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  1. FinalRealm

    Poorly done camouflages

    Yes I agree. Looking at the collaboration done for High School Fleet specifically the Harekaze you can see that they choose to put effort in some collabs but not others. Here is a picture of the Harekaze from my port. There are a few things to note. Instead of life boats they are replaced by jet skies accurate to the anime. Mast mounts communication and radar devices similar to the anime WG even went as far as to make American gun equipment available on it similar to how it was outfitted in the final episodes of the anime.
  2. I can't believe I didn't notice these coverups while playing the ship. When equipping AL Belfast camouflage on Belfast, you can still see the spot where the Union Jack is suppose to be on B turret. It is just a white square. On AL Littorio you can see the spot where "Roma" would have gone. It still also retains the little symbol there. This somewhat makes sense because AL LIttorio is a clone of Roma. When AL Formidable camouflage is applied to Indomitable, you can still see the name "Indomitable" inscribed on the rear. It is just painted over white with the rest of it. I understand that they may have overlooked these during the development process of the camouflages for cost. It's just crazy that I've played so many matches in these ships and haven't noticed until I zoomed in on them in port.
  3. So I just noticed after buying the Azur Lane collab bundles (Yes, I did blow a portion of a paycheck on it) that there is camouflage for Atago, but no voiced commander. I was wondering if anyone knows why this is. Also can someone tell me if there was once an AL commander and camouflage for Kaga, because I swear I've heard her voice during a match before. Lastly, they gave the commanders and camouflages for Nelson and Enterprise, but we have no way of getting those ships right now. Hopefully we can earn those ships at a later time.
  4. I don't know if I'm just not looking for it hard enough, but in the update notes, it says Nagato got a Castle Permanent Camo. I cannot find it though. In the ships camo tab there is nothing and in the armory I can't find anything either. I can see the new permanent Owl camo for Ragnar in the armory though.
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