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  1. Crokodone

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    That's rather generous of the Chinese government. Too bad their Nazi treatment of the native Muslim population can't cover the flavor of the inevitable likelihood of missing code books and sensitive computers.
  2. Crokodone

    New update to Weser Torpedo planes

    It's like the old post war experimental rocket planes.
  3. Because if you die your team looses.
  4. Crokodone

    Yoshino - worth getting after the Capt nerfs.?

    Half is reading comprehension, the other half is a misconception of a human interaction. People are entitled to be displeased. That means a rebuttal. Whining is what your doing. Attention striving and riding out of place. That's the polar opposite of what I'm doing. As you can see, I'm not merely speaking for myself. To the contrary, it's for everyone else. That's apart of what it means to provide evidence. A ruling affects everybody; even if they don't notice it. That's why I listed All the cruisers I can conceive that were barated by this change. That's an imaginary perspective and is a mechanism of what I described above. It has nothing to do with the fact WG made huge changes while leaving the most dependent and compliment ships in the dust. Premiums aren't the only thing making cruisers attractive. Wrong again. An opinion is just that, an opinion, a biased, unsubstantiated thought. That's the opposite of what I posses and or produced. That's called the freedom of speech. An unalienable right. Meanwhile, most of the time, right and wrong isn't an opinion, it's a science. Have a nice night. And when you wake up, remember, cruiser players also want to deliver a good fight.
  5. Crokodone

    Yoshino - worth getting after the Capt nerfs.?

    Seriously, if you don't have a point to make, silence is a better attorney. I don't even own half the ships I listed. But because I still play this game, and play those tiers, that variety there, that was there, (the huge veriety of captain build and ship performances kept the game fresh and vivid to me. Different tiers could often times feel like a different game mode. Unfortunately, be they good intentions or for market value, the CO rework eliminated that variety and dynamic experience through the tiers. If that baffles you, that's more to do with your character than this game. Agree to disagree or continue to rant or blame or shame. No difference to me.
  6. Crokodone

    Yoshino - worth getting after the Capt nerfs.?

    Your grossly mistaken or uninformed. 10% bonus damage doesn't equate to 10% increased opportunities: BFT. With poor HE penetration of 5/38s and other low caliber guns, the increased opportunities to set fires and destroy modules is what gives those low caliber guns their song and sting. That bonus 10% HE damage skill is something based on CAs; because their fewer opportunities to do damage. This statement is so ignorant and out of touch it isn't even worth responding to. Another out of touch statement. Different tiers is apart of the variety that keeps the game fresh for flavored players. It has nothing to do with persuing and abusing new players; which the game needs. Especially tiers 2-4, occupy a very special span of naval architecture and history. Players have been calling for it's own competitive mode for years. Ships are like women, every size and shape isn't for everyone. https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/adventurous Every ship I listed lost and have not received their BFT ROF; including Atlanta. The only thing Atlanta and maybe Krasny krym, received was their AFT range boost, but all the rest were left out. And since Atlanta and Flint sees mostly t9 games, that 13.3km or 11.9km range, coupled with their size and lack of agility doesn't cut it in even t8 games. This isn't a problem unique to Atlanta. Emden and Katori, Yubari suffer from this as well. One would be very hard pressed to dubb those ships OP, let alone seal clubbers. Emden is completely out ranged by Emden. And Emden' and Kolberg have taken taken a huge range loss. Which is what I'm referring too, which was, (like the CO rework) a direct nerf to CLs. A nerf is still a nerf. Even the Japanese gunboats rely on quantity over quality to be effective. Quantity is also what made those ships different, and in many cases versatile and entertaining. New players have nothing to do with it.
  7. Crokodone

    Yoshino - worth getting after the Capt nerfs.?

    Emden, Hermelin, Dresden, Katori, krasny krym, Atlanta, Bogatyr, Svietlana and Colbert, Kolberg would like to have a word with you. Also, Bougainville and Friant disagree with their loss of action and adventure in their community. Cruisers, especially the adventurous ones were hit pretty hard. Hard in range and RoF. This is in fact a double nerf because most of those ships already took a hit in HE penetration. Even though Atlanta (1 ship) received her AFT range back, she didn't get her BFT RoF back, and in a t9 environment, neither of those were spectacular or efficient. Meanwhile, Emden is completely out ranged by Dresden, and both have taken a RoF nerf with loss to AFT.
  8. Crokodone

    Used no ECXP.

    That's what you call occupational commitment: grats. Meanwhile, I've yet to hit a single twenty pointer, even with three t9 premiums and two t10 reward ships and their tech tree counterparts. ETA of my first 21pt skipper is new years 2022.
  9. Crokodone

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    The problem wouldn't so much be that the ship's are op, but the tech tree contemporaries of that op premium/reward ships are so linear, bland and even backward.
  10. And their team and win rate will loose because of it.
  11. Only if they're the last ones left; which is fine. otherwise, that slow super stealthy MTB will be a headache going after when you're being shot at by his team.
  12. That's apart of the risk/reward of a war based game. It's not like BBs detonate all that often anyway. They already have released them in special modes twice. This new iteration is more genuine to the genre and shouldn't need a special mode to test.
  13. Never seen with half the speed of a DD; ok to me.
  14. Like DDs running out of smoke?
  15. Heck yeah! Finally submarines pushed in a surface true to history surface combatant role. This is epic news and opens a field of dynamic that's both a relief compliant and NEW! I look forward to the submersible torpedo boats!.