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  1. When you don't know how to make your shots connect at t9, against in the presence of an adversary you've seen since t4, whose presence you blame on your inability to select primitive ammo, lead, identify or even mitigate, and spent most of the match keeping every island in the map between you, and the enemy; you yourself, is that: Which is broadened by understanding the game, the objective and ship, capability. You only landing less than a quarter of your volleys and dealing minimal damage each time proves to is too high for your skillset; not that CVs are broken The only grass in a salt water body is on the bottom mate. In a pvp game, the only freedom, is competence mate. Competence is a whole lot of factors Meanwhile, with Alaska you should've been getting 5-10k per salvo, that CV had no impact on your battle results, not even your team. Maybe you should play lower tiers than complain about how high tiers can't work for you; because that's exactly what this is.
  2. So your going to blame your inability to use USN Cruisers on the presence of CVs? You hardly landed a shot. If you wanted to play like that, you should have taken picked a Japanese/RN CA. You could/should have completely ignored those torpedo bombers at the beginning of the match. You took more damage trying to avoid them from enemy ships than you should have been dominating. Which you couldn't because 305mm AP doesn't overmatch anybody unless: 1) it's a DD, 2) 2) Pan-Asian CL 3) RN CL Take responsibility for your results. The privilage of post Treaty CAs is that you don't have to worry so much about the health and can bring the fight to the enemy. That battle, it appears you were more concerned about your paint job than fulfilling your role. Meanwhile, Alaska has some of the best AA at t9, with or without Buffs. That fear, that 10k damage role play less m8.
  3. Crokodone

    Submarine Change

    Which goes both ways with slow submerged speeds. Meanwhile Depth Charging was a historical method used against submarines that couldn't break 10kts submerged. As is, the U-69 does 15kts submerged and 11kts submerged in and reverse. WG drastically over tuned submarine submerged speeds at all tiers. If Submerged speeds were at least semi-historic, and submarine surface detection reduced, WG could release submarines already.
  4. Crokodone

    Submarine Change

    True, but in RL, most submarines of that era didn't have the ability to detect other subs with precision. What that means is that if a sub didn't have the ability to detect another submarine submerged without a consumable, torping submarines with straight runners wouldn't be so much a challenge.
  5. Crokodone

    Submarine Change

    More so, Subs are over developed in the submerged role. Under water speeds needs to be historic, semi-historic at least.
  6. Crokodone

    The answer to CVs

    Easy as in: noob/afk? No argument there. im acquiring the opinion you've haven't played either iteration as now, Subs are detected at all depths by hydro, and periscope and surfaced by radar. Unless t10, with all speed modifiers, CV Sniping remains the most time intensive, time sensitive endeavor. Adding time to that is no bueno; and is probably getting a team mate killed Maps aren't that big even at t10. You might have an argument on ocean though. Not traveling at 15kts (t6-8) or under rpf (t10.) Until you realize it's a consumable and haven't it available against the nearest submarine. Nonsense of the wildest denomination. RPF grants both triangulation, actions and intentions. Given a sub has to lead a target to even hit with homers means a DD/CL has a ball in it's court. If their newbs and learning sboout asw: sure. Consumable lists 30s. And at t10, that's only six tubes for softer fish. German submarine's are about staying submerged though. USN got an up on everything else over them. Then you haven't played them very much: subs. It's varied per submarine and tier. Actually: no. You haven't played them much. More like watch replays. Like your belief that rear tubes are ther for decoration and are confused about USN submarines. It's ok, omnipotence isn't a human virtue. At only eight kilometers that's a very tight team. Must be scaring them out of the water. No damage is negligible when it gives away your location and there's no repair. Dots cause damage to be exponential as apposed to linear for most ships. Hyperbole Hyperbole Damage is supposed to be accumulative, that's working as intended; especially when subs don't have much health. Except you don't. You don't due to context this is a sub on a special mission: CV sniping. In that case you've lost most of the cards and aren't getting them back. Even with most modifiers, your only doing 32.5kts and are stuck in a defensive posture while running out of battery. Also, cool caveats, the t10 U-Boat is slower surfaced than submerged. Yeah, maybe when you stop providing replay assessments (hydro not detecting subs at depth?) (Radar not detecting periscopes) (hydrophones no icon!) (Absence of DD/CL vs sub) (cant get rear tubes to work) Then maybe your rebuttals would amount to something. Because: Closing to 2.1km to spot something nobody can/has seen is the most, confused endeavor to be. It's like taking to the battle like a timeless simulator vs a WWE cage match. It keeps them from capping to say the least. And unlike DDs, can't do anything about it, not even fighters. More hyperbole. That depends the submarine, the driver and your decisions as a player; has nothing to do with submarines regardless of tier or nation. And from a reasonable distance. 2k is a huge difference for torpedoes. Especially when torpedo bulges and saturation are takin to effect. USN subs also have more health and faster surface speeds. They add up. The Salmon is caple lf 31kts surfaced, un-modified. There is, you just haven't noticed. Since it's a consumable, like radar it isn't alway actice. And at 3 charges your not going to see it most of the battle. Especially with only two submarines. Once again i disagree. If you can't use it for targeting like hydro/radar, it's uses are limited. Especially in a time gated scenario like CV sniping where interference can be catastrophic even if it doesn't kill you... You lost time, you lost suprise, you lost battery, course and speed. You've lost suprise and with it the snipe. Furthermore you've lost position and along with it most likely any meaningful support. Your team might win the battle but you've lost your contribution. The snipe has failed. All that time would have better been spebeenn the cap circles.
  7. Crokodone

