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  1. No, Yamato is acceptable in its current configuration.
  2. Nope. Just saying it could be worse.
  3. I mean, we've got what, six Gnevny clones now?
  4. Not really a big fan of banning things just because some people are upset about them.
  5. Montana Over-buffed?

    Let's pretend that every single person in the US (~320m people) plays one match in the Conqueror at some point in the past two weeks. If we took a random sampling of just ~16,640 results and averaged them out, we would be 99% certain that that value would be +/-1% of the actual average. 19k battles is an absolutely massive sample size, it is more than accurate enough to allow us to draw conclusions. This is simple statistics, you don't get to just hand wave results away just because they don't fit what you want to believe.
  6. Montana Over-buffed?

    No it isn't. All of the samples are more than large enough to be accurate. If the Conqueror had only 1k games played I'd be concerned about how a few players (good or bad) could be skewing the stats, but 19k is beyond sufficient to make comparisons with. The fact that the other samples are larger means that their uncertainty is less, but it does not make the Conqueror sample invalid.
  7. Montana Over-buffed?

    I see no issue with that because there is no issue with it. Given that the smallest sample listed was a bit over 19k battles, I'm confident that the values for all ships are accurate enough to ensure meaningful comparison.
  8. Montana Over-buffed?

    Yes. And?
  9. Montana Over-buffed?

    And? A larger sample size means it's more likely that those samples are accurate rather than being skewed by some sort of sampling error.
  10. It does nothing of the sort; if you don't have LOS and there's terrain in the way, the X gets placed on the terrain instead of the water behind it. This mod doesn't let you do anything that you couldn't already do with skill.
  11. No. If the spot you're trying to shoot at is obstructed by terrain, you're not going to be able to hit it with this mod because your guns will assume you're trying to shoot the terrain. You will be able to do so with a spotter plane because it changes your view perspective to clear the terrain. This mod is literally not as good as the spotter plane.
  12. Shame on this french event

    There is another set of free container missions coming on Friday.
  13. You probably shouldn't want to use warships.today anyway because it directly contradicts your assertion. The Minekaze is, on every server, either first or second in win rate. Mutsuki isn't last on any server either.