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  1. Sinton

    Happy Memorial Day, USA

    I salute you Sir. My Son, my only Son, signed his enlisted papers this week with US Army. He could have taken a commission but wanted to his 'old man's' way. He'll have his own pains' as we all did
  2. Sinton

    Happy Memorial Day, USA

    Best I think as we should be friends. And so we are... great friends so we are.
  3. Sinton

    Happy Memorial Day, USA

    So I salute your service and wish it kindness and hope as I do all my Uncles who flew for the the Eighth and Ninth Air Corps and all my Uncles who died in Korean and with the Viet Minh. 3 hots and cot.
  4. Sinton

    Happy Memorial Day, USA

    My Grandfather was a torpedo mans mate in the USN from 1915- 1919' He joined at 15 years old. He said that from 1917 to 1918 he was always wet and always cold as were all who served in the great northern fleet. I carried his black silk scarf with me on every deployment
  5. Sinton

    Happy Memorial Day, USA

    Don't know why you used a sailor? Happy Memorial Day! some of my best friends are sailors....
  6. Sinton

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    right there you are
  7. Sinton

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    maybe we should be best friends... like right now!!!
  8. Sinton

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    what T7 CV?
  9. Sinton

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    old timey fun down by the river
  10. Sinton

    Fixated on Tier 7 Ranked

    old timey fun down at the quarters down by the river...findin' love and fun.
  11. I don't know why Tier 7 Ranked has grabbed my attention, but it has. I've read the posts on this topic. reviewed ships in harbor. I have thought much about this unloved tier. I'm a DD man and IJN DDs were the first lines I ever completed. So I look at Akatsuki. I love her 3x3 torp launchers. Her guns are ok with really bad turret rotation. I look at Shiratsuyu with her amputated roll out. Used to be she had Torp Reload and Smoke. Not so much anymore. Maybe Yudachi is a way to reclaim what Shiratsuyu was and is a way to reclaim this.
  12. Sinton

    Ranked at T7 next month!

    My ex-wife finding parking at CLE Intnl. airport!
  13. Sinton

    Thank You Wargaming!

    It is a nice change, but it is not out of kindness from WG. Since Steel and RB will soon be available as daily rewards WG must've figured that the change to consumables realizes them practically no hard currency, but inflating the economy with Steel and RB points will somehow lead to more $'s directly or indirectly in WG coffers.
  14. Sinton

    Two Suns!

    Not if you use panko...right?...corn meal would be bad form... We're talkin' Tempura right? I'm such a inu gaijin
  15. Sinton

    Mutsu Gun Buff?

    Didn't LWM write early last year the Mutsu got an improved AP shell type? I don't own Mutsu, but the post was detailed and so compelling I thought about buying it probably until WG dangled some new shiny in front of me and I wandered off.