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  1. That's fair of course, but it's really not that hard to grind the tokens out for the event. Even if you can only get a couple games in.
  2. or you could grind out Lazo during the event too and not have to pay a dime?
  3. _TracerBullet_

    Received a warning for modifications??

    if you have GeForce Experience that could be an issue too, someone mentioned it in another thread.
  4. _TracerBullet_


    She definitely buckles under pressure, but again, the issue I believe, as Crucis mentioned as well, is the people driving her. If you can't make use of island cover and being patient enough to know when to peek and take your shots, when to charge and do your worst to the foe in front of you, then yes, the ship's going to feel rather painful. This was my first match in the Vladi with the base captain given. Tier X game too. Mind you not all games will be like this, you'll probably average 40-60k (unless you're purple, then who knows what the average is) for a meh or bad game, but she's a good boat if you play her right. Also marginally better score in tier 9 game.
  5. _TracerBullet_


    Something tells me players might be playing the Vladi wrong. She’s very similar to the Roma in pros and cons. I’ve played 5 games with her so far, with the intention to play many more (restricted due to work schedule), and done decently in all of them. Gotta position her to negate ships having range advantage on her, and boy can she tank damage! I’ve witnessed one player getting 4.5mil potential, most I’ve gotten so far is 2.6. She definitely has her weaknesses, but play to her strengths and you’ll see a difference!
  6. _TracerBullet_

    Is Montana OP?

    Montana is the jack of all trades BB, she's got weak points and she doesn't do some things as well as other BBs, but she's certainly the most forgiving of them all. Probably the best line to go down for those new to BB play.
  7. Haven't seen Tedster in a while, nice to see he's still floating around!
  8. _TracerBullet_

    Truncated Co-op is weak sauce

    At your service sir!
  9. _TracerBullet_

    Truncated Co-op is weak sauce

    So don't play Co-op?
  10. _TracerBullet_

    ROCS Te Yang

    That would be overkill, but this is Wargaming, so it's possible. She'd have to get YueYang's nerfed gun reload though for the sake of balance.
  11. _TracerBullet_

    Hardest ships to citadel?

    Definitely any light skinned cruiser if you're using AP. As far as the tanky ships go, I'm still looking for that angled citadel on Stalins and Moskvas. I found the weak spot on the Kurfurst after watching my salvoes (try hitting a retreating GK from a 5 or 7 o'clock angle). Conq continues to elude me. It's possible, but the angle has to be just right.
  12. _TracerBullet_

    Time to Rebuff the Khabarovsk

    I take it you haven't played against a meme comp of Khabs in Clan Battles yet, have you?
  13. _TracerBullet_

    USS Thresher

    Possibly. There’s only been a handful of nuclear subs lost to accidents.
  14. _TracerBullet_

    Anyone having issues making T4 CV Planes Turn

    Is that a trick question? 😂
  15. _TracerBullet_

    Anyone having issues making T4 CV Planes Turn

    Yeah I noticed it last night, about the same time I noticed my ping jumped to 800. true story. PS: tier IV controls work just fine.