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  1. Morpheous

    Italians are coming!

    I wouldn't go that far, I can still have some nice games with the Roma...even if uptiered I play her as a Heavy CA and she's a CA killer. In her tier I would take her over a Bismark or even an NC. The Vlad is growing on me but I don't like her near as much as my Roma. Haven't shot up a Vlad in my Roma, but I bet her guns are some of the best of the tier to pen that armor. Her downfall is accuracy, which is a needed boost to offset the over pens. Overpens with bad dispersion makes her tougher to do damage. But there have been times where I have gotten like 2-3 citadels on enemy BBs.
  2. Morpheous

    Italians are coming!

    Well I have waited for Italians, and will be happy to get them in some form. As a student of Italian Warships to some degree here is how I would like to see them. Italian DDs would be fast, lighter armored and generally like other DDs. CA should be Fast, lightly armored except Zara/Bolzano, which for the time, were some of the best CAs of the day. I think you can make a very strong argument for Zara at T8, I also agree its a Hipper roughly. I think the best gimmick for the Italians would be variable range/ speed torpedoes which have some historical precedent. Up the 12k torps to say 60 knots, add a 16k torp at 50 knots, 8K torps at 65 and say a 6k torp at 70 Would be fun, you could change it in game and it would make the line very enjoyable to play. The "fast" smoke, could be good for a quick break away, which again would be a more HISTORICAL approach to smoke, rather than the "lets sit in the smoke an shoot" non-historical meta. For the Heavy CAs with no torps tier (Zara class) have the guns have better pen w the velo, turn away smoke. All the other CAs would have the speed, and variable torps. Could be lots of fun! The Roma class need to be fixed...better dispersion at the least. Most sources of info compare a Roma as equal or even better than a Bismark (extra barrel, very good armor and speed) and slightly inferior to NC so its a great fit at T8 and should perform better there. (Richelieu was considered superior to these ships) Maybe the Italian BBs should be good conceal, good armor, fast, High velo guns.....the contrast would be ok AA, ok secondaries, okay heal (poor DC trained personal) should balance, no gimmicks
  3. Morpheous

    Smolensk vs Yoshino

    and you best be careful... not saying you can't, but one mistake and its a citadel. I was fighting a Yosh with a Zao and yeah he was starting fires, but I hit him twice at very long range with AP and two cits made up for it quite nicely. I have no doubt that I would enjoy the ship as I like the challenge, but it is a high floor, mid ceiling ship... not sure if I am wrong, but a good comparison would be the regular Japanese T9 CA?
  4. Morpheous

    Yoshi impressions

    I love seeing them...good for some citadel hits :)
  5. Morpheous

    Smolensk vs Yoshino

    I love seeing Yoshinos, they are super squishy.... I wouldn't get one unless I had nothing else to buy.
  6. Morpheous

    Sinop...Fire Prevention or Concealment first?

    Sinops are tough customers, so folks tend to try and burn them down...and its a good move...so fire protection is a must. I usually like CE for my BBs, but I have been moving to FP for all but US and Britain.
  7. Morpheous

    100% WR achieved in Sprint 5

    I think I ran into the OPs Mahan and was surprised how well it did, was not thinking of playing a Mahan at all, but saw a decent amount of them out there...and less Shira than I thought would be out there.
  8. Morpheous

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    Used the Indy myself for some games...I found it to be a good counter to the Belfast. It is a tough ship to play as one BB salvo can end you.
  9. Player imposed label...the customer is paying the bills, so if that is what we "want" then WG should tailor the game to that end. WG is constantly tailoring the game. Of course its limiting, it should be. CVs do not belong in a game with surface ships unless its a CV game. CV game.. manage flights, bomb enemy ships (bots) Surface fleets rarely if ever meet. THAT is a CV game. These games DO not MIX well! That is WHY we are having so much problem with CV rework. The game is complex enough as far as the programming goes...it does a decent job except for the horrid meta introduced that somehow bow on or angled ships have better armor than broadside targets...which IS almost a reason NOT to play this game. But I enjoy it enough, and CVs have been nerfed enough that they are not dominating battles like before, though you can't keep unicom players down, they will have their impact on the game regardless of which ship they drive. WG may have created the game to be a certain way...guess what they made a mistake and its a hard one, if not impossible one to fix because quite simply CVs do not belong in this type of game. Make a CV game and its all good. Want some evidence I am right? Scroll through the REAMS of post on CVs.... there should be zero...because CVs should not be in this type of game, same with subs (too slow, not tactical elements...should be in a convoy (strategic) hunting sub game). Since WG says they read EVERY post... here is THE CV solution . YOU have proved you can make fun and engaging games WITHING the existing game. Rogue wave has been a blast...Kudos. NOW remove CVs stick them into a CV game within this game... players can keep their CVs, you can have 4 players to a side, increase the complexity of CV operations, have bot ships they have to protect and enemies they have to kill and wow you could have a gold mine on your hands...now CV players can go to this game mode, you WILL sell more CVs...I would probably play it!!! Remove CVs from regular play, create a CV mode game, a SIMPLE (well I yeah I know it would require a lot of work) and ELEGANT ( for sure, you owe me a T10 Premium CV for the idea) solution.
  10. I detest CVs in the game everyone knows it by now, and I have good reasons for it....but with that said, my analyses is this: T10s are still very dangerous and can pretty much wreck your day no matter what ship you are in if you are alone...and that happens enough, especially mid to late game, that good to superior players tend to tip the game in their favor if their opponent is not good...no change since CVs have been in the game (granted it was worse back in the day...Midway with jets..ummmyeah) Tier 8 in their own tiers are pretty good, in T10 battles...well I feel a bit sorry for them, just a bit. T6 CVs same story. T4 CVs seem pretty balanced...can annoy you, but don't wreck your SURFACE COMBAT experience. :)
  11. Subs would be just as a bad of an idea...again a strategic fleet unit trying to be wedged into a tactical surface combat game. My input is immensely realistic (how many planes in the major SURFACE actions of WWI and WWII? Bismark comes to mind, but say "Midway or Coral Sea " these are CV actions) and the practical application of removing CVs would have saved WG probably a few million dollars, and saved a TON of public time in angst from both sides of the argument.
  12. Morpheous

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    Yup they are a real problem to consider. Not a prob in ranked with the Sims, but when in my Duca I have hit friendlies a few times...its is almost unavoidable in some part in pubs...ranked a bit easier, less ships to keep track of.
  13. Morpheous

    Ranked out in an Underated ship

    I played the Sims a lot, and would have played an Abruzzi if I had one... I LOVE the water mines... even better in an Abruzzi, folks just are not expecting torps out that far...and reloads pretty quick on both ships. I bedeviled a Belfast that was trying to protect a cap...hit him 5 times in about 4 different salvoes....since they are so slow, I was in a very different position to fire torps again... so I bet you had fun, and I did see ONE Abruzzi the whole time I ranked out... might have been you!
  14. Morpheous


    Love my Georgia... OP think of the Georgia as a big fat CA...how would you play her? Stay at range, use your speed, don't show broadsides if you can help it to other BBs, use your speed to PUSH a DD and kill it (great fun) and IF you have to you can brawl an enemy T9/10 BB, but not if they are at full health...you will probably lose that match. I play her like I would play a Battlecruiser...player her like an Alaska, Kongo, Ashitaka, Alsace or even an Iowa...an Iowa has to be careful out there, and you gotta be a bit more observant in a Georgia...takes a good amount of games to get real good in her...and she's fun!
  15. Remove CVs, a simple and elegant solution!