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  1. I want a refund for Roma!

    :facepalm: Here are stats for two people: And here are the Roma stats for those same two people: It's weird how there's a strong positive correlation between player skill and the stats for the ship. It's almost like being a better player lets you make a ship work better. AKA player skill has an influence. Glad we had this talk.
  2. I want a refund for Roma!

    Patently false; player skill is all about putting yourself in position(s) to minimize the effects of RNG. This learned helplessness is exactly the sort of thing that keeps so many players at the "barely more effective than a wet sponge" level.
  3. lol Flint is an Atlanta which has had its largest weakness taken away with the ability to self smoke. Black is a Fletcher with arguably the most broken combination of consumables in the game (RADAR/smoke). Those two ships are in no way "cosmetic".
  4. Not personal at all. The bar at the Squall level is so low that it's practically underground. It should be possible for anyone to practically trip over the bar and still clear it; if you're legitimately having issues winning in Squall, then the only system that would possibly result in you getting steel would be participation based.
  5. If you/your clan are so bad that you can't get a win in the league where literally anyone can play simply by showing up, perhaps the problem lies not with the game.
  6. Radar Module

    [citation needed]
  7. Possible Solution to Radar

    It gave up being the worst tier 10 cruiser.
  8. Better? Sure. Significantly better? Not a chance. On top of which, it doesn't actually matter if it's better or not; if you've gotten yourself to a point where you need to rely on the frontal hull armor of an American medium tank, you have significantly bigger issues to worry about. In terms of playstyle, the M60 and the M48 are essentially the same.
  9. The M60 was basically a reskinned premium M48. The M48/M60 thing was almost exactly equivalent to the Hipper/Eugen before the most recent round of changes to those ships.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    If Wargaming has figured out how to defy the laws of physics, they probably ought to submit a paper to the Nobel Committee in Stockholm. I even hear there's a cash prize. On the other hand, I personally don't understand how a piece of code in a video game could violate physics, but that's just me.