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  1. Someone doesn't appreciate 20th century naval warfare.
  2. Crokodone

    Hot Spot Tactics 101

    And is something borderline irrelevant to the OP's map strategy highlight. There are already 3 prominent CCs in YouTube that cover exactly what you're talking about. To ask the OP to do that in literature guide for an mmo's is out of context. Especially when it involves beginners or people knot knowing what they're confronting.
  3. Crokodone

    Hot Spot Tactics 101

    That's a wild goose chase. Humans aren't RTS bots, everyone knows the fleet composition and consumable layout is borderline infinate; why not ask him what's in Victor Kingsley's corporate calendar instead of what player infidel#1000 has kitted out on his destroyer. The positions the OP highlighted are solid from what I can tell. The only downside, is that those positions have expiration times, based on the composition and casualties of both teams. I thank the OP for posting these, even though I'm a veteran player I don't know everything.
  4. Crokodone

    Hot Spot Tactics 101

    Maybe in an organized competition but for randoms and ranked, I see highlighted positions for being useful; especially when you or someone new don't know what to do or what's going on. The later is very hard because the variety of ships and capabilities in WoWs sway from one extreme to the next. It's one of the reasons there's so many complaints on the forums, misunderstanding of ships. Very few CCs ever touched on map positioning, and when they did, they omitted specific information. Unlike some people, many people need specific information to function in certain roles. For a game that encourages changing roles (classes) it's about time that sparse information becomes common. Unless you want to be content with lemming trains and border flights.
  5. Crokodone

    Why Why Is This Ship Not In The Game

    Ishizuchi's got some pretty good hull plating for ap/HE defense. Her actual weakness is poor AP penetration Gun count isn't Myogi's problem, it was accuracy and shell penetration. In not in front of my computer but Wyoming's speed isn't her weakness, but her thin plating is. Nikolao's weakness used to be turret health and a relatively high citadel. AA isn't a weakness, torpedo belt and AP bombs are. Those aren't weaknesses, Kaiser has none unless you're calling out maneuverability and historical accuracy. For Orion, the problem for me is the AP performance and turtleback. Personally, AP performance, turtleback, torpedo belt plating and range are game changers for battleships.
  6. Crokodone

    Best Seal Clubber?

    The t2-4 bracket is a tumultuous world of it's own. For t2, you can't go wrong with V-25. The V-25 is arguably the most unique and tier for tier powerful DD in the market. V-25 has forward firing torpedoes and very good guns. Memory serves she can stealth torpedoes with concealment expert. I don't have many t2 ships but V-25 is probably one of the biggest reasons WG restrict directives to +t5. At T3, if you could get or have her from a loot box or super container, Konig Albert; the darn thing is almost unstoppable. Otherwise, ST. Louis or Charleston. The St. Louis sisters are tough because of their hidden coal bunkers and 100mm HE proof (literally) side belts and large caliber [152mm] for t3 cruiser guns. The t4 seal clubbers have more varieties with Kaiser, Frient, Isolaze, Kuma, Shenyang, Wyoming and Hosho. All are nightmares in the right hands and ultra competitive. Wyoming has better AA than the cruisers in her tier.
  7. Crokodone

    Tears of the Desert Map tactics 101

    Yes, color code the playbook arrows. The southernmost positions should be avoided by slower ships while the southern spawn north positions are not favorable to island dependent HE spammers do to so much exposure to fire. Early game the middle should be avoided unless its domination or epicenter. Maybe a big red (X) sign until 8-12 minutes into the battle to discourage friendlies from wondering into any crossfires.
  8. To be fare, in the world of long range, high shell velocity cruisers, it's no surprise, the releatidly power crept and historical Des Moines and Salem are being overtaken by Japanese imperial starships stranded at sea. Or Hitler's time traveling twelve gun turtleback machine. Still, it could actually be much worse.
  9. Crokodone

    Why Why Is This Ship Not In The Game

    More like the as is, and t4 with a turtleback. We don't start seeing guns larger than 305s until t5.
  10. Crokodone

    First Kraken Unleashed !!

    keep em sinking OP!!! I know the feeling. The sensation I got when I landed my first solo warrior. Keep sinking that enemy team and aid friendlies...
  11. LWM, between the communities of the east and west, your a gem of your own caliber. i dont know if your religious, im not either but the creator created someone special when he created you. even today, its spectacularly hard to imagine a functioning adult putting that much time and effort into an mmo. Wonderful work and thank you for your sweat and time...
  12. Crokodone

    One narrow one wide

    With this kind of behavior, WG should simply implement naval mines so the global torpedo hit rate will increase.
  13. The ignore feature is for children. If he's getting to you that much, report him for harrassment.
  14. Let's not encourage anybody to make maps any bigger. Some maps are arguably too big already, Larger maps would give the necessary room for more counter play by the smaller and more strategic classes. Crossfire is critical in any victory.