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  1. No, no - it's destroyers who are overpowered! That's why they are the least played of the non-CV classes, and have the lowest damage and survivability. Because most people like to challenge themselves by playing the most skill-intensive, complex, hardmode class - batttleships! It's a known fact that in all multiplayer games players, always avoid the strongest, easymode, "meta"-favoured class and always prefer the most challenging one, that is most difficult to succeed in. I.e. battleships!
  2. The weekends, what can be done?

    I always thought for everyone who loses, someone wins. So.... if you are always losing to these "terrible weekend players" other people are winning more often against these below average players. Hmmm. So you lose often to below average players? There's a conclusion somewhere but I don't think you'll like it. Oh, I forgot - the bad players are only on your team.
  3. Your favorite Tier 8 Destroyer

    I like to hang with my Lo Yang. That said, T8 is horrid as you always face the better T10 version of yourself. The lame T7s with their poor concealment at least get to regularly beat up T5s. "Leningrad vs Omaha - who will win" Ding ding!
  4. No one has the right to expect you to play with them. However I think it's a bit sad that you'd place some "stats" in a videogame, ahead of helping another person, admittedly also in a videogame. A videogame, I'd add, that is the e-sports equivalent of lawn bowls or croquet, or darts. (Judging by these forums at least, also populated heavily by the elderly, and handicapped) If you are hovering on solo 59%, perhaps trying for that extra 1% to get into that elite clan who won't relax their requirements that 1%, I kinda get it. But if you are a 51% Joe Blow that refuses to play with a 46% cos "protect muh stats" .... I just think it's sad. And yes, self centred. I'd hope no one better than you wishes to division with you; using your criteria, you should only get to play with folk on your level. ....Hang on - aren't you the guy who said there was no difference between 48% and 51% in some MM thread? I'm surprised you care so much about win rate. Perhaps you could "boost" his win rate by divving with that hypothetical 46%er; as it is "deserved"
  5. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    WG secretly nerfed my ship to make me miss is a least a change from WG designs MM to make me lose You know those brag posts with high damage screenshots? Funny how I've never seen one titled "WG secretly buffs my RNG to give me extra wins and damage"
  6. What's your average damage?

    I'd find it more interesting if there was context: 90k in a Yamato main - whatever 90k from a Gearing main - wow!
  7. While I agreed with the argument "bad players usually won't take advice; those who want help usually seek it anyway (forums, Youtube etc)" ....I'd also suggest another, doubtless less popular argument: - That if a player is so self-centred and cares about their precious stats so much, they'll refuse to help anyone who could jeopardize that anyway; throwing them a few XP/silver will not make a difference....
  8. I don't think this is addressing the argument, but merely states the obvious. We know CE costs captain points. That's not the dispute. I think the point being made is that it is so useful, and to every class. It's like saying $50 gets you a car, or a toddlers trike. Yes, there is some times a trike is best, but the vast majority of people will plump for the car; and the car is both more useful and valuable in the vast majority of situations. The module choices are even more stark - even your example - target acquisition - is not appealing at all in comparison. Once a skill is univerally used and "defacto" on every class (slight exaggeration, but not much!) perhaps it is time to check if the skill is too strong? Nerf the skill, or make it a default? Last Stand "comes at a cost" too - but what DD player would avoid choosing it?
  9. Zero Historical Tie In's

    Back on topic! I am hoping for more anime campaigns. I hear there is a special "fanservice flag" in the shape of an undergarment, at the end of the next campaign.
  10. A worthwhile conversation to have. Any skill that is near mandatory should be looked at. (I actually think Last Stand is more an issue than CE) I feel there are other concealment concerns that bother me more (a) BB with 11-12km concealment, and by association, the larger boost CE gives a BB (b) BB outspotting cruisers, or cruisers outspotting destroyers (of any nation or tier combo, period) (c) Concealment module making T8 DD stomp all over T6-7. Actually, concealment module, period.
  11. AP Underwater Fix

    WG HQ: Employee 1: "DDs are complaining that BB AP is "double dipping" due to broken shell arming mechanics, causing crippling hits" Employee 2: "Ah, that's correct - it is broken. Do a press release acknowledging we are working on it - and put it on the 2020 'to do 'list." Employee 1: "Also, BBs are complaining they are receiving more pens than usual from cruisers. They claim they have actually taken citadel hits!" Employee 2: "My God! Sound Defcon 1! Get everyone back to the office in so we can revert this abomination ASAP! I want a hotfix out in the next 3 hours - and a grovelling apology to any BB mains we have inconvenienced - I don't care what you do, just do what it takes! Move, people!" *hits big red button on desk* *klaxon sounds*
  12. Thanks! That's very useful. ....but more importantly, does it provide proof of how WG is artificially and secretly shortening games?
  13. Surely WG MM can do better.

    They would probably not precisely end up on 50%, no. Though the more games they play, the tighter the cluster around 50%. However this does not address the core arguments: SBMM would not remove blowout games, neither would it make teams fair/balanced like proponents fondly envision (over the long term; initially it might work) though it could make win rates less meaningful as a stat. So... a player who can only win 45% of the time, over 1000s of games when he is the only common variable; who is (as you say) "boosted" to being 50% player once SBMM is implemented, due to being matched with extra, better players on his team who must carry him.... has earned it? So because your SBMM has the intent to create fair teams, it is by nature automatically fair? https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/begging-the-question Yet you fail to refute any of the "poorly constructed arguments"... ....except with "SBMM is supposed to be fair so it is fair" Thanks for the example of a well-constructed argument.
  14. Surely WG MM can do better.

    Because shooting very simple AI bots who sail in a straight line are much easier than humans? If you can't win 90% of co-op games, you probably should uninstall the game. In contrast, the average random player has a ~49% WR. You may kill 2-4 ships on rare occasions, but your stats over 1000s of games show you have a kdr of 0.8; it's far likelier you die with 1 or 0 kills; you die more often than you kill. Your damage is also lower than average. Unsurprisingly, you win a lot less than average too. You can expect long loss streaks more often than long win streaks. Because when we have win streaks we accept is as our just due, thanks to our skill and awesomeness; and when we lose it must be a WG conspiracy. If you die twice as often as you get a kill; why would you not expect longer losing streaks? Why would you expect to win more often or have more winning streaks than losing streaks if other metrics are below average? EDIT: Where are all these "WG wants shorter games" conspiracy theorists coming from? Are you Taichunger's alt? Why do WG need such elaborate ways to make shorter games when they could it much simpler - by adjusting ticket count? or changing the game timer? Why would they even bother trying to conceal it from us in such subtle, elaborate ways?