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  1. Breaking what is fixed makes it broken. 1/4 pen makes the Akizuki line broken, if you have a problem with that then your in the wrong hemisphere. Because last i looked, Japanese 100mm guns were competitive and sufficient with or without IFHE before the handicap of 1/4 HE penetration. All the memes and doctor evil himself isn't enough to save you...
  2. Crokodone

    Montana Solo Warrior!

    Grats, you must have tanked a god awful allot of damage to get that much XP.
  3. Crokodone

    Sweeeet (North) Carolineeee

    Are you crazy? After the frontal armor geometry rework of the North Carolina and Yamato, NC has become the best in slot and best in class BB ever since. Not to mention NC has the longest range of any BB in the game with out a spotter plane: 27km; and whose water line citadel nets reasonable survivability in the event she needs to escape. Furthermore, North Cal had the best t8 BB AA untill Kii, the best Stealth untill Monarch and the best external armor belt until Roma North Carolina is my absolutely favorite BB of all BBs and I'm not even a BB driver. North Carolina was a battleship pretending to be and giving the post treaty super cruiser experience before the likes of Moskva and Alaska were ever considered and unleashed onto the synthetic seas of WoWs. Yours truly Crokodone
  4. Graffiti on tanks is historical amd goes back to ww2; maybe before. Graffiti on ships is a totally different story.
  5. Crokodone

    The T9/10 AA Ship Guide

    Alaska has fairly good AA even without any AA talents and just dfaa. I'd imagine any ijn cruisers until zao would at best fit into the good category.
  6. I've noticed, that while cruisers, BBs ans destroyers get a lock on system for their target to help them guide their attacks, CVs get no aim assist form of any kind and the effects shows. CVs at all tiers need a lock on aim assist thays basic like gunnery to help stay om target at least. This problem becomes apparent even in operations where i nnoticed that i have to factor in everything from speed, turn and range in contrast to not only my squadron position but the speed of the minition. With strict wsd controls, the strictest manual only system WG has for CVs is too much for too little and it is having an effect. The reverted nerfs to GC is proof WG reads and WG does care or else there would have been no nerfs to CVs in the first place. DDs are and have always been the mostly accomodated class in the game. CVs hit DDs because rockets are and continue to be the easiest weapon to use against DDs because trying hit rhem with anything else is a waste of unrecoverable time.
  7. Crokodone

    Cv players Dont be baited

    14.4km in radius: hence" no fly zone."
  8. Crokodone

    Cv players Dont be baited

    The 11.6km AA bubble put up by DM and most American cruisers pales in comparison to the 14.4km no fly zone we used ro have. In regards to CVs, the problem is that CV aircraft are badly balanced at this time. Some scholars preach dor speed while othera focuse on durability. Just because someone has a Midway now doesn't mean they are or were a competent CV player.
  9. Who said Buffalo was overpowered? Kitakaze is obviously and totally broken but Kronshtadt and Musashi are anything but OP; competitive isn't overpowered.
  10. Crokodone

    Wows NIghtly News 17: Hydro or Def AA!?

    He had to tone it down in order to stay out of the misc section...
  11. Crokodone

    Wows NIghtly News 17: Hydro or Def AA!?

    The phobia of planea is totally real, and amplified by the new sound they make when a section entera the attack pattern l; you can tell who watched way too many war movies .
  12. Crokodone

    Graf Zeppelin and Soviet battleships changes

    Which is the whole problem, WG cannot balance around ultra unicorns like gaishu and expect everyone else to achieve near the same. Inseen replays were CV drivers are struggling to break 10k in t8 CVs when i often approach or break 100k in my t4 arkB. It looks like WH is trying to set a damage threshold in the same manner than annother mmo tried out and it isn't working. At no tier, can any team afford a ship breaking less than 50k damage. The lack of aides or guages is a huge culprit. DDs have their torpedo lead indicator. Battleships and Cruisers jave their optical scope indicator. CVs have Jack; and like you said, their munitions are slower than many ships even with torpedo reload acceleration.
  13. Crokodone

    Graf Zeppelin and Soviet battleships changes

    Thanks to the rework, the difference between unicorn CV driver and a casual has gone from a Gulf to an ocean. By nerfing GZ, you further broaden that ocean into a whole planet. This is not a problem unique to Graf Zeppelin, its a problem appearent to all CVs, at all tiers and its getting worse. After battling multiple CV games today, at all tiers, non unicorn CVs need some help, perhaps a lead indicator of some sorts before you guys consider any further nerfs. Why? Because in most of my battles, most CVs struggled to hit me even when stationary; especially at low tiers, where the love begins, or dies.
  14. Crokodone

    Top 3: Most Anemic Ships

    I dont know about you but t6 Pensacola isna beast, younjust gota know how to load and use ap. Most anemic ships 1] Karlsruhe is a debacle if there ever was one; reminds me of the stock ST-I grind from WoT. 2] Svietlana huge downgrade from Bogatyr and a tier higher. 3] Jianwei is a dd without a purpose. I don't know about post nerf, but mutsuki was better than the t7 Hatsuharu, whose only advantage was dp AA. Your right on anout Emerald though; she's voluntary dev strike duty for an entire tier.
  15. Crokodone

    Wows Nightly News 16: Weather Predictions!

    Maybe you should pm @Pigeon_of_War he has done an exceptional job with the community in the past. Maybe its the volunteer moderators that are the culprit.