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  1. Thexal

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    kinda feel like this is getting away from the original point which is its kind of disappointing that this is forcing people to purchase a ship with a currency that's used for broad progression in the game vs one that can be rewarded after you've achieved some level of progression. its like if income was in slightly different forms. yes I could go without water and electric and spend that money on something i want just like free exp being used for buying a ship instead of tree progression. Or I could use savings (coal) to buy something I want which happens and accumulates as I work.
  2. Thexal

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    Well sure that's why I go back to the lower tiers sometimes, to change things up and get some different scenery. I also enjoy T8, theres some very cool ships there. I'm mainly saying that I'd like to have an alternative way to purchase the ship with a currency that I have to choose "what" I want to buy, not "how" I want to buy
  3. Thexal

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    Majority of games these days focus on end game content... not to say i don't keep lower tiers around and play them but that's what almost every developer strives for...
  4. Thexal

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    If I'm honest, yes it should be. Generally getting better at a game and learning more about different parts of it by trial and experience is something that many developers reward while staying stagnant is generally is unrewarded.
  5. Thexal

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    Then back to my original point, kinda seems to punish people who branch out and research other trees. not sure why others were available for coal and this one isn't.
  6. Thexal

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    so we're sure it'll be available for coal eventually?
  7. Thexal

    Alaska free exp vs coal

    Not any of the content I've seen has mentioned it on youtube. Not to mention they don't really make their testing info readily available on the main website. only the end result shows up when its launched.
  8. I'm guessing I'm in the minority here but why wasn't the Alaska put up for coal as well? I spend basically all of my free exp working up different trees and have most of the T10's so when ships like these roll around I have nothing to purchase them with (especially since we aren't told what currency they're available for) and spending well over $100 to convert exp for one is just silly. Kinda feels like the people who branch out and have a better understanding of the game through playing more than one or two trees are being punished while someone who spams a single ship is rewarded.
  9. I find it kind of sad that the last few rotations in the shop seem to just be money grabs with certain items, the temporary ships and now a completely separate ship version with black camos to the ones some of us already have. I would have gladly paid 5k dubs for the black camo on a few of my ships but buying an entirely different ship that works the same as the ones I have is pointless. I get that you're trying to give people access to ships they might not have for a discount but you're missing an easy market opportunity for people with the ships already since people with the ship already would be far more likely to buy a camo for slightly lower than the cost of buying an entirely new ship. On top of that it wouldn't have been any more effort to have it set up that way instead of two different ships. All in all kinda feel like this was a wasted opportunity.