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  1. Last time i became someone's devistating strike, i was in my Des Moines quietly shooting feom behind the islands at C cap on Hot Spot and a Montana drifts into view 10.7km away. The dude had been holding his fire for nearly five minutes just to derp some radar cruiser in the face. Well, At least it wasn't torpedoes...
  2. Crokodone

    No CV sniping...

    Without fraternizing with the enemy...
  3. Crokodone

    No CV sniping...

    Do you have a replay? If not https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19060/ One of the reasons for enabling replays is to verify and remedy shenanigans.
  4. Crokodone

    The most entertaining thing in WOWS

    Popping a radar on a Kamikaze in a smoke screen 6km away in my Atlanta... P.S DFAA ambushing kaga planes and knee capping his entire strike...
  5. Crokodone

    Is Iowa a straight upgrade from North Carolina?

    If NC was tier 9, she'd be a straight upgrade over iowa. North Carolina has an 11.8km stealth and 27km firing range. The only clear cut advantage Iowa has over a t8 NC is the artillery plotting room and speed. The penetration on Iowa's guns are slightly greater, but at the expense of range and stealth. Iowa only gets 23.4km range and (memory serves) 12.2km stealth. Iowa is more side grade than upgrade; upgrade because pf the t9 artillery plotting room and +6kts of speed.
  6. Crokodone

    what happen to the cv rework thread?

    Why was it unpinned?
  7. Events like this should be apart of the game via game mode. Well done both parties and thanks for sharing.
  8. She could be done. Give Maine wyoming gun handling and improved maneuverability or secondary gun firing range and she's a wrap.
  9. Crokodone

    Yahagi and Japanese CL's

    Im sorry but im not a fan of paper ships. I'd wrather have ships actually built or building armed with 20km long lance torpedoes than a napkin HE spammer. Thats why every line shouldn't be going to tier 10nand instead branching into other tiers.
  10. Anything other than monsterous amounts of armor and ridiculous power to weight ratio would have worked for Japanese heavies. WG could have given them the duel armament system used by last years holoween tanks and it would have made the whole line competitive without being unstoppable unless you sacrificed all your profits just for a chance at making them pause. I literally sold every tier 4 to tier 7 tank including Matilda t29 because of those monstrosities.
  11. Crokodone

    Yahagi and Japanese CL's

    Every tech tree line doesn't have too go to tier 10 to exist. Infact unique lines could be used to branch over to different ship lines or a route to skip certain ships. The IJN CL line could branch off at t4 and fold back into the line at t7/8.
  12. WoWs isn't WoT, there is no Chrysler K or Japanese Heavies. I play both and i tell you WG has been doing a good job keeping wows p2 progress. In wows, there is nothing you can do in a tech tree ship that you can't do in a premium ship and vice versa. In WoT, Japanese heavies made the early and mid tiers unplayable. Too much armor, too much speed, too much derp caused a balance catastrophe. I want to play my kv1 again but cant because O-i EXPERIMENTAL!
  13. Crokodone

    What is your lowest-point T10 captain ?

    Yes it is recommended, if you can afford it or need the credits. If your starting a new captain every ship past tier 5 you are really gimping yourself as +t6 ships have a tendency to scale with their captains. There are two ways to accelerate captain training: 1] a premium (higher the tier more experience earned.) 2] farm elite commander xp (only possible at 19pts.) 3] use Free Experience (not recommended but do as you wish.) 4] if you have elite commander experience (there is a plus <+> sign beneath the retraining captain after you drop him into the new boat. Press the <+> sign and it asks you if you want to use: A) Free Experience B] elite commander experience C] memory serves [gold] Unless your unicum and or have allot of the free experience flags and camouflages, free experience is extreemly hard to come by. Free experience has become ancurrency of sorts so hold on to it as hard as you can. #B is hard to come by unleas you have that 19pt captain possible only if your inlove with a certain boat (Atlanta for me) or you got it from an event. Retraining a captain is hard at first, because certain skills like last stand and adrenaline rush dont work at all during the retraining period. But skills like concealment expert, basic and advanced firing training work at ~50% Certainly better than starting a brand new 3pt captain when younhave a 15pt captain for free. Dont wver use gold, there are allot of ships and like free experience, commander experience doesn't grow on trees; unless you have a secret horde of gold laying around, it might be more worth while to use that gold to convert free experience when there is a concersion ratio sale. With the exception of my Atlanta/Cleveland & Des Moines captain, every 19pt skipper i have, transferred from a lower ship to the next. If you like a ship decide to keep her, thats when you should assign a new or seperate captain as your best ship will have your best captain. and your off/reserce ship will have your delinquent skipper. Choice is yours, but making a new captain for a t8,9,10 ship is exhausting at best, punitive at worse. Crokodone
  14. Crokodone

    What is your lowest-point T10 captain ?

    The more points your captain has, the longer/harder it is to retrain him, even in lower tier ships. If you have a premium ship, move him and grind him. Otherwise leep him in the same ship and grind him with that ship because your captain does not accumulate skill points while retraining. As for my captains at t10? The lowest i have is 17pts on Khabarovsk. Khaba captain is the exact same captain i had for each and every ship goomg up that line. I strongly suggest yiu do the same.
  15. Crokodone

    Playing Alaska more aggressively

    Its already ready! Musashi was sold along side Missouri for over a month; atleast let alaska chill in the tech tree.