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  1. Citadels

    Given that many of us are completing our French Progression in Combat Missions and are required, as part of that Mission, to complete main gun hits, victorious battles, citadels and torpedo hits...what is your go to citadel producing boat? For me its my tier 5 and 6 UK and KM cruisers. In the BB category it's my Arizona. I also have favorites in tiers 7, 8 and 9, but players at that level don't give beauteous broadside targets quite as often. How about you?
  2. Copy and paste. flags/ pennants
  3. Look, keep playing, you'll get better!
  4. Stalingrad First Look

    LOL +1 for the great understated Field of Dreams ref.
  5. Credits and XP

    I play Premium, always have. It seems to me that the credits expended to play a random match increase on a rising scale as the tier increases ( not quite exponential) and that really make it prohibitive to play or advance to the end game. All my Premium tier 6-8 boats make bank and all my tech. tree boats up to tier 8 make money but it gets a bit slim. WG should rethink their paradigm model on revenue. If I play and lose credits I'll be done with this. I think others might do as well. Why would I labor to get to the end game if I lose credits? This is how the end game in many existing FTP or MMORPG economies lose players. I know that I increase my chances of staying in the positive of my balance sheet if I play Premium, use signals, premium consumables and elite camo. , but not everyone will put out for these consumables. Is there a better model?
  6. To new Battleship players

    I agree Zoup. Again, thanks for the input, BUT I often find that DD's and CL/CA's are more aggressive early on while BB's are full of entitlement to hang back and watch how the battle sways.
  7. To new Battleship players

    This cannot be denied. However, part of the issue is the range of BB guns and the attempt to keep them histrionically accurate. The problem is that even at max ranges the dispersion is accuracy is fairly poor, but its just good enough to land a round or two and shave a tiny amount off the enemy. This gives incentive for players to hang back. They think they are contributing but aren't. Its not until the top tiers when BBs have great concealment that players realize they can get close, undetected and fire. But again, even there, players like to hang back. Of course each respective class has their issues. From suicide DDs to broadside cruisers. Zoup, thanks for weighing in, but that is [edited] BB.s moving in a few Km often makes the difference in a random match.
  8. To new Battleship players

    we suffer the same damage as you
  9. To new Battleship players

    That's a partial truth, but the over arching truth is that many /bb /////cpt's hang back and do not help at the outset of a match.
  10. To new Battleship players

    no old man just frustrated over a weekend of watching lazy [edited]BB Cpt's. not pushing and not trying for the first half of a match.
  11. To new Battleship players

    no i don't think so
  12. To new Battleship players, please know that YOUR ABILITY TO WIN A RANDOM MATCH IS LOCKED IN YOUR GUNS. Move up a few Km at the VERY beginning of a match to give IMMEDIATE support to the cruisers and destroyers that would keep you safe and win the mach. Wearing WOKE jeans doesn't help. I'm triggered.