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  1. Morpheous

    New sounds overwhelming and distracting

    Gunfire is okay, rounds hitting my ships....okay too, but my rounds hitting the other guys's ship???? That is really dumb and not needed...and sounds horrid too.
  2. Morpheous

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    and shorter range torps? Were not the old Kiti torps 20k? Either way I really don't care...it would be fun to drive one, but life expectancy will be............................low.
  3. Morpheous

    The "worst" ships in the game

    The Indy IS a very good ship for sprint ranked... that radar and those guns in her own tier are quite devastating. She is one ship that does not up tier well at all or with a larger amount of players targeting you makes for a harder time.
  4. Morpheous

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Yeah I haven't played mine much and I try to make so called "horrid" ships work, but so far I have not had much to brag about... I will try her again and see if I can't get at least 1 100k game. (only sitting at 27k, so maybe I should try for a 50k game lol)
  5. At T10 I am taking the Repub. You can hang with any BB, waste any CA, and do very well against any DD. CV might worry me a bit, but Repub has speed to find that CV.
  6. I played a lot of Atago and wrecked every CV or DD (lost 1 DD match to a Fantisque, very good player in it) I played against, and did very well against most BBs. (lost maybe 2-3 matches) Only time I lost to a CV was the first time I played one in the Trip...and I did get some shots off.
  7. Morpheous

    The "worst" ships in the game

    Emerald is my go to ship to break a losing streak or to get out of a funk. I feel dirty playing her... she is so versatile. You should get a minimum of one DD kill, and one CA kill per game. It is the only ship I play at Superunicom, actually it is the only ship I play at Unicom level too lol :)
  8. Morpheous

    The "worst" ships in the game

    I always did well in this ship, guess its that torp range that makes her shine for me.
  9. Morpheous

    The "worst" ships in the game

    So my worst ships. A month ago it was the Albemarle. Wow she's a big stinky....you know what. You have a pretty good Devonshire to essentially the same ship up a tier, and can't take a hit like the Devonshire...a real cluster for citadels. I mean her lack of armor almost makes a Neptune or a Mino feel like the have real armor...coupled with lack of range on the guns and its a slaughterhouse for Albemarle Captains.
  10. Morpheous

    The "worst" ships in the game

    LOL...ship is OP... seriously... good guns, smoke, hydro and 2 racks of 7k torps per side... its a DD killer, a CA killer with her guns, and a BB killer w the torps. Her ONLY drawback is she won't last long if you play her to her weaknesses, like NOT using the smoke and trying to out muscle another CA.
  11. Morpheous

    Ranked Sprint got very uneven

    I do have to say, only playing like 6 games or so, but so far each game has been a blowout one way or the other. AND I haven't been helping...just played very bad or got in some surprising situations, that I probably should have seen coming...hope to pull up my dismal playing tonight...so sorry for my bad games yesterday :(
  12. Morpheous

    Ranked Sprint 12... well, that was fast.

    Doing it in the Kagero... seems right.
  13. Morpheous

    Stop lying on the q screen

    That is a low BB census SS... I was seeing just under 200, for a while there...:)
  14. Morpheous

    High Tier DDs... nope. Can't do it anymore...

    Radar was flawed from it's introduction. First off, it was introduced to counteract the horrible SMOKE mechanics, which of course were flawed in many ways. Smoke was there to make DDs a VIABLE ship to play in a surface tactical naval simulator/arcade game, if DDs were properly modeled, they would be dead miles before they launched torps, unless they were in a night battle or/and had long lance torps. (sure there is occasional DD attacks in broad daylight that hurt enemy BBs or CAs, but for the most part...sunk or mangled) If you can't SEE through and island how can radar SEE through an island (WG maintains that they can't program the radar NOT to see through the island, or such nonsense I have read a few times here, which of course is hogwash) Now DDs can't hide in smoke close to many DDs launch ranges NOR can they hide behind islands (or course HYDRO goes through islands too lol, and prox spotting, lol) Add in CVs, which should be deleted from the game, and what is a poor DD player to do? Die, die and die some more. Rockets are just absurd, even a marginal CV player will hit you with rockets, there isn't much to counter a good rocket strike, smoke, which now makes the DD safer, but located, and smoke gone, maybe jink and some rockets miss. Best defense of course is to turn AA off (now that seems a bit silly on a naval ship...but...), and remain hidden. Radar, that functions beyond launch range of 80% of most DD torps, is silly, DD conceal doesn't really matter does it? My 5.4 Japanese DD to your 5.6 other nation gunboat DD at least gave a a second or two to move off, but with radar both ship's conceal matters much less. IF your response is for your DDs to hang with the fleet, then your admitting that DDs are getting the shaft...that is NOT their job, it is to scout, and scout some more... can't do that if your ship has to stay withing 2km of a support CA, which probably in JUST as much danger as you are...unless you never have experienced losing 30% of your HP in one strike, and you DO have some AA, well at least it LOOKS like AA. I believe mid tier 5-7 DDs are fine, but as Zoup has pointed out... rather BELATEDLY, high tier DDs demise has arrived...well has been for some time... if subs are ever added to randoms....oh lord, not like DDs are not trying just stay alive, now folks will be yelling at them to get this sub, or get that sub...lol. Fix this issue? Probably not happening as others have stated, WG is not a very responsive company, they do what they want to do. It takes an epic outcry to make them do anything, as long as the money is rolling in, they blissfully work on money making content. The basic meta of the game was flawed at design stage, ships take broadside hits, are more vulnerable therefore players figured this out and angled. This is non historical, and led to camping metas, unrealistic tactics etc, which led to other issues... for WG based games it is NEVER about fixing the issue, it is about bandaids...and then bandaids misapplied etc... Tanks is a PRIME example of this from silly gold rounds, to silly ways to do damage, (hit my turret hatch10x and kill my tank), I left tanks 3 years ago and haven't looked back. WoWS was very fun for two years, and is getting less fun... though I feel I have improved a lot, and it shows when I redo a line, but I really try and jet through T3-4 because the CVs are massively messed up there, World of CVs, and how WG thinks that is going to get players in the game? No wonder they make so many ways for players to skip lower tiers.... crazy I know...but I have learned to expect less than rationality, logic and good business sense from WG. Real fixes? Delete CVs, or make CVs and subs into their own game modes...so much could be done there. Radar, Hydro do not go through solid objects. Radar and Hydro work for the ship USING them not everyone else, then you could keep the ranges, but make them uniform, that is, if you want WG Radar (Russian) to be 12km then make it shorter duration, USA 9km longer duration etc. At least is will help the sensory overloaded DD Captains at high tiers to remember who has what. Shorter Radar durations, SHORTEN smoke durations, enough of one DD in a cap driving off 3 enemy BBs, who are scared to burn to death from ONE DD. Mid tier I see this a lot, reset USA and Japanese DD lines (2x now) and it is amazing to drive off BBs or even CAs with ONE DD in smoke...crazy. None of this will happen but here is wishing... Good luck Captains, may your T10 games have no CVs, and no radar ships.....
  15. Morpheous

    How does Izmail reach 28.5 knots?

    Comrade our history is correct...if continue on your line of questioning it will lead to your sudden disappearance!