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  1. Caracallaz

    Submarine Game Mode Feedback

    Ship it as is.
  2. Caracallaz

    Not to late WG for PR with the PR

    The only shame for this event was any players who spent the time/money to get a Puerto Rico then blame WG for the method of getting it. No one forced you to get one. I myself was a hard pass for the entire event and have been thoroughly warned for each and every future event to pay very close attention to the details. Tanks went this way about three years ago, and now it's ships turn....
  3. Yep, exactly @ITZ_ACE_BABY Our patience runs thin putting up with it, I'll just go play WoW Classic or something....
  4. The poor teams encourage the better players to stop playing and find some thing else, which then leads to the problem becoming more and more noticeable. Not much can be done at this point to rectify it.
  5. Caracallaz

    What Am I doing wrong ?

    Pre-drop one set of planes as you launch to save more for later. Take on ships that are alone. AP bombers are for German, US, and Japanese ships as a priority since they can be penned the easiest. Use your "Fighter" consumable to spot ships, like DDs, to have an easier time lining up the rocket attacks. Use speed boost to fly away from ships to set up another attack. These are kind of the basics for CV play and you'll see your damage go up. Just don't expect a HUGE improvement, the GZ is arguably the worst premium CV at this time.
  6. Caracallaz

    Are you having fun?

    Stopped streaming and playing ships, moved on to games that are fun to play.
  7. Caracallaz

    This Puerto Rico grind ...

    Don't you guys have unlimited free time?!