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  1. BB's pushing

    Some personal favourites are: "sail around the outside of C in your 21kt BB" - preferably with an island in the way so it cannot cover ANY caps for the next few minutes or "camp behind an island with an Atlanta, when BB guns cannot elevate over the island, thus adding 0 to offence"
  2. BB's pushing

    So you've never seen BB hugging the backline, yet seen ships of all types hugging the backline. Logic checks out... What about players who don't want BB to yolo OR camp the border? Or do we have to use a "either/or logical fallacy?" Is there an option for "support caps at reasonable range?"
  3. Captain Builds for Minsk?

    Depends what you play do do with the captain. PT, LS, SE, AFT are all safe bets. The others depend if you are moving your captain on. The most debatable is CE vs more 3-point skills.
  4. Subs changing the meta in unknown ways

    Like radar, subs will promote aggressive play and completely remove the passive meta. .....
  5. So what you are saying is you ARE responsible for 10% of your win rate? (actually, it's more like 20%) I am utterly confident anyone who claims it is not their fault is a below average player. It may not be your fault in a specific match, but over time (100s, 1000s of games) it will become obvious if you have a net positive (50%+) or negative (under 50%) effect on your team. This is invariably accompanied by below or above average damage, kdr, survival that matches your win rate.
  6. BB's pushing

    I'm presuming all your games are scenarios and co-op?
  7. I wonder what it would like to be 2 cruisers in a game with 5+ BB....
  8. win rate

    Wow. What a thread! This is how grammar nazis came to power.... Is he asking for a clan? Wow, really? I wonder why. How terrible that the educators in WoWs have not lived up to your standards. I say we demand more stringent university entrance standards! Relax - if you learn the game as energetically as you justify yourself and complain, you will be a unicum in no time!
  9. It's from their own WoWs promotional video so no one can complain...
  10. If you genuinely believe the game is rigged against you specifically, then you should uninstall.
  11. Give us the Tier 7 Refit!!!!!

    Why the heck would you care? All the American BB I see in-game are either stationary or in reverse anyway. They don't NEED more than 21kts. In fact, giving it a 21kt reverse speed as its gimmick may make it OP. This is why American's don't get to make French reversing jokes. It's more a USN playstyle then a French one.

    Relax guys. Subs will move so slowly they will never catch the border hugging sniper BBs.
  13. It's just confirmation bias mixed with captain build Since 99% of Massachusetts have a secondary build, they are going to be on fire FAR more often, in more places, and the fires will burn longer. Furthermore, they are usually played well within HE spam range which exacerbates the issue. It's nothing to do with the patch or secretive nerfs and everything to do with bias, build and playstyle.
  14. I screwed up and bought the kronshtadt

    It sucks that you don't get a "1hr trial" for ships to see if they suit you. But is probably just you. Your 45% win rate across all ships is very low and indicates more wide-spread problems than the Kronstadt. Folk here are usually happy to div up/play with you and give advice. Check out Youtube - videos like iCHase's captain's academy series is very useful.