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  1. Everyone showing screenshots of Iowa, i thought i would show screenshots from Iowa. Thank you Hapa.
  2. while submerged. That and reduce periscope depth speeds and add diving times. Otherwise submarines are fun and refreshing to play against.
  3. Crokodone

    World of TwoShips

    he's not begging for attention but stating a very old and obvious fact. and believe me, if i could cross drop someone in an independence, somebody in a Hosho could do so much easily. CV's were only rare at the high tiers, where WG's credit nerfs hit them very hard; and still hit them hard... CV's have always been here and god willing will continue to be; if only to spung away your pursuit of Pirates of the Caribbean in the 20th century.
  4. Crokodone

    The case for Wisconsin or New Jersey?

    The radar could be a different version. Without the radar she would be relatively handicapped/lackluster when compared with the competition. you have to keep in mind, it was the credit earning, not the radar for which Missouri was yanked from the store. New Jersey/Wisconson could have access to Radar and spotter plane or Radar and Improved secondaries. Either or, they'd be a good alternative for those who want a battleship and not a post treaty heavy cruiser.
  5. Because according to Flamu, Z-39 is trash tier and a liability to the team. Also, i'm very syprised Flint and Haida didn't make that list. Is smoke on cruisers not so OP after all? i give Belfast's op'ness to her access to Radar and Hydro at the same time.
  6. Crokodone

    US Tenth Fleet

  7. Crokodone

    PT, balance changes

    The .5 second buff to New York is appalling There is no way to notice .5 seconds off of a 31s reload. Tge problem with New York is her middle turret and HE vulnerable plating scheme, bot dpn. For something like a CL, that buff might be significant, but half a second on major artillery??? Refarding plane spotting, memory serves it was capped at 11km, dont know why the berfa when DD aerial spotting is sub 3km, and nost Cruiser aerial spotting is just beyond their maximum AA range. Nore should be done for AA from historical ships than go after the damage and spotting range of planes. Regarding Kremlin, i know it sounds irrelevant but: if WG acknowledges she has a Nuclear Reactor everyone would sleep better.
  8. Crokodone

    So what changes would you make to submarines?

    What would I change of submarines? 1) No periscope speed above 15kts. 2) no level submerged speed beyond historic perameters. 3) port option between slow homing or fast straight running torpedoes. 4) deck guns as a main battery. 5) hydro baseline 6) DD version of radar on American and British boats. 7) Moored contact Mines. 8) Moored influence mines at t8-10. 9) spotter aircraft or catapult fighter on high tier Japanese Subs. 10) V-1 rocket bomb option on high tier German Subs. 11) submarines start at t4 and go every tier to tier 10. 12) AA on subs. 13) overpens cause flooding. 14) Submarines have dive times. 15) Italian Submarines get to carry manned toredoes. 16) Submarines can land forward observers or spies to auto detect enemy ships sailing near cities. 17) Submarines cannot cap when submerged, not even periscope depth. 18) Submarines get a built in dispersion reduction debuff to account for their drastically lower health. 18) Submarines have increased air detection. 19) French Submarines get speed boost. 20) German Submarines can resuply consumables to friendly ships.
  9. Crokodone

    Why is Stealth Radar a Thing Again?

    Stealth Radar never went away, it's still with us on Chapayev and has been since the into to radar. Stealth Radar was removed from Worcester and Wachita because it was the only things going for those ships and the DD mafia is always in search of more vulnerable victims. But if there's something more formidable than the DD mafia, it's Stalin's own Gulag. Therefore Chapayev and the upcoming Soviet ships will have their radars unscathed, and DD mafia bathed!
  10. Crokodone

    What is your goal?

    although quite a noob with CVs, the Audacious and Kremlin are my next two goals.
  11. Sounds like you need to defragment your drives or get a new processor. On my old computer it got so bad i had to quit until black Friday where bought a new computer. The new computer wasn't even an upgrade, it simply had a better processor. Before i would load 2-5 minutes after the battle began. Now, it's usually within 30 seconds, ev3on a bad connection. Online gaming is an investment; even when it's ftp.
  12. Crokodone

    CV rockets need a nerf

    Simulator has little to do with historical accuracy. I could go on, but I'm eating my dinner.
  13. Crokodone

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    You either meant to quote someone else or something because my statement had nothing to o with the event at all. Just buffs to out dated or over nerfed ships.
  14. Crokodone

    ok, time to restore Worcesters radar range maybe?

    Am I? You said "all DDs" guess who's trolling now? Not to mention it is the present we're talking about. Even in the past before or after the rework, the DD and CL interaction hadn't changed since the introduction of Radar. Your argument is literally gabbing on behalf of unparalleled lazyiness for the most science breaking class since submarines. The simple fact you said a DD can't outspot a Worcester is but annother nail in your credibility and your trying to hold meta responsible: LoL! Even way back then, te Worcester Nerf was out of touch and out of context and completely undeserved. Especially when the ship lacked armor and torpedoes. If radar lasted a minute plus like Hydo, maybe DDs hiding in this smoke screen would have a partial argument: News Flash! They don't. And because they don't have a plausible argument you don't; especially at tier 10. Where most DDs have -6km stealth and 13-20km hyper cavitation torpedoes. This obstruction of yours is simply an ongoing effort to abuse game mechanics at others expense with no regards for your fellow player, the game developer or even the science of naval warfare.
  15. Crokodone

    ok, time to restore Worcesters radar range maybe?

    Except i do, what i don't do is sing your mafioso tune.