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  1. Holy crap I have messed that up. For some reason I had it in my head that these were going to be automatic missions or challenges, not a campaign.... Yeah I know I should read closer, but life has been hectic. I'm almost tempted to buy the Gascan to just to finish it in time, but that seems like I would be playing right into WG's hand lol.
  2. Mostly free Xp and premium time for me, but last night I did get 2500 Doubloons. Pretty stoked.
  3. Okt. Revo. Nerf ?

    This ship is fun no doubt and if people aren't paying attention, especially in a broadside cruiser, they are asking for a paddling. However if you are not top tier you best be using that concealment because a higher tier battleship is going to smoke you. I actually think that WG did a really nice job balancing this ship, it's strong but not broken and is genuinely fun to play.
  4. Hood as a trainer?

    Thanks for the feedback guys, I've been playing around with RN battleships and so far I don't mind them. If I decide to run down the line I think I'll pick up Hood for training purposes.
  5. Hood as a trainer?

    I'm just curious how people are feeling about the Hood as their RN trainer as opposed to the Warspite? I've been more drawn to the Hood but I know it got mixed reviews. In general I want a ship that I can train up captains but also enjoy taking out to battle in.
  6. I took the Kamikaze out last night, as did many others as the BBs in queue hit 99. Without many cruisers to screen them, those poor battleships were eating torps and playing torpedo beats all night long. Super fun though. Best moment was when the only two players left were CV's...who were out of planes..and ours tried to ram the other for the win.. Slow motion hilarity.