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  1. If boats is anything like tanks (and given how bad the average player is, it's exactly like tanks), any clan that advertises in randoms isn't the sort of clan you should want to be a part of. So why would you want to get rid of people voluntarily telling you which clans not to join?
  2. Looks like you'll be waiting a while.
  3. Hi there. Welcome to the thread. I'd invite you to read more than just the first post. Or not, I'm not your supervisor.
  4. This probably would have been better received if I had put that in the OP, and that's on me; but the attitude of "there's nothing to be done" as if MM is some sort of sentient program that created itself and not something that Wargaming can adjust really irritates me. I don't care for dump matches, but I can deal with them if there's a decent number of players. I like your idea. I think I remember hearing somewhere that the rewards in dump matches were scaled to provide decent rewards even with fewer people, so reducing costs and thereby increasing the overall earnings as compensation for a dump match would be nice.
  5. Other guy was 3/0/2 Essex, pretty easy to defend one ship with an AS loadout.
  6. I normally have a lot of respect for you, which is why it's a bit curious that you seem to have glossed over me proposing a solution. I understand there are limitations to MM that will occasionally require dump matches, but two ships a side is not okay. Do you really believe any of the other three people in that match were happy to be there? I have no proof, but I suspect even the other Essex that caused the dump match would have preferred something else.
  7. I mean, I know which one I prefer, but apparently it's unreasonable to expect decent matches.
  8. You've misunderstood me. I'm not unwilling to wait longer than two minutes; I don't sit in queue because dump matches happen when you do.
  9. In this scenario, I was in queue for all of zero seconds. I also don't generally sit in queue for longer than two minutes before swapping ships. I never sit in queue for the full five minutes. So yes, I'm fine with that.
  10. I'm not a programmer, but I suspect it would be entirely possible to add a "minimum number of players per match" to the MM code. I'm not mad about dump matches, I wouldn't have minded if there had been say seven or eight folks a side. Two ships a side is absolutely preposterous.
  11. Kick the player who has waited too long out of queue. If he requeues in the same ship and goes another five minutes? Kick him out again. He will eventually either get enough people in MM for a proper match or get the idea and queue up a different ship. This option has the added bonus of not screwing over people who did nothing wrong.
  12. I'm aware of what it is; that doesn't make it any more justifiable. But thank you for your condescension.
  13. When I hit battle, and I immediately end up in something like this: It makes me want to do things like manual drop myself out of games. Why would you even let this happen? What possible explanation could there be for punishing me with games like this because somebody else sat in queue for too long? Why would you not just kick people out of queue who have waited too long instead?
  14. As someone who has been on the receiving end of your "help", perhaps you ought to focus on improving your own play before you start worrying about what others are doing.
  15. >tyool 2017 >taking the range mod instead of the reload mod on the Moskva