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  1. Morpheous

    Mid-tier premium coal ship

    yeah Rodney probably did hit a stationary Bismark with a torpedo.... but there is a reason they did away with underwater torp launchers...they were very hard to aim, short range and just really not needed. Most nations with the advent of torpedo carrying warships, like DDs, realized that any BB with a torpedo launcher was a liability waiting to happen...RNG shell in torpedo room makes for a big bangs. Most of these ships had their torpedoes and/or launchers removed. I think Rodney never did because it was such a low priority once the war started...the Rodney was on convoy duty from day one and was in continual service for much of the war.
  2. Morpheous

    What's with all the early hydro use?

    Also I would add the early release of fighters from non CVs ships... many times I see a Captain launch a fighter seconds after the match starts...I used to ask "why" and the only answers I have ever gotten were " I have # of charges and I never use them all anyways" to which I reply..." hope you don't need them after the next 30 seconds, cause your going to be waiting for them to recharge"... but of course the player rarely comprehends...crazy but true. Also in the same category, launching torpedoes when it is literally impossible for enemy ship to be there.... I do not see the same abuses in radar though...crazy...but yes I see those hydros going off.. and sure if there is an enemy Shima and you have been playing for 2 minutes, and the Shima's torps are loaded, it may be beneficial to launch that hydro....
  3. Actually it is QUITE amazing what a couple of extra knots could do for certain ships...like those 32 knot CAs, that would be just a bit better at 34...and of course those 21knot BBs...23 would seem like the Indy 500
  4. Morpheous

    Really Tired of CVs

    Just working to make it better....
  5. Morpheous

    Really Tired of CVs

    Remove CVs, a simple and elegant solution!
  6. Now your just getting silly...good bye!
  7. Sounds great...kinda of distracting to look at seconds, then at mini map then at target.... been playing this game for years, but recently have been trying to be more "scientific" about my aiming rather than on just gut firing (which I think I can shoot well, but always room to improve)
  8. Donated...and you should too...! Thanks WG..this is really a long lasting thing here...WoWS may be dust someday, but the work WG has done to help with these ships could last for years! Well done!
  9. The problem here Abramms is you going Beyond the book...I am not debating the goal of destroying the US CVs, but your OPINION is not the opinion of the authors of this book. Your stating a conjectural followup to something that never happened and it would not have happened even all you stated happened. Nagumo had NO orders for a followup.. end of discussion. It may be an interesting hypothetical, and if your stating it that way then fine, you can say what you will, but it is not what would have happened...IF you read the book then you should not be projecting non existing orders that Nagumo never had. IF the Japanese really wanted Hawaii they would have invaded right after Pearl...but that was NOT their intent. I think they understood their capabilities better than you do...
  10. Read some history books, watch less movies... I would suggest only one that your really need, "Shattered Sword". Do you know how many troops were on Hawaii after Pearl? I guess not. Japanese had NO intent on taking Hawaii, they were literally incapable of doing it. Nagumo NEVER had orders to follow a fleet to Hawaii. BBs were inconsequential even by this stage of the war.
  11. Morpheous

    what the heck is this?

    was going to guess a graphics card issue right off!
  12. Morpheous

    Is there an ETA for Russian carriers?

    hopefully....never! Talk about paper ships...you could save a million trees by not making this line.
  13. Morpheous

    Military Month Contributer Flag

    Use Military monthly and Alpha on every ship that can hold two flags...good reason I have every tier 10 except CVs, French DD and Italian CA...and almost done with resetting 3 lines. Oh and just play to the second crate most days...so not like doing any epic grinding.
  14. UMM you have not read what I posted...it was to lure the CVs....
  15. If that Japanese wanted to take Pearl Harbor, they would have done it right away....never had the intention. The troops on Midway had plenty of time to prepare (concrete pillboxes, etc)...it really only had one practical beach to land on, and troops had to probably wade about 200 yards through a shallow lagoon... and would have been slaughtered. The Japanese only had the 4 CAs...assigned for shore bombardment. (US had BBs, CAs, massive air support and actual amphib landing craft and STILL took heavy losses against smaller garrisons than were on Midway) They had no forward observers trained for beach support, think about that. They only took Wake Island with overwhelming support...their first invasion attempt failed miserably and Wake had way less defenders and preparation. Hawaii was NEVER in danger of being invaded, US may have thought so at one time, but the Japanese knew they could never keep Hawaii supplied...they simply did not have the merchant fleet to do it. Midway would have been almost impossible to keep supplied as well if it would have fallen, which I seriously doubt it would have. You have to remember Japan was in a full blown war in China and trying to finish taking the south Pacific.