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  1. Arclight58

    Submarines are Coming

    Reporting for duty!
  2. My biggest gripe is Map Awareness or Situational Awareness. I never really played after Beta except for the specials and just started to really start playing. Yesterday I had just started a game and was cruising past a narrow pass out about 8k and just launched some torpedos that direction and no ships were near. Then one DD headed straight into the path, not turning or reducing speed to avoid them and was hit, he has all kinds of time but drove right into their path and was hit. Bam I got a warning, I had got a warning from bumping other boats and I accepted that as my bad attention on just firing weapons. When I got back in port I was colored as a violator and a message that I had to play two more battles with no damage, I launched again and the very same thing the again. I don't have a lot of games and the last thing I want to be is a bad player but it seems the violation system should be able it take other player actions into account before punishment. Needless to say, I was sentenced to 12 games in co-op or clan wars to get free to random battle again.
  3. Arclight58

    Submarine Trees

    I like the idea of implementing subs and have always wanted them in the game.
  4. Arclight58

    Why do you want subs in the game.

    I enjoyed the Subs and would play more if added to the game.