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  1. WidowmakerIV

    Daily Shipments

    Do you receive a Daily Shipment every time you log in or was that a special that ran in June? If it's daily and not a specified time, where on the in game client can I view what I received in my Daily Shipment? Thanks
  2. It's not in the "Select Battle Type" drop down menu. I've played 99 games if there is a game played requirement. Thanks
  3. WidowmakerIV

    Game will not load

    What do you mean by this? is there settings I need to change within my firewall?
  4. WidowmakerIV

    Game will not load

    Thanks for the reply's. I did get it to work after I restarted the computer. Navalpride, what did you mean by the firewall settings will cause the game to load slower?
  5. WidowmakerIV

    Game will not load

    I downloaded the game to my hard drive on my laptop instead of my SSD card due to lack of space and added the game to my Firewall exceptions. When I try to start it from the game center it goes to a black screen and stops responding. I also ran the check and repair utility as well as the WGcheck utility with negative results. Any ideas on why it wont load? FYI, I did the same on my PC, hard drive instead of SSD, with no issues. .
  6. WidowmakerIV

    Missions Questions from a Newbe

    Thanks Nevermore.
  7. I just started yesterday but am a long time player of WOT. Are their missions you have to opt into outside of the game like in WOT? Also, why wouldn't I have received credit for a daily mission where I played a level V ship and got the required base 250 XP? Thanks for your help.