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    QoL: divebomb aiming

    Either my inexperience with the game is showing or i don't think we are on the same page. The retical was relatively centered on the ship during the dive and immediately after losing my 3rd-to-last plane you can see the reticle jerk to the left to center on the remaining two, causing the reticle to now be centered very near her starboard side. It seems unlikely that this is due to how i was piloting the planes and more with my planes dying. I will try out that tip some though. Thanks.
  2. Only been playing a few months, but I noticed that it seems when planes die as you attempt an attack, most pronounced in dive bombing, the aiming reticle jumps to recenter on the remaining planes. This can cause an otherwise good shot to be completely muffed. Is there any way that this could be smoothed out? Something like giving the attack squadron a "center of mass" that is independent of the aircraft in the squadron and around which the planes form up, rather than the center of mass being the center of all of the attacking planes. Perhaps I misunderstand how the aircraft are programmed, this is my best interpretation of what I'm seeing and a suggestion towards what would make more sense. Here is a quick video that i think illustrates my point pretty vividly.