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  1. Morpheous

    Low tier play needs resuscitation WG

    All these arguments for last 2 years at least....and WG has done NOTHING... and that is why my spending has been VERY limited on WG products. Follow suit and maybe they will listen? Don't count on it though.
  2. Morpheous

    Italian battleship

    Only BB I really didn't like was Cavour...Doria good, T7 good, Vittorio was just fine...and really like the Lepanto. Your armor is okay at best, but speed, good turret rotation helps out. Gotta live with the guns though...sometimes, you just nail the bad guy, other times its a shotgun with no hits. I use AP about 90%, but you can SAP some amazing shots.
  3. but but .....what about your team! ;)
  4. Morpheous

    Yoshino or Pommern?

    Took the Pomm first...not real impressed, don't have Yoshino yet...but wishing I did.
  5. Always used them.... :)
  6. Morpheous

    Vermont or Montana?

    I think the Vermont is the worst T10 BB hands down... and did a fine job analyzing and expressing the reasons I don't like it. Montana is a superior ship.
  7. Morpheous

    Carry Harder?

    whew nice game!
  8. Morpheous

    Are German BBs still worth playing?

    Can't say I have seen any dropoff in German BBs out there... but I still do not like the secondary skill nerf on the Captain Skills
  9. Morpheous

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    I think I am happy I didn't buy a Friesland...ummm I think I am...but I am not sure... is it okay to be confused? Glad I don't have a horse in this show....
  10. Morpheous

    How It Works: Economics – XP and Credits

    happening to me to now...
  11. Better players tend to turn slightly out...or in or slow down... I have gotten a lot better dodging with....age!
  12. Morpheous

    Is pink the new normal ?

    Don't feel bad, I got pink for two games yesterday... my teammate in his badly damage DD, scraped my side (BB) and died...I got the pink ...we both had a laugh over it.
  13. Morpheous

    Who thought this up

    To take a word like cancer this seriously and bring it into a game forum and expect everyone to not use it according to your standards, is astounding. I think most folks understand the seriousness of cancer...but its a disease not the word that is serious. Sorry if the word "cancer" triggers you, but like I said the disease kills not the word, it is merely a descriptive label to identify. I think you fully understand many words can be used for other meanings than what a majority of folks may use the word for. I for one do not like how the word "gay" is used in the last 50 years...but to each his own.
  14. Morpheous

    Who thought this up

    Didn't know your ship went 150 knots... trying not to laugh on your comment... for the number of games you've played that is pretty silly to think your ship can react faster than planes flying towards you...even if you KNEW they were coming straight for you. Care to time your reaction time once you spotted a flight of planes and KNEW they were coming at you, 20 seconds? (being generous here) Just how far do you think your ship can go in 20 seconds? sorry gonna laugh now LOL.
  15. Morpheous

    Who thought this up

    Cancer is a blight, an abnormal growth, unchecked, and counters to the disease are inadequate. Seems very appropriate for CVs. Sorry the actual word is painful to you, my personal experience is not with survival but death of loved ones, but the word didn't kill them.