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  1. Next steel ship?

    We had Jets for a long time. With the CV revamp and increased in consumables, i'd say its inevitable and natural; frosting on the cake if you will.
  2. Next steel ship?

    We already have post ww2 content
  3. Next steel ship?

    Graff Zeppelin winks
  4. Next steel ship?

    O really? Enterprise said hi!
  5. RN DDs Confirmed for 0.7.9

    Bring us news on Alaska, i just hit 750k fxp and i need to know if i can buy something. Idk how people hoard so much fxp.
  6. This kindnof thinkimg is exactly why people cry CVs are OP... then go on to whine about 10 kill cv games because nobody on his team bothered to invest in AA talents and techniques.
  7. RN T9 DD: Jutland

    It was because of the DD player base compaining about BB pens that floated the idea.
  8. Maube you should filter out you before you play competitive pvp game.
  9. If Alaska goes in as a steel there is going to be an earthquake god willing@!!@
  10. T8 -10. Raked again??????

    T1 is too basic, while t2 givesn choice and t3 is dynamic. Tier 4 would be better than the lower three while t7 is the most exciting of them all.
  11. - IAMCOMMANDER - Time to VOTE

    Unfortunate? More like a catastrophe, Jingles deserves to win and if he can't? Let him in on his own catagory. His contributions for Wargaming products has to amount for something.
  12. T8 French DD Le Terrible

    GL hitting her with any gun American, especially 5/38s and 4.7s
  13. Should Destroyers Have Sea Mines?

    Mines were anchored in place. In addition, there was no speed restring the laying of mines. however sea state could have an effect. Toepedoes in lieue of torps is not practical as torpedoes have their own mounts.
  14. Should Destroyers Have Sea Mines?

    The number of players that have no respect for naval warfare is astounding. Likely so, naval mines would drastically diversify destroyers and bring into being a new meaning of area denial. Furthermore, naval mines would free up the WoWs balancing team regarding destroyers and Aircraft Carriers, redirecting the focus from torpedoes to Mines. Destroyers with speed could focus on mines while future CVs could replace DBs with mine layers. The opportunities presented by mines are immense.