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  1. Sims vs Kidd

    In that case I could heartily recommend the Sims.
  2. Sims vs Kidd

    I now have Kidd, and after playing a handful of games I was startled at the massive performance spike between the T7 and T8. My question is: Has Kidd rendered Simms irrelevant as a US DD premium? Yes, I know I am comparing a T7 and a T8. But the difference is just startling in two ships that share a similar role (cap contester/US DDcrew trainer) Torpedoes: Both are meh. Guns: Kidd has about 30% more dpm Concealment: Kidd 5.8 vs Simms 6.6 (admittedly typical T7 vs T8) Health: Kidd has double the EHP ~30k including heals, Simms has 16.5 (assuming SE/SI) Speed/Agility: Similar at 39-40kts. Agility-wise, Simms is outstanding, Kidd is merely excellent AA: Both have DFAA - Kidd is 2x better in theory (and much better in practice; annihilating planes rather than driving them off) As a Premium/trainer: Obviously as T8 Kidd earns more silver, but it also costs more $$$. Both are pretty flexible with captains Other thoughts: The huge HP boost + conceal means Kidd uptiers MUCH better. A Sims in T8 struggles, a Kidd in T9 doesn't care. It also helps vs radar spam; a Kidd can take a few unlucky hits early when exploring caps, heal up, and play on undeterred whereas a Sims would be crippled/forced to play conservatively with the same damage. Finally having AA means another source of DD frustration is gone, as the USS Chemo Kidd doesn't suffer from planes hovering above for long... ....For ships that share a similar role (cap contesting DD with poor torps and DFAA; good at cap control/support and weak in damage) having double the HP, .8 better conceal, double the AA, and ~30% better guns is just a massive spike in power between tiers. Honestly, the unpleasantness of T8 MM/dislike of higher tier play, or the $ cost, is probably the only reason you would even consider the Simms. Don't get me wrong; I enjoy the Simms, it is FUN - which is important - but it is simply outclassed as a T7 DD by the Leningrad (by miles), Blys and Gadjah, and massively outclassed as a US DD trainer by the Kidd... ....which is equally fun.... So... would you ever recommend the Simms, when the Kidd is just so much better?
  3. Okay. In thousands of battles, I've never seen stats mentioned except (a) maybe once a week in the case of CVs - which I don't mind as it's very relevant info for the whole team (b) the time two Yamatos (last ships alive) were brawling with HE for 5mins
  4. I'm curious though - do people actually bring up your stats in-game? or only on the forums? Because if someone is bringing up stats in the middle of game, that's a bit stalker-ish and nasty. Whereas I think it makes sense to check stats on a forum if needed - such as to check if the person knows what they are talking about (i.e. they go on about how DD are OP, but never have driven them above Tier 3)
  5. After my post above, saying "if toxic chat is regular, check what you're doing wrong in gameplay (or chat)"......... .....I got curious and looked up the OP's stats.... 40% win rate in 800 T10 games, and 45% win rate at T9 in 900 games. This means he is an incredibly frustrating team mate. At T10, his contribution to winning is in the bottom 1% of players. It's not surprising he is regularly being recognized as a liability to his team. Because he is. I'm not condoning horrible comments in chat, but I do suggest that regular comments aimed at your should prompt some self reflection. And in the OP case, he should probably listen and obey what the toxic players are saying, to be blunt, because anything would be an improvement.
  6. I'd add 4. Grow a thicker skin/ignore like a big boy - simplest solution 5. If this is happening often (i.e. more than once every few weeks) fix what you are doing Honestly, WoWs chat is very innocuous. I often see comments directed at idiotic CVs (you know, the sort who don't launch planes for 5mins or send their entire wing in a T4-esque CV snipe at T10 while avoiding caps) but otherwise negative comments are rare. If you are often the recipient of this toxic chat attacking your gameplay - I'd strongly question what you are doing (or saying yourself in chat) that makes this the case. I've noticed the majority of time a player is called out in chat, it is warranted (not an excuse for poor behaviour, of course). The other reason is players who are mouthy themselves in chat. I'm pretty confident that the worse your solo win rate (aka your overall contribution to the game), the more toxicity you'll see.
  7. confusion

    I doubt he actually wanted a response, rather than attention. He whinged in another topic, then created a completely new topic to repeat his whinge. Whilst I have sympathy for the fact the rewards for non-active players seems a little excessive compared to normal play; the whole "someone won a free car so I will never drive a car or buy petrol again because this is unfair as I have always paid for my fuel" ....seems a bit.... sad?
  8. Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    That's exactly why we need more "OP" T5s like this and Guilio. Cos it's actually viable against it's most common foes.
  9. Smoke that comes out when you blow horn I laughed at the mental image this conjured. Immature I know.
  10. Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    Actually, it wouldn't happen. Average DD per side is 2-3. They are the least popular class. Secondly, due to the horrid T5 MM, it's not like the Gremy is OP vs the T7s they will routinely face. We NEED more OP tier 5s. They're the only ones which are somewhat fun.
  11. confusion

    Do they respond to the forums? I thought they only looked at reddit/twitter etc. Official forums are just away to corral all the crazies in one spot, under your control, so you can safely ignore them.
  12. A WG staffer who actually knows how to play the game well? What madness is this?
  13. I'm not sure which ships have what, but ships definitely have different XP modifiers. Scroll down towards the bottom of this patch notes https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/patch-notes-063/ You can see they are +10% or +15% to earnings and XP of various ships. So ships definitely have different base XP. Not sure what that base XP is, though.
  14. Possible Solution for Radar

    Of course - radar has been a revolution in top tier gameplay. BB never camp the boundaries any more, they always move in to give support, often in front of the cruisers and destroyers. Cruisers (especially radar cruisers) now consistently lead the push into caps instead of camping nearby islands. Radar has made T10 resemble T4, there is so now much aggression and maneuver.
  15. Now the USS BLACK for FREE

    So... you paid for yours, did you?