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  1. The problem with your terrible analogy is that with premium ships, you don't actually own anything. All you've purchased is a license to be able to use a bit of code that looks like a premium ship; Wargaming still owns all of the assets involved.
  2. Does it, though? :thinking:
  3. I, too, have difficulty with interpreting basic statistics.
  4. So like all of 10-12 people on the NA server?
  5. What game are you playing? Neptune is heaps easy. Here is my five step plan to be good with the Neptune: 1. Find waifu (rock) 2. Hug waifu 3. Engage cloaking device (smoke) 4. Apply guns to target 5. Repeat as necessary Seriously, that's it. The mechanics of the RN CLs are really easy (unless for some reason you want to play a radar Neptune), the hard part is reading the map and having the situational awareness to figure out which waifu to select.
  6. [citation needed] Unless they have just recently changed it, Wargaming's position has pretty consistently been that it's not an issue and certainly not a big enough issue for them to redo the whole spotting mechanics to change it.
  7. Nerf Khabs gun damage.

    400 main battery hit games are not uncommon in the kebab. That's a ton of RNG rolls.
  8. Obviously it's that simple, which is why they've already done it. /s Alternatively, it is nowhere near that simple and the downsides to its current implementation aren't really that severe, making the effort required to change it more trouble than it's worth.
  9. Fun fact: smoke blocks line of sight. Which means copying the existing vision code over to radar would render it essentially useless.
  10. Nerfing the Sims

    They are changing a ship which you paid for. Also you essentially bought a license to use the ship, you don't actually own anything.
  11. If boats is anything like tanks (and given how bad the average player is, it's exactly like tanks), any clan that advertises in randoms isn't the sort of clan you should want to be a part of. So why would you want to get rid of people voluntarily telling you which clans not to join?
  12. Looks like you'll be waiting a while.
  13. Hi there. Welcome to the thread. I'd invite you to read more than just the first post. Or not, I'm not your supervisor.
  14. This probably would have been better received if I had put that in the OP, and that's on me; but the attitude of "there's nothing to be done" as if MM is some sort of sentient program that created itself and not something that Wargaming can adjust really irritates me. I don't care for dump matches, but I can deal with them if there's a decent number of players. I like your idea. I think I remember hearing somewhere that the rewards in dump matches were scaled to provide decent rewards even with fewer people, so reducing costs and thereby increasing the overall earnings as compensation for a dump match would be nice.
  15. Other guy was 3/0/2 Essex, pretty easy to defend one ship with an AS loadout.