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  1. GeisterKatze

    I'm sure most of you have seen this, but...

    Sabaton, "Bismark and the KreigsMarine"
  2. GeisterKatze

    The iChase Case

    So...[edited] other players so that you and your clanmates can have things your way?
  3. I'm curious how many people have received the mission for the tier VII and also the tier VIII Soviet BBs. I completed the tier V and tier VI missions, but have yet to receive the tier VII mission.
  4. GeisterKatze

    I've enlarged my collection!

    Thanks for the 'conversation'! I'm hoping to get the mission for the tier VII Sinod. I don't have any tier VII BBs, so will that prevent me from getting that mission or the tier VIII mission?
  5. GeisterKatze

    I've enlarged my collection!

    Interesting, I haven't played it much. How are it's secondaries? I'm working on the first campaign, and I need to achieve 50 hits with a BB. I seem to be getting around 45 hits a game. Game. After. Game. After. Game!
  6. GeisterKatze

    I've enlarged my collection!

    My first Stronk Soviet Battleship: My second: And my latest: Thanks for all of you who helped me finish the missions for these ships!
  7. GeisterKatze

    Azure Lane camouflage

    Thanks Crux and Haze
  8. GeisterKatze

    Azure Lane camouflage

    I'm just curious if one can 'disable' the Azure Lane camouflage of a ship, and then put another type on?
  9. GeisterKatze

    CV fun?

    I agree. I crewed a P-3 for many years. We once found a WaveRunner that had broken loose from a dock in Cozumel 50 miles at sea from 24,000 feet. And I've watched Chinese F-1s fly past us less than 5 miles away unable to find us down low.
  10. GeisterKatze

    CV fun?

    To address Grflrgl's post I'd like to see the following. Keep the aircraft PoV and allow the player to control planes using the mouse, as in WoWP. This should include altitude, which in turn should affect detection-range. AT THE SAME TIME, allow the player to control the CV using the "WASD" keys. My only experience with CVs is the Langley(although I have earned the Furious), and in the 3 post-update matches I've played I've shot down 2 aircraft, hit one ship with one of my deck guns, and lost SEVENTY FOUR aircraft. I believe I've been able to fire rockets twice, dropped one or two bombs, and actually launched a single torpedo. Feel free to completely troll my poor game-play, but I don't think it's just me. It seems as if aircraft get spotted FAR too early. In my second game I was planning to work my aircraft around the flank, so I was flying wide near a border. My planes were detected, and I was able to fly for almost 30 seconds before I spotted the ship that spotted me. In contrast, the carrier can't see anything. I was attacked by a DD, but didn't see it until it was less than 5 kilometres from me. It did not use a smoke-screen, it simply materialized on my flank and unloaded 8 torps into me before I knew it was there. Now no offense, but you figure the average CV was FAR TALLER than most other ships, with DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of sailors on that raised deck. I should be spotting stuff WAY FURTHER OUT. I've stood on a CV deck at sea. You can spot a little sport-boat 12 miles away EASY. I have to say that at tier IV the U.S. aircraft are completely useless, although historically there were extremely effective. At higher tiers the U.S. aircraft may be more formidable, but I can't speak to that. And with an average of 275 xp per game in the Langley, it's going to be a while before I do!
  11. GeisterKatze

    CV Nerfs = CV USELESS

    I'm only on tier IV, the Langley. I have played 3 or 4 battles only since the update. I have YET to get a successful attack on ANY ship. My aircraft get shot out of the air before I can even 'drop' ordnance. Oh that, and my aircraft are spotted from 20 kilometres away. I can't see a goddam 250' long destroyer at 6 kilometres, but my 30' aircraft are seen the instant they clear my deck. WG, I have to say you've emasculated CVs as well as you emasculated SPGs in WoT.