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  1. Morpheous

    Stay the course, let them give you the win

    It is always worth it to fight to the bitter end. Been a decent amount of games that with a couple of like minded players, you can turn the game around. The only games that are losses for sure is when the "cowards" (probably too strong a word for a video game, but can't seem to think of any thing else) or the demorolizers - "this game is over, look at their team, MM sucks" hold sway... throw in a couple of stat padders, and it is a disaster in the making.
  2. I keep trying to delete your account but it button doesn't work.... !! :)
  3. They are not Russian ships?? :)
  4. Eight stars of gold on a field of blue Alaska's flag. May it mean to you The blue of the sea, the evening sky, The mountain lakes, and the flow'rs nearby; The gold of the early sourdough's dreams, The precious gold of the hills and streams; The brilliant stars in the northern sky, The "Bear," the "Dipper," and, shining high, The great North Star with its steady light, O'er land and sea a beacon bright. Alaska's flag to Alaskans dear, The simple flag of a last frontier.
  5. Morpheous

    Time to buff CVs

    Do have to say the Mushy and Yami took around this many torp his and many bombs...but most BBs probably not. CVs are borderline OP right now, If you play higher tier games, it is very rare to see 3 DDs in a game like back in the day...now 1-2 DDs is the norm...why? High tier CV players can and do hit DDs fairly easy w rockets, pretty well with bombs and yeah even w torps and it takes a lot less hits to sink them BUT the main problem is the DD gets spotted and usually that is the end of them due to massive gunfire. I figure the OP here has not played high tier CVs... the only CVs that are marginally ineffective are T8 CVs vs T9/10s Low tier CVs have great advantage in that most lower tier ships have zero to very bad AA. BUT we can delete them from the game and these types of statements and questions just GO AWAY.... remove CVs a simple and elegant solution.
  6. Morpheous

    USS Arizona 'salvaged' wreckage

    Good information...never knew this...thanks!
  7. oooooh yes so much this... I made this argument very early on when Roma first came out...why oh why were the secondaries soooo sucky...they should not fire as fast as the Germans, but same range....
  8. Morpheous

    Ocean Map!

    yeah got it last night...you should have heard the wails on one end and the joy on the other end...and a very fun match!! So refreshing not to have to watch for islands, or ships behind islands or island magnets eating shells or.....
  9. yeah starting to be way more wary of smolilander in smoke :)
  10. As an Italian navy fan, I have been moderately disappointed with all the ships except the Cesare, and now the Venzia (makes the Italian CA climb worth it) I would not call Roma junk by any means. Yes she overpens way too much and her dispersion is off...both areas need to be tightened up. One thing the Roma does have going for her, is many times those overpens turn into citadels. Really few ships are safe, even tanking, from Roma shells. I find much satisfaction in citadelling tanking BBs, they must go "wth?!". With 151 games in her, I find her better than every T8 BB, depending on the situation...in close prefer a Bis or Trip, holding a flank, NC or Lenin, (but Roma does well here) running a flank, Amagi or Roma. A kiting Roma is pretty tough ship, and even close those weird guns blast through all sorts of armor. BUT I am with you... the secondaries really need some love, dispersion absolutely and yes, the fuse time.... IN RL the Roma was a marvel, most naval studies would put her above the Bismark in every category, guns, speed and even armor. Very much a beastly set of ships. But alas it seems the Italian will get the short end with their CAs too, tier 7 on up should have much better armor...sigh
  11. Morpheous

    Another ship setting sail...

    A fairly thankless job...I am on the forums every day and it never ceases to amaze me that some folks are paid to put up with us...but payment is not enough for some of the situations that Mods find themselves in, not because of who they are but who they represent (because you can't please everyone) Best of luck in your future endeavors.
  12. The regrind has been a blast for me, and I was for it when it was proposed. When one has all the T10s, except the class that should not be in the game, there is little incentive to play many games anymore...but with the NTC it has refreshed the game for me and offered a significant reward. It is a NICE reward for the MANY players that have put money and time into this game. And to say that players were clearly and unequivocally against this idea is absurd. ( you may want to look up unequivocally in the dictionary as it is not being used correctly here) As for the UUs being in the NTC that may be another issue, but depending on their cost, say 5k or even 10k, then every player by resetting one line will get 1-2 modules with some effort, and as in my case, maybe a whole lot of fun. If someone is a " i only want to play for free player" then I have some sympathies, but it is a chosen path. WG is in the profit making business, no one compels a person to spend money, so if WG indirectly rewards those who spend money and time, is there really a gripe? FYI for any one reading this...the Bismark's demise has been greatly exaggerated. The new improved dispersion is a real improvement. Lutjens on brawling BBs is a blast. And still many players have no idea how to combat a charging Bismark....it has been a lot fun that I would probably not have experienced unless I reset the line.
  13. Yup did the same... not OCD at all, but just in case I forget later...who knows what could be going on in my life in a few months. :)
  14. Morpheous

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    All I can say is I finally got Venzia yesterday and had a 140k game followed by a 120k game out of the gate, and am finally a bit satisfied with Italian CAs... Brindisi was okay, but flat out was more fragile than a Nep. My Brindisi was detonated twice full health in my tier climb, once with a det flag, both time full health. I think I have been detonated once full health in the Nep. Venzia at least feels like she can take a hit, or two....
  15. It is so we can have amazing Russian (Soviet) Medium tanks, umm er ships Comrade.