    The SUB side of the story.

    Then find the exact quote and requote it.
  8. Crokodone

    The SUB side of the story.

    Based on dumb firing over alerting the red fleet to your intentions and relative location. You need to do a better job replying to what ever source or argument your tying to wage. Trying to shove words in mouths doesn't always go both ways. you better check that m8...
  9. Crokodone

    The answer to CVs

    Aside the scattering effect, AA even now is exponentially more effective than it was in real life. The catastrophe of the Japanese in the Pacific, had more to do with them going to war without a contingency plan. Even then they couldn't fit their entire air wing on the flight deck. And while having a full flight deck of aircraft airborne as one massive horde who's attacks were switch around like we switch weapons in game, the effects would be most likely like a series of bowling balls down the same bowling alley at once; with up to two to three times to repeat depending on the red team's AA performance. i don't think you want what you think you want, because even a CV nut like me wouldn't want to see what lag or capsized hags there'd be over night regarding a single class.
  10. Crokodone

    The answer to CVs

    This applies to every ship, pending the competence of the enemy fleet. So have I, but myself and many others have lost more than won in this regard. All a pursuing ship has to do is keep to the 4 or 8 o'clock position to wear out your battery or close close the distance. Against the t10 german sub, anywhere but the front would do. Wish the restnofrest of the playerbase understood this! Memory serves, this iteration of subs are detected by radar at periscope depth; increasing the value of Radar DDs at all tiers. That again is dependent on the battery state, coastline and distance to travel. Sometimes all they gotta do is push a submarine out of position to render it useless for the moment. Hydro still detects subs at depth, and if and aside RN DDs, any form if detection warrents that ~120s consumable. Thought it was 2.5, but will check in the near future. Diving when not attacking minimizes the amount of time submerged while on the attack. This is where the noobs and the unicorns are seperated; and where impact is gained or lost. The moment any competent CV is forcing you down, the ruse is up. I didn't spot this! I only thoughttU-69 had that feature. Given how Subs have to aim their ship first, the difference is substantial; especially when one can carry rpf and the subs cannot. People who play aggressively and craftily. USN Subs have higher damage and slower Torpedoes at the expense of range and maybe detection. USN Subs also have more health. USN subs also have more tubes = more chances to dev strike or double attack. Its like running around a 17th century battlefield with a double ended blunderbuss. This is nonsense. There are plenty of ships across the tiers that can easily hit a sub in transition from beyond medium range; especially BBs. Taking dots everytime you catch a near miss isn't tanky when DamCon is limited to 3-4 charges. Even the simplest mistakes are severely punished with subs; unless the enemy team is asleep. You forgotten: 1) fires 2) flooding 3) oil slicks. DDs have not only a tighter turning circle, but RPF, speed and potentially Hydro and reliable guns unless IJN. The only way to beat him is to lead him at the right depth, the right distance with either ends when he out turns you. Unless he's a complete bigot or noob, you have to catch him while he's occupied or by suprised. His rpf will notify him whenever you reach periscope depth. Which is a huge disadvantage for a submarine VS a CV Unless your fleet lemmg trains early game, it's very possible to eliminate the least possible corridors of adventure that submarines could take to reach you. All forms of detection scrambles fighters from the CV; the only difference is the Icon. If you have a landmass it's especially easy and simple to make a course of action while ignoring the submarine. From experience, the bow or stern has to be at depth or the torps will simply run under the target. Also, German Subs have limited options from behind, lower damage torpedoes and fewer tubes. German submarine's power is positioning. That means that U-Boat has to be facing and within "air detection range" of that persuing defender. Not to mention, like hydro/radar, hydrophones also had a detection icon where a pursuer and simply move outside that detection range and squander your efforts. All an aassailant has to do ia misdirect your voyage to render your ship irrelevant to the battle. Thats why CV sniping in an SSK is so far off the deep end. Unless the red fleet is lemming, or of afk, it's extremely difficult for a submarine to slip through to the spawn area, your not likely to discover the CV fast enough to make a difference unless it's a pleb, and the red team is having a field day with yours. Because if the reds have a bad day, or sail back in any way, you'd be forced to surface surrounded by ships that are actually better equipped to hound submarines than CVs or DDs. Though because I'm not particularly fond of Axis ships in general, I've rarely seen the t10 U-Boat top of either team, even with that additional dive capacity consumable. Bolao is a different story.
  11. Crokodone

