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    Disappointing black bundles

    I find it kind of sad that the last few rotations in the shop seem to just be money grabs with certain items, the temporary ships and now a completely separate ship version with black camos to the ones some of us already have. I would have gladly paid 5k dubs for the black camo on a few of my ships but buying an entirely different ship that works the same as the ones I have is pointless. I get that you're trying to give people access to ships they might not have for a discount but you're missing an easy market opportunity for people with the ships already since people with the ship already would be far more likely to buy a camo for slightly lower than the cost of buying an entirely new ship. On top of that it wouldn't have been any more effort to have it set up that way instead of two different ships. All in all kinda feel like this was a wasted opportunity.