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  1. FictionalCharacter

    Any hope for CV exp in co-op?

    Well, the unintentional forcing function of the 2 player co-op games and the 200% bonus weekend has me trying everything I can think of, but... oof. My compatriot died early and this one almost went to 20 minutes. It's a bit exhausting to think that on a normal day with free premium and 200% first win this would have been next to nothing... I do quite enjoy the gameplay loop, though, even if I still can't hit much with torpedoes. I don't think I can pull off this grind the way it is, so I need to find some tricks or give up. Thanks for all the advice so far. Maybe free exp to tier VI and trying to enjoy operations is the way forward.
  2. FictionalCharacter

    Any hope for CV exp in co-op?

    Hey there. Medium-time listener, first-time caller. I play exclusively co-op these days because I'm in it for a relaxing oceanic pew pew that doesn't bother anyone. I also like CVs, but CV co-op experience gains are so miniscule they feel like a borderline disincentive made worse by the widened gap between tiers. I haven't dabbled much in operations with CVs because of the 'doesn't bother anyone' conundrum, but, even then, I have to grind through tier 4. Some of it is skill, I'm sure, but I'm curious if CVs just can't meaningfully progress in co-op. Is there something I'm missing, or is this how it is?