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  1. Sorry, you are correct and I stand corrected. Being a DD main I think of 'P' key as AA only. Thanks for the info.
  2. You cannot turn off secondaries if you don't have Manual Fire skill for your captain. Secondaries go off automatically when an enemy is in range.
  3. You're mistaken. I have slipped behind teammates when in close combat with reds. My secondaries go right through my pals and hit the enemy. I've seen this dozens of times. I dont manaul fire my secondaries but I do spec the 20% increase in range on most of my BB's.
  4. Flag for Vet Family Members?

    It's all good. A flag is a point of pride and a demonstration of very powerful feelings. No reason families of Service members shouldn't be able to demonstrate their pride and sacrifice. Before one of my deployments my daughter gave me a picture she drew and colored. She was 10 I think. It was me in my BDU's and LBE, she is standing next to me with tears coming out of her eyes. Below it was the inscription "I dont like the Army because it takes you away from me" You can't tell me families don't sacrifice too.
  5. I am really liking my old Pensacola. These past couple of months have been a revelation as to how good her AP is. A true 'glass cannon' which doesn't work well with my reckless (and 'wreck less') game play, but she can teach me...
  6. Thanks to Clutch Cargo who gave the warning that this is a Progressive Tier Combat Mission. If I had not read his post I wouldve spent a bit of this evening saying, 'wth'??? Step 1: You may have to spec T5 Russian to get an opposite spawn in Co-Op to get this done. I used my Okhotnik to get this done. Step 2: Easy enough. Use your best damage dealer at Tier 6 in any play mode...nuff said. Step 3: I used my Pensacola ( Tier 7) and with AP it should take 2 or 3 Random matches to get your Citadels. Switch of to HP with BB Targets and finish off with your favorite fire starter. Step 4: You need Tier 8. I have the Tirpitz I got last Christmas. Just spec secondary arm. module with a 10 pt. BB Cpt and wade right in on Co-Op and watch the secondary hits rack up. Mop with your Tier 8 du Jour for the final stats. Thanks to Clutch Cargo who got me critically thinking on this one.
  7. Frans von Jutland problem

    Thanks Clutch! Glad I read this post! I would've wasted time using my lower tier 'producers' and cried 'WG [edited]' if I hadn't seen youe thread. Thanks again!
  8. Asashio Broken

    Not true. I bought it on day one and had 3 kills and almost 70k dmg from torps and floods. I cap with mine, I gunfight w/ mine ( i'm used to the trajectory of IJN 100mm rifles and get hit another DD in a turning run no problem. It's not a 'one trick pony' and anyone who plays IJN DD's knows this.
  9. No. Not on your terms! Freedom of the common man!
  10. skrew you Sovietski Zampolit POS
  11. Ranked is a Sham

    Why is level 15, 3 stars, or 3 sub-levels? Why not make it single elimination single level? You get stuck with a s++t team and flounder on half a dozen battles to progress to a level that throws you back after a huge expense of flags and consumables. These stars are ridiculous. One level, one fight. That's it.
  12. utter sheep dip. USA!!! Two time (2x) World War Champions!
  13. Uhhhhh, what'd you say? I wasn't paying attention. Not s'posed to post 10th grade essays here.
  14. I have all of them and Molotov and De Grasse were among my first premiums...so I like them both. Molotov is wicked powerful, but I feel she get's focused often and early,,, she passes out Citadels if you are not careful. De Grasse is super sweet and forgiving. High ROF, good French rifles and she makes good headway. De Grasse would be my 1st choice if I had to have one and the first boat I take into Tier 6 Scenarios when I want a cruiser.. My second would be Graf Spee...a very different boat, but when she clicks for you you'll have one of the best times in the game,