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  1. Fighter835

    Two for the price of one.

    I didn't, at least not yet That being said, I got a SC with 1k dubs in it, so I'm a happy camper!
  2. Fighter835

    Ohio and other research and steel ships

    Yeah... No. Ohio X 218,521 98,966 1.01 4.43 56.31% The second number is the avg. damage per game, and with a 56% win rate to boot, it's a GOOD ship.
  3. Fighter835

    Finally got ships from SC

    That's an awesome haul from the SCs, grats.
  4. Fighter835

    When are you getting new servers WG?

    Yep, been getting "server overloaded" messages for months now. Probably 1 in 10 battles, mostly randoms but also happens in coop and op.
  5. Fighter835

    A New Ship joins the fleet

    Grats on getting a free ship, always nice
  6. Fighter835

    New Lighthouse Auction

    No one is talking about the fact that you can now bid premium time, that's kind of interesting.
  7. Fighter835

    1 Million FXP

    I would sit on it and perhaps use it to get a Research Bureau ship, the selection there is much better.
  8. Fighter835

    No Depth Charge on Leone?

    Yep, intentional. Devs stated it's for "balance". rofl
  9. Fighter835

    Manual Secondary Skill for BBs - Misleading Info

    WG probably figured the description is good enough and left it be.
  10. All the more reason to give us better secondaries, at least on some of the new ships still in testing.
  11. Excellent post, I hope WG is listening (they're not).
  12. Well that's just cool, always wanted that ship
  13. Fighter835

    The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    My solution to The Bad was to simply never switch captains. All my ships have their own and I never switch them, the more I play the more I level them up.