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  1. Gasboy

    The Kron was never OP

    Yeah, and subs are never coming to WoWs. Oh wait...
  2. Gasboy

    Anyone else blocked on Twitter?

    Okay, but I doubt that they would block you for simply liking an "anti-WoWs" post. And even still, so what? I still think it far more likely that they've blocked you for comments you have made to them on Twitter.
  3. Gasboy

    Anyone else blocked on Twitter?

    Quite likely that you did something else around the same time that got you banned. Liking something isn't going to get you blocked. At least, I doubt Twitter would do so.
  4. Gasboy

    Iwaki and Arkansas

    Just dodge. xD I say this as an Arkansas owner. I mean, there's not even a couple of sailors with .38s firing from the flying bridge.
  5. Gasboy

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    Nah, the whole "working enough hours to get Darth Vader, you were better off getting a 2nd job" EA and... 76 Bethesda are much lower than WG.
  6. Gasboy

    The Worst Prize

    The worst you can get is 7 days premium. Doesn't sound terrible to me.
  7. Gasboy

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    I can give you as many indies who screw their customers over far worse than WG ever has. I'll start at Steam "greenlight"/"early access" and go up from there. Even "good" indies have track records where they are opaque when it comes to communication and transparency. But show me a large studio who's got a good track record these days? I used to be able to hold up Blizzard as a shining example, but I can't do that any more. Certainly not EA or Bethesda. EPIC Games? Bwahahaha. WG might be slightly tarnished, but they are pure gold when held up to those other companies.
  8. Gasboy

    WG-show us you listen to feedback.

    If they didn't listen to feedback, the game would still be called World of Battleships. The Alabama would not be available to regular players, if they didn't listen to feedback. Ships could still fire invisibly from open water. Would you enjoy a permanently invisible ship HE burning you to the ground? The minimap also contains a few things that were originally mods, and got put into the game after community suggestions were made. But of course, WG never, ever ever ever listens to us. Right? Or do you mean that they don't listen to YOU, personally? 'Cause you could singlehandedly improve the game, right? As it is, the player base is still pretty stable, despite the game ending after open water firing was removed. Oh, and after the game ended with concealment expert change. And after the last change that people didn't like.
  9. That's likely the Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon, where you notice something, and then suddenly you see it everywhere. That or confirmation bias. There might be some grumpiness left over from the CV rework, or the PR pr fiasco. But I have not noticed an uptick in either witnessing team kills, or seeing pink people on my team. I've seen calls for people to kill PR players on sight, but those get yelled down. I usually assume a pink player has accidentally torped someone, most times when I've asked, it was an accident or "someone turned into my torpedoes".
  10. Gasboy

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    How about having those as tech tree ships? I mean, there