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  1. Morpheous

    Torpedo arming distance

    Usually the few times I got under the arming distance, the ships are moving close to parallel and time you turn, they are past...its actually kinda hard to ram if passing unless you intend to do it :) I only ram if my team is clearly losing the game or I am very low on HP and the other guy is not, and it would benefit my team to take this guy out.
  2. Morpheous

    What premium ships do you have?

    Too many!! Too much money spent on this game...good news I don't think they will put out another Premium, that I say " I must have!"
  3. Morpheous

    Hood: Yes please or thanks anyway?

    One of my favorite premiums. Fast, good turret arcs, decent armor, and good on the angle. Fairly accurate guns soon to be more accurate. I would have been FINE with no changes in her. I 1v1 TWO Colorados, one right after the other, one was full hp and one close...I had 75 % hp and finished the engagement with almost a third hp left (used two heals) Not saying the COs were played all that well, but this is what the Hood CAN do. Her AA against planes is insane with the consumable, but takes good timing to use...I don't buff the AA, but it would make her AA sick... Her HE shells are okay, but I almost never use HE...almost always AP on my BBs unless its a real firestarter ship. This ship is not boring, not sure why anyone would say this...she is NOT the PE, and as a side note I am averaging over 60k damage in my PE...guess I just love those Battlecruisers...fit my style. I build her for durability and rudder shifts for even better maneuver though some may use propulsion mod...I may check that out sometime.
  4. Morpheous

    Torpedo arming distance

    You can get under their arming distance at short distance....turn hard into the launcher and you might miss a couple...just did it a couple of days ago in a BB (Cesare, which helped) Arm distance isn't much...l its about the beam distance of a BB and in game that is pretty tight.
  5. Morpheous


    Remove CVs, should not be in the game. Simple and elegant. Has created way more problems than any other issue in WoWS...get a clue WG, historically a dominating class and should never have been integrated into a surface ship warfare game. (at least WG realized subs would suck...right?) Radar is next...but some small fixes on the horizon...thanks for that!
  6. Game will be fixed when CVs are out of the equation. I have no doubt the unicom players will rise up if they continue to play and be dominate forces if not opposed by an equal force...some physics at work here :) I predict we will not have World of Warships, but World of Dodging and Dancing ships....who get off a broadside or two between almost constant air attacks....AND this caters to the potato/poor player, who sits in the back with whatever ship he is in and dies last, so overall game play will diminish. I will also predict this will cause the average player to become more tentative, especially at T9/10...thus going back to a the camping meta that I think the higher tiers finally had shaken off this last year. Dire predictions? We will see.
  7. Morpheous

    "You're playing to win" - Overload. Rant.

    Okay makes sense now why I have seen some crazy DD play of late...don't have the PE missions so unaware...
  8. Morpheous

    I just click with the Chapayev

    Wanted to love the Chappy, but for some reason it was one of my worst Russian CAs....
  9. well the good news I am better than mediocre!!!!...good luck your your stat hunt.
  10. Morpheous

    Exeter T5 premium?

    Exeter is a LIGHT heavy cruiser, with torpedoes. She will be powerful ship at Tier 5, will be the best CA at that tier. Probably should be Tier 6 base on displacement. 6x8' guns will be fun at T5 :) Would be too weak at T7
  11. I do like to say Shiny Horse and Nice Canoe are BCs...its the speed and light guns that make me always want to say this...but as stated German sources and Jane's Fighting Ships 1940 edition list them as Battleships....they had the armor of a BB, but guns and speed of a BC. I have decided with much kicking and screaming to bow to Janes.
  12. Incorrect. This was plunging hit. Don't give any credence to how you think shells operate based on WoWS...its a flawed meta game. 380mm shells don't skip off of deck armor....maybe 8' shells or light bombs. Hood's belt armor was designed to deflect horizontal shells, that is why she was vulnerable to a 18k plunging shot that also get her as she was turning...so her BROADSIDE armor was not fully utilized...would have bounced in WoWS lol lol
  13. The Hood was not armored all around, had different thickness her deck armor, or not at all. This was to give her the speed...she was built to be a Battlecruiser, and in no way was classified as anyone as a Battleship. Bismark didn't need the luck though she got it. Her angled armor was to deflect straight on broadside shots (which caused several WWI BC's to detonate), and this made her MORE vulnerable to plunging fire...and right as she was angling to bring all four turrets to bear she was hit at about a 30 degree angle...which of course would be a BOUNCE in WoWS LOL...but in RL it was a plunging shell that hit her 4 inch gun magazine (not torpedoes, they had been removed) that caused a flash fire and explosion...the fire flashed again and probably detonated the powder magazine. This lifted her stern out of the water and caused the bow third of the ship to actually break from the stress, which probably caused what seemed to be Hood's final salvo, but in reality was flash fires breaching through the broken deck. When they found the Hood the bow section area damage was not caused by explosion, but stress (also this was the reconstructed torpedo magazine...so some internal original bracing was removed). So yes some luck, but Hood would have need lots of luck to beat the Bismark, much better armored, newer design etc. POW would have been more of a help, but she was brand new and literally could not fire one of her 4 gun turrets due to maintenance issues etc. The Tier system has it right...Hood T7 Bismark T8 One v One in WoWS and Bismark beats Hood most of the time...but with some luck and skill Hood may come out on top. BTW I love BCs!!! Hood, Dunkerque, Amagi, Kongo class etc., and those fast BBs...yeah baby!
  14. Morpheous

    Is this game no longer worth playing Solo?

    Tell you one thing...don't tell anyone if your on a nice streak of playing.... you will wreck it sure as.... just happened...two weeks of very good play, then mentioned it..topped off with a 156k game in Okt Rev...then just crap last two games...would like to blame the team...can on a few...but mainly just playing bad and getting stuck in some bad situations....so the game is like professional baseball...you can go in slumps...not sure why it happens, but it does...the Pros can't tell you why either...
  15. Morpheous

    PEF and ZERO damage Pens

    I dunno, but I sure had some PEFs hitting my Cesare very well...at range and doing some real good damage... I hear folks cry about this ship a lot...but I get out there and it seems to be a tough enough opponent...I don't have mine yet...sigh.