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  1. 2 things to take into consideration- "whaddya like" and "where do you need a commander trainer"... with the first thing being primary. It makes no sense to dump any form of currency into a ship that does not fit what you like to play, else it'll just sit and collect dust. Hopefully it can be an XP gainer for you so you can move it into free xp at times when needed. Then you can think commander training... as that's the other bonus to a premium ship. I don't play Jap DD's, so getting a Jap DD would not make any sense to me. I can run my Atago to train up my captains (since you have the ability to gain points in the cruiser that also count to the other ship types you may want to transfer the captain to). I love American BB's, so I of course have the majority of the American BB premiums from the Texas and Oklahoma at T5 clear up to the Georgia. Just finished up the grind for the RB Ohio as well. SO........ The biggest thing I can recommend is getting something that fits what you like and your playstyle. You may be better off saying "I like the way the *insert ship name here* plays... what premium is most like it?"
  2. ^^^^^Yep- If in the struggle, you drop to the lower league at the end of the season has always been my understanding.
  3. After Dennis Quaid's representation of Bull Halsey in Midway (2019) I'd be good with him.... or perhaps Tom Hanks after Greyhound? I also like the idea of a Sean Connery type from Red October.
  4. DEWEY_96_

    How To Play <ship/class> Effectively?

    @Hapa_Fodder - one of the former Community Mangers and now a CC, is a good go-to for DD play. He is mainly available on Twitch and streams M,W,F and Sat. Usually early afternoon into early evening (Texas time). He also is awesome at answering and paying attention to chat, so a good resource all the way around. He also has good all around advice on team play and how to be effective for the role of ship you have. Now that he's picked up his CC tag, he may start working on YT vids also.
  5. While I understand the thought process... why not look at it this way: If I want to put out a forest fire, the last thing I do is thrown gas on it... or start more fires. I'll either try to put it out, or just walk away and let it burn out itself... i.e. I won't add into toxic chat, and if need be just put someone on "ignore" and move on.
  6. DEWEY_96_

    Closed Test for CV spotting

    I think you'll see less CV's and a higher-skill cap of player using them..... which then will make them even more disliked as a GREAT CV player can really influence a match. The "meh" or occasional CV player will disappear. Less CV's in game? Probably... but when you see them, watch out...
  7. DEWEY_96_

    Clan battle poll

    Ranked or CB?
  8. DEWEY_96_

    Clan battle poll

    I think the big thing missed in Ranked is a full 7 member team that #1- plays well together thanks to having worked together for a while in a clan and #2 - has coordinated comms (discord or whatever). Also, to get me into Ranked, you'd have to put the same limitations on to it that you have in CB's... because I like the no CV/sub and "1-per team" rule. I see Ranked as an individual competitive mode where CB's is a team-based competitive mode.
  9. DEWEY_96_

    Clan battle poll

    Voted- Our "active" clan member base is small... those that participate in CB's at least, but having a variety of ships thanks to the "one per" rule has made it interesting and even in our small group we've never been lacking for ships. Seeing different ships, different team make-ups and at least at the beginning of the season with no "follow this meta" teams makes calling and such fun. Maybe I shouldn't say that there isn't a "meta" being established as it would seem radar heavy, Russian and US based cruisers are common... long range torp boats for DD's also to stay out of radar range (Halland, Somers, Shima's). It does give the BB players a much needed break from CV's and subs. I'm all for the no-CV rule... but it does take a certain aspect of team-makeup away. No need for AA spec'd ships... but you also know what you're facing. Still think there needs to be a "Super cruiser" class for ships like PR, Stalingrad, etc.... and limit that to 1 of that class. I foresee a lot of Stalin/PR team make-ups coming. We've had fun the first few weeks.
  10. DEWEY_96_

    Few surprises while brushing flakes. You?

