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  1. Dianeces

    Bayard, Nice Release with No Notice

    Kutuzov is still a strong choice. You're still going to see a bunch of Chapayevs and Clevelands for the radar, radar Edin might make an appearance as well; Atago is going to be a strong contender for weak side/kiting role due to the heal. The Bayard is a good T8 CL, but I don't think it's going to supplant all of the existing options.
  2. Dianeces

    Bayard, Nice Release with No Notice

    You vastly underestimate the utility of radar for clan battles.
  3. Dianeces

    Bayard, Nice Release with No Notice

    This whole post falls apart pretty quickly once you realize the Bayard is far from bad.
  4. Dianeces

    If you don't think submarines...

    No, this is a good indication that WG will continue looking into whether or not it's possible for subs to be a thing.
  5. Dianeces

    If you don't think submarines...

    The Halloween event was fun, but there's a huge asterisk next to that. The Halloween event was a PvE operation which was massively and deliberately skewed in the players' favor to the point where as long as you had a pulse it was basically impossible to lose. Furthermore, the subs in that event were buffed to a hilarious degree, analogous to the differences between the Savage Battle DDs and normal DDs. Saying "the Halloween event was fun and well received so subs are definitely going to be a thing" is akin to saying "I once saw a hot air balloon fly so now I'm qualified to build airplanes". The ability to construct a fun PvE scenario is not in any form or fashion indicative of the ability to add a balanced, fun to play, and fun to play against class to WoWS. Submarines were not primarily used to hunt down warships, they were not used as main forces in fleet battles, they do not have a place in this game.
  6. Dianeces

    Why WG, why?

    47 percent is firmly in the "below average" category.
  7. Dianeces

    Who Says Divisions Dominate in Savage Battles

    Sample size of one doesn't really mean anything.
  8. Dianeces

    No subs please.

    About the only part of this post that's possibly correct is the first part.
  9. No they aren't. Because they are on separate teams, both of those divisions are displaying as A.
  10. Imagine thinking detection rage is important in a game mode where you're forced to get close to each other. There's a pretty good argument to be made for CE being a waste of four points in Savage Battles.
  11. Dianeces

    Good job wg you just killed CV

    Just dodge the nerfs.
  12. Well then maybe you should just dodge the nerfs.
  13. Dianeces

    Come on WG t8 clans and no CV?

    By that logic, if a ship isn't okay in one game mode, then it wouldn't be okay in any game mode. So I guess thanks for your support of the removal of CVs?
  14. Dianeces

    Yamato vs Kremlin

    If that's the way you want to play it, we should probably make sure that all the 457mms in the game overmatch 32mm armor. You know, for fairness. Or you could realize that turret rotation speed is one of the few balancing mechanics that Wargaming uses without really caring about historical accuracy; you can't just point to one number and say "this isn't fair" without also examining the context that number resides in. (Note: overmatch is a [edited] mechanic and we should definitely not be expanding it in any form or fashion.)