    The answer to CVs

    Yes you did. But not stating why opens the impression that it could be a good choice therefore i clarified why it's bad and the consequences if one so choose. True, but early battle, Radar, Hydro, planes and DDs are reasons not too; especially when Aerial detection ranges of subs is usually equivalent to those of DDs. This isn't true, not even at t10. Furthermore, being smaller than DDs, they're supposed to be stealthier; especially when the class is (supposed to be on the surface) until the final attack. It is, in addition to the above, the Concealment modification1 increases dispersion by 5%. Subs are currently too vulnerable on the surface. As is, the most effective ASW is the Main Battery, not Maritime Patrol Aircraft or Depth Charges. I disagree, Submarines are not only small, their modules are clumped together. The comparison is a CL to a DD: SSK vs DD; Even a Shimakaze have easy goings with subs. Gearings and Yueyangs are especially dangerous to any Sub they cross. Meanwhile DDs that can't, usually have an unusual advantage: Z52, Smalland, Holland and Marceau. Submarines have drastically reduced spotting range when at periscope depth. If he's shooting at you, your too close or someone else is spotting you. Can even be the CV. It is delayed against Surface Ships. It only provides solid identification against other Submarines at maximum depth or range. Hydrophones certainly isn't a hydroacoustic/radar substitute. And even then, the Sub has to be facing and or leading the target to hit it with Torpedos.
  12. Crokodone

    The answer to CVs

    Until you realize subs have a limited under water endurance, though rechargeable, require a substantial amount just to ignore the battle and reach the red spawn area. Even if the red CV is new or negligent, most wouldn't be where they spawned; and even if they wouldn't struggle to outrun a Sub who's presence they would automatically be alerted to by the U.I. CV sniping in submarines are very hit and miss and usually leaves the attacker on the surface once suprise is up. Not to mentione, what the red team tends to do when they realize there's no submarine to contend the objectives. Even then, submarines, though the smallest ships in the game aren't particularly hard to hit by anybody thanks to the absence of concealment modification1. Unlike DDs which usually have access to engine boosts, Once a CV know's your general location, he could easily run circles around a submarine while going to work on the sub's team. Also while submerged, a sub is blind to other ships. Hydrophones only give a delayed location. This is both realistic and historically accurate. Airplanes are very loud, and can be heard by submarines at depth pending the sea state and thermal conditions. 20th century naval warfare is so beautiful: isn't it!
  13. Crokodone

    The SUB side of the story.

    I disagree with your inferred skill/escape disparity between subs and other combatants. The actual primary weapon system materialized after testing revealed... certain misconceptions and why they were... out of place. Currently DDs and select cruisers use a similar tactic.
  14. Crokodone

    The SUB side of the story.

    Every single class has noob traps; multiple noob traps. Please elaborate what you don't understand.
  15. Crokodone


    Condolences... <o