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  1. SteveStevenson

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    I'm super dismayed by these facts, particularly because we end up ignoring the pre-dreadnought and early dreadnought history. I wonder if making low tier operations based on those great historical battles premium content would change WGs mind on things. Low tier operations would also remove the problems with aircraft and AA the game is currently having by virtue of them not existing at the time or not existing enough to influence anything meaningfully at the time. I'd pay good money to have Jutland, Heligoland Bight, the destruction of the German Eastern squadron in the Falklands, a Dardanelles scenario, and some Russo-Japanese war operations, along with the premium ships that go with them. Lots of ways to encourage and monetize low tier gameplay, I believe, that aren't being investigated seriously enough.
  2. SteveStevenson

    Which Tier 9 Would You Buy? And Why?

    Did I miss something? What ship this be???
  3. SteveStevenson

    Atago torpedoes are useless

    Hey man, I'd like to introduce you to @LittleWhiteMouse, reviewer of premium ships. She takes the time to review just about every premium ship in the game in time for you to make a decision before any purchase. You can also check youtube for results of other's playtest reviews. As to Atago, she can be a very powerful cruiser if you rig her for stealth (concealment can get down to 9.1KM which gives you a very small stealth torpedo window), and focus on landing your damage in bursts at range with her HE shells. If you fire, then make some turns away to avoid return fire, your stealth bloom will go down again in 20 seconds, by which time your guns will be loaded again and you can pick on someone and stack some fires on them. This type of thing tends to frustrate battleships and other cruisers, who will then chase you. If you can bait them into a chase, you will gain a touch more distance to use your torpedoes with since they'll be entering the range rather than running, in which case even a single hit can be enough to do them in if you've been setting them on fire and landing decent damage with the HE shells. What she isn't set up to do, based on armor profile, gun handling, or steering responsiveness, is get in close and fight with anyone. If that's your thing, I'd say check out Prinz Eugen, since she has a bit better armor for close in fighting, better torpedoes for a brawl, sonar of better quality to deal with destroyers, and a little bit better gun handling to get those turrets around in a hurry. Just don't expect any cruiser in this game to last long against a battleship in a brawl, since hit points won't last long against a few citadels getting landed. Good luck with the rest of the game.
  4. SteveStevenson

    A tier 8 New Mexico Type ship

    Sounds like it will be Ashitaka but slow and tanky. I like it.
  5. SteveStevenson

    New Ship Class/Tree Monitors

    Much like submarines, they would fit in nicely to this game if it ever decided to take a PvE missions mode more seriously than it has. They're too much of a mess for PvP, however.
  6. SteveStevenson

    0.9.8 Dockyard : Anchorage! + new premium!

    I wish they'd done Oklahoma as built at tier 5, with a bunch of secondaries and terrible/no AA similar to the Arkansas Beta. The only good thing I see from this is it makes Tier VI USS Nevada post-refit look increasingly likely.
  7. SteveStevenson

    Why couldn't you be bothered WG with AL Littorio

    What's amazing is that here we are, obviously connected to the internet, and completely unable to do the most minuscule amount of research before saying something so completely wrong.
  8. SteveStevenson

    California Release

    I vote all save dispersion improvement, just for the reason that 12 14" rifles is still a LOT of firepower to come down on a cruiser of any tier.
  9. SteveStevenson

    Odin or Tirpitz?

    I have avoided taking Manual Control for Secondaries for this reason on Massachusetts and Georgia (especially since it doesn't really synergize with anything else on the USN line), but I usually use it on my German BB captains. Is Manual Control going to stop being worth the points it costs with more ships? Will it be worth it with Odin?
  10. I suggested something like this a while back. I like the idea of differentiation more than a simple buff, having a ship you can kit out more than one way is a fun diversion.
  11. SteveStevenson

    Premium Ship Review #143 - Orkan

    I'm doing a secondary build Orkan and captain out of sheer autism. I wish they made the secondary battery module available to her so I can sit back and let the 102mm gun conduct open water stealth fire with some room to play with.
  12. SteveStevenson

    Military photos taken at just the right moment

    My tank at gunnery in 2016, Orchard Combat Training Center, Idaho:
  13. SteveStevenson

    Pan-Asian BB!

    Would love to see what kind of differentiation she gets from regular Izumo. I always thought it would have been cool to get her with all the 5" DP mounts AND the 3 6.1" turrets and a boosted secondary capacity of some kind.
  14. Well, Midway and Coral Sea of that class were named after battles, but if you mean Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the class, then yes.
  15. SteveStevenson

    California HYPE

    I was completely unaware that California was finalized and declared balanced and set for release. I wonder if there was some measure WG could undertake to see if anything needed to be adjusted to see if she was a playable competitor as-is at tier 7?