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  1. There is a soft cap of five BBs a side; the only way to get more than that on a team is through a queue dump match.
  2. Ranked Sprint Awards

    In order for these game modes to succeed, they require people to play them. Because of that discussions around whether or not the rewards are sufficient to justify playing them are important to have.
  3. This is trivially easy to disprove. Let's take two teams, one made up exclusively of 55%+ players, the other made up entirely of 45%- players. Which team do you think is more likely to win that match? Yes, it is a possibility that the team of potatoes will win, but of the two outcomes, it is by far the less likely. Stats are guidelines, not hard rules; but given the choice, I would rather have high win rate players on my team than not. You keep claiming that it is easy to manipulate stats, but it really isn't. The only way to inflate your average damage, or kpg, or win rate is to actually do more damage, or kill more ships, or win more often. The only ways to do that are to either play better or to use one of the very obvious methods of padding stats (clubbing, CV fishing, playing OP ships). There is no magic button that you can push that makes you look like you play better without actually playing better. Furthermore, recent stats are a thing, and incidentally most stats sites include them because they do give valuable information.
  4. Yes, and your point being? Ten games is not a lot. Humans (all of us) are incredibly bad about remembering the good things that happen, while hanging on to the bad things like a fat kid on a donut. Everybody complains about the potatoes (even the potatoes themselves). Why is it such a difficult concept to grasp that if bad players can negatively influence a team, good ones can positively influence it? Saying something like "stats are far too easy to manipulate" is a cop out. Seal clubbing takes all of about 10 seconds looking at someone's stats to detect, and since WOWS is kind enough to break out games by solo and division (something WOT never did), so are things like division padding and CV fishing.
  5. Hello, I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine called Mr. Small Sample Size. If you were able to consistently post 200k damage every time you played the Missouri, you would have an extraordinarily high win rate. Nobody is saying that luck does not play a part in a single battle, but the more you play, the more that luck balances out on both sides, leaving just your contributions to be evaluated. When you check the stats for the best players, there is an extremely strong positive correlation between average damage per game, kills per game, and win rate. This is because consistently playing better leads to more wins over time. There are going to be games that you cannot possibly win no matter how well you play; conversely, there are going to be games that you cannot possibly lose even if you were AFK. The trick, then, is to play well enough in the remainder of the matches to tip those from losses into wins.
  6. Uhh, no. Stats are not random; win rate is not (entirely) luck. How you play influences your stats, either positively or negatively.
  7. Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    No. The Abrams hasn't used a 105mm cannon since the upgrade to the A1 variant in 1985 and the Leo 2 only ever had prototypes with the 105mm cannons, all the production versions have featured the 120mm.
  8. GB BB nerf to Bow armor

    Counter point: no they don't. Checkmate, atheists.
  9. BBs unfun to play/overnerfed

    You are doing it wrong.
  10. Premium Ship Preview: Alaska

    Heaven forbid they make end game content require end game ships. The amount of whining about clan wars being T10 is just mind boggling; on top of that, there have been exactly two seasons of ranked in which T10s were required to participate. In every other season (as well as the first halves of the past two) ships from other tiers have been used.
  11. TK panelty - co op battles

    Given that I have witnessed you attempt to teamkill people who have loaded in late in an effort to "teach them not to be AFK again", it is somehow not surprising to me that you're attempting to take a shortcut on your punishment.
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    I have an easier fix for all of this. Pretend the consumable in the video game is called "magical spotting consumable" instead of "RADAR". There, problem fixed.
  13. Should Ocean Come Back?

    Yes, because there aren't two lines of cruisers specifically designed around having islands to hide behind because they don't work well in open water. Oh, wait...
  14. Iowa/Missouri speed mistake?

    Time travel is published in books; this gem was also published. Is that really the justification you're going to use?