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  1. SteveStevenson

    Pan-Asian BB!

    Would love to see what kind of differentiation she gets from regular Izumo. I always thought it would have been cool to get her with all the 5" DP mounts AND the 3 6.1" turrets and a boosted secondary capacity of some kind.
  2. Well, Midway and Coral Sea of that class were named after battles, but if you mean Franklin Delano Roosevelt of the class, then yes.
  3. SteveStevenson

    California HYPE

    I was completely unaware that California was finalized and declared balanced and set for release. I wonder if there was some measure WG could undertake to see if anything needed to be adjusted to see if she was a playable competitor as-is at tier 7?
  4. Sinop is just awful for SAP because she has so little superstructure and thin strips of armor that the SAP can pen. You just really drew a bad matchup for the strengths of your ship vs the enemy ship.
  5. SteveStevenson

    RNG in a Nutshell

    You do have to pay, but it's a $5 lifetime membership and the site updates as often as new versions are out for testing. It's a pretty useful site.
  6. SteveStevenson

    Forum dark theme can be unusable

    Yes. I love dark theme but some posts come in completely unreadable. When on a PC, I can counter this by highlighting the text, but that's not available on Mobile platforms.
  7. SteveStevenson

    I want to BUY STEEL

    Curiosity strikes, where is that line?
  8. SteveStevenson

    I've Seen This Ship a Few Times in the Last Two Days

    Nothing is big enough of a carrot to make me sell and then re-grind an entire line. I wish the system instead had ship tier restricted missions to accomplish to encourage lower tier gameplay without the whole "get rid of your entire line" nonsense. We'd still have to either purchase a premium of the correct tier and type or buy the tech tree ship and maybe a port slot and/or new captain, but I'd get to keep the Tier 7, 8, 9, and 10 that I enjoy playing or need for Ranked and Clan Battles.
  9. SteveStevenson

    Unsinkable Sam---too cute.

    I was hoping that Unsinkable Sam would be the captain you got with the bundle.
  10. SteveStevenson

    The Black needs some serious help

    Above in bold is the flaw in the argument, that the player population of Black is of higher skill than average. It has been around for long enough and cost in steel is low enough that the playerbase for it has shifted to average, as people without supreme skill can grind enough steel (and have had the time do so) to earn her easily. Black is still a strong ship, having smoke and radar at T9 in a DD is a strong combo, and having a radar range that exceeds concealment means you can scare a rival DD off the cap with a little finesse. The torps are memes, but few people know how to correctly use them for area denial and are obsessed with kill shots instead. Fletcher's gunpower and concealment with worse torps and turning, but you get radar still make for a great time.
  11. SteveStevenson

    California HYPE

    nah man, you haven't been able to communicate your position effectively. That's not a reading comprehension failure on my part.
  12. Do you think they might be releasing gun stats for SuperTest ships lower than the devs actually think they should be so people aren't crying about nerfs? So if the ship proves less than efficient during testing, it can get a sigma boost and people won't lose their minds in the comments like they do when the stat is lowered due to excessive efficiency?
  13. SteveStevenson

    California HYPE

    If that's the argument you intend to make, then I guess? You really haven't communicated anything well aside from your initial statement about the holes being too low on the ship, which is disproved.
  14. SteveStevenson

    California HYPE

    Cool. Now articulate what argument you intend for this illustration to support.
  15. SteveStevenson

    California HYPE

    I really hope just money.