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  1. Dianeces

    USS Georgia Model - Man those guns are longgggg

    No. You haven't been blocked from anything. You have voluntarily chosen not to participate in the battles for which steel is a reward. This is a subtle but important difference.
  2. Your claim is baseless and without merit. Since this thread is discussing cruisers, let's examine the performance of cruisers to demonstrate why you're wrong. For this exercise, we'll examine all non-premium cruisers at every tier. We're going to exclude premium ships for two reasons. First, some of them (such as the Stalingrad or Iwaki Alpha) are only available to a small portion of the boats population and thus cannot be directly compared to tech tree ships which are available to all; secondly, Wargaming has thus far never directly nerfed an overperforming premium ship and they have only sparingly buffed underperforming premiums, leading to some premium ships which are problematic now but would have been adjusted had they been of the tech tree. The Soviet cruiser line is, in general, a little bit better than the Japanese one, yes. However, if your theory were true, this would be an immensely inept implementation of the sort of systemic bias you're accusing Wargaming of. Furthermore, I don't know if you picked up on this, but there are nearly as many tiers (five, to be exact) where the French cruiser is clearly the best of its tier as there are tiers where the Soviet cruiser is better than its Japanese counterpart. There is not a single tier where the Soviet cruiser is clearly the best at its tier, which is kinda strange for a company which is accused of favoring Soviet ships over all others. Your ridiculous conspiracy theory is mostly based on the fact that Wargaming, a company founded in Belarus and currently headquartered in Cyprus, is somehow more interested in making the country it used to be a part of happy than it is in making a balanced game that makes them more money. Imagine trying to accuse a Canadian company of having an English bias simply because they used to be an English colony. That is equally as preposterous as what you are suggesting.
  3. Dianeces

    We Need Italian Tech Tree Lines!

    No. Carriers in this game are considered a type of carrier. The CV designation predates this game by about 100 years. The origin of the CV designation lies in the fact that early carriers performed duties similar to the more conventional cruisers of the time, i.e. scouting, screening, and the like. It wasn't until the advent of what might be considered the earliest "modern" carrier aircraft (all-metal skins, single wings, relatively powerful engines) in the early 1930s, and the consequent increase in strike potential thereof, that the CV's ability to seriously threaten other surface combatants starts to become apparent.
  4. Good. They shouldn't waste any of their time trying to shoehorn subs into this game.
  5. The Flint, Black, and Stalingrad all have good stats because of the manner in which they are (or were) acquired. It used to be that the only way to acquire the Flint was to rank out in three separate seasons of Ranked. Because of the way in which Ranked works, there is a player skill floor (technically two, but the second one isn't important to this discussion) below which it is impossible to rank out; you simply cannot acquire enough stars to offset the number that you lose. Because of this floor, access to those ships was previously denied to a large portion of the players in the bottom half of the performance spectrum. If you took any tech tree ship and similarly chopped out most of the lowest performing owners, you would see a similar pattern. The introduction of steel and the addition of those reward ships to the arsenal has shifted that lower limit down somewhat, so I suspect that if someone were to compare the stats of these ships between now and about six months ago, you would see a downward trend since those changes were made. It is now theoretically possible for even the worst player in the game to acquire any of these ships simply by having a clan carry them to a sufficient number of clan battles victories; the fact that it might take approximately forever to earn enough steel for the Stalingrad this way is relevant, but it also suggest that the more time goes on, the more the stats for these ships will normalize downwards.
  6. Dianeces

    Giulio Cesare not viable at Tier 6

    You of all people should know that the plural of anecdote is not data.
  7. Dianeces

    Are Russian BBs Over Powered at the moment?

    They have methods of collecting feedback; none of those methods are listening to uninformed people on the forums who haven't played the ships in question.
  8. No. Missouri was a mistake. I'm not super thrilled about the Soviet BBs getting radar, but at least it's a half-baked, semi-useless version thereof. Every time WG adds cruiser consumables to ships which are not cruisers, they devalue the utility and value of having those cruisers present.
  9. When Wargaming makes its teams, they're not sending their best. They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with them. They're broadsiding. They're sailing in straight lines. They're potatoes. And some, I assume, are decent players.
  10. @Pigeon_of_War Whatever system you guys used to figure out who was affected is flawed. I spent all day yesterday unable to log in because of a "You have been disconnected from the server" error, but apparently I wasn't affected.
  11. Dianeces

    Why does every new ship need to have radar?

    The Alaska has a 2.2km window between its radar range and its detection range; if you are having problems with the radar on the Alaska, it is operator error.
  12. Dianeces

    Italian Battleship Guinio Bruto

  13. It doesn't do anything to fix the Azuma's problems, but it's not like they just removed the cruiser accuracy without giving it anything in return. It's still going to be overmatched on every part of the ship by virtually every single BB it faces and another charge of Repair Party isn't going to fix that.
  14. Correct, but not complete. You left out the part where it gained Hydro and an extra base charge of Repair Party. It would be more correct to say that they announced a change to Azuma this morning.