    I'm glad someone else agrees that the Montana has been silently power-crept... I LOVE that ship, but it has become (IMO) much harder to get the massive games I used to get in her. She was my top damage dealt ship until I had a great JB game. Now, I'm glad if I can get what I would have considered a "meh" game in the past. I really think she needs a few micro-buffs. SORRY- I went a little off topic- I did find out that I need to play my Myoko's a lot through the snowflake event. I think it's because I've learned to be more careful as I went up that line. Running through the ARP Myoko's that I had collecting dust, I had some REALLY good games.
  11. DEWEY_96_

    WR is Meaningless

    I finally came to the conclusion that focusing on any stat will eliminate any fun I'm trying to have.... I try to play for fun... if it isn't fun (i.e. crap teams, weekend warriors... whatever) then it's time to move on to the next game. Used to care about W/R and PR and stats... not anymore.
  12. DEWEY_96_

    Why Warships is so Toxic

    This thread has played out its usefulness.
  13. I think the point would be that PR is NOT a WG stat. PR is a third party stat gathered from WG main stats. so yes- lets go mathematical on this- X + Y+ Z / A * B = PR .... X,Y,Z, A,B... those are the WG stats (whatever they may be, K/D, damage, games played, average tier....) HOWEVER- The equation and the weight the equation puts on those individual stats is something that is made up by the 3rd party. Maybe 3rd party #1 puts more weight on K/D while 3rd party #2 puts more weight on average tier played v/s ship type v/s damage done. The base stats come from WG... how those are interpreted and balanced and plopped into whatever equation that 3rd party uses is what's subjective. For example- I may play DD's a lot... I may get a lot of wins because I smoke teammates, spot targets, play area denial of caps, but my damage is VERY low compared to other players. What makes my PR better? The W/L ratio? Damage done? K/D ratio? Average length of time staying alive in battle? All stats that can be gathered from WG... but who decides which one gets more weight and determines my PR? The 3rd party. Sorry, IMO, PR is not a good stat to balance MM off of... nor is K/D or damage done or whatever stat you go with. For a player you show me with a high K/D ratio, I'll show one with a ton of confederate medals, kinda meh K/D, and a WR in the purple..... I don't know that there is a fixed stat that could determine a way to balance a MM..... sometimes dumb luck falls into play too (like when your the DD that spawns on the side with 3 of the 4 red team radar cruisers... or you come around the corner and get blind torped by a DD you had no clue was there in the first place).
  14. DEWEY_96_

    discus about submarines idk

    Discuss- YES ARGUE- NO OP, if you have something specific in the game designs of submarines you'd like the forum to discuss, I'm all for it. Feel free to flesh out any discussion you'd like to start. Will there be points and counter points? Yep, totally understandable. This post, however, is basically non-constructive. If you'd like to elaborate so the forum can discuss, feel free. Otherwise, this thread will be closed as non-constructive.
  15. DEWEY_96_

    CV Counter

    Catching a few points the OP has thrown out- Mid tier CL's can be a bear regardless of what you're going after. Jingles mentions at length how T5/6 and even most 7's are floating citadels. Your other issues is the lack of reliable AA to counter CV's. You are, however, in a decent line for combating that if you're running the US line. If you're asking how to take out a T6 CV with a T6 CL? I'd probably argue "that's not your job". It's "not your job" because you have to survive with a plenty of HP to spare and you'll have to do it at the end of the match. If you have a ton of HP to spare in a T6 CL, you probably have been a little too passive (although there are those players who are masters of cat and mouse, HE spamming at that tier)... You'll be busy countering DD's and avoiding BB's early on and playing the dance of push and kite all game long and hope you don't get caught broadside in a turn... so keeping your HP up would be hard. Also, you're going to be using 6 inch guns on a fairly armored target that won't catch fire... so you'll have to have enough HP also to be able to do the "death by a thousand paper cuts" kinds thing... I think you're trying a round about way of making a point that CV's can't be countered. They have strengths and weaknesses... strengths like the ability to DPS you as you hunt them but weaknesses like no fair level of self defense if you get them in gun range. I think the better argument would be that mid-tier CL's are fairly weak and very easily deleted... making them less of a late game threat, which is when CV's are more vulnerable.