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  1. Well, they're wrecking the Graf Zep...

    As much as I want to buy this ship, I can't see paying for what might be. If this ship still has a major change that is planned, then it should be held and released when ready. It's current state is certainly not what the most players will find competitive. The few players that are that skilled at CV play will still choose a different ship that they can use to even a higher degree of effectiveness.
  2. Premium Ship Review: Graf Zeppelin

    I am so disappointed in the release of the GZ. This will be the first premium I don't add to my collection.
  3. I reloaded game and they are all there now ! :)
  4. I am also missing all the ARP ships. I earned them as they were originally released.
  5. Snowflakes

    More likely....a snow globe. I like to smash them !
  6. 1. The date and time was very clear about the end date. It was listed both online and in game. Details are important. They were clearly stated. 2. I average about 80 hours a week. I have family, friends and other commitments. I easily had time to complete these missions and we're done about 2 weeks in. 3. We all have choices to make. If you have other obligations and can't complete these missions, then that is still a choice you made. There is much to be said about choosing family first. Don't blame that on WG.
  7. I have noticed and verified over multiple games that the Surveillance Radar II upgrade does not give the listed cooldown of 240 seconds it still has a cooldown of 360 seconds like Surveillance Radar I I have notice this while playing the Chapayev. I am unsure if it is on other ships
  8. I have been checking my status periodically and as things update I noticed that it has not given me credit for some missions that should be completed. It shows I have earned 20,000 XP , but not 10,00 XP ??? It shows I earned 1,600 XP and 1,800 XP in a single battle, but not 1,300 XP in a single battle ??? I hope this can be fixed soon, is anyone else having this problem. I did also add up all the pearls I should have earned, and these are not applied to the total, so it is more than just a visual error. Thank you in advance for any help or information that can be useful.