for those of us aspiring writers who wanted more and more sketch comedy. Rick Morannis, John Candy, Eugene Levy and Catherine O'hara to name a view. An incubator for comedy expression every bit as important as SNL! I miss Mrs. Falbo's Tiny Town.
  10. Sinton

    Is the Akizuki good/worth it?

    Yes...great fun with IFHE!!!
  11. Sinton

    CCP Cammo for October Revolution

    It's CCCP, not CCP. It stands for Soyuz Sovietski Socialishta Republik...Union of the Soviet Socialist Republic ( The arabic letter representation (english) is for equivalent cyrillic letter translation/ pronounciation and is approximate).
  12. Sinton

    Massachusetts is incredibly fun.

    I've considered the Mass. I've read LWM's review several times and looked over the posts here. I already have an Alabama and she behaves so very well. It seems like a Mass. would be shadow of my Beautiful 'Bama Baby!
  13. Been playing since 9am on NA server while reading forums. No problems. NONE. Co-op in Tachibana L to test the NA server....all was well. A couple of randoms in my Graf Sp. in randoms...again no problems....GET OUT THERE AND FIGHT!
  14. I played a couple of games last night after the server population crested 18k. After that, when the pop. fell below 18k, i logged off. Woke up around 4am and decided to see what the server pop. was. The first thing I noticed was that the music playing in NY harbor was a replaying very short loop. I did play a game on my Lo Yang . But then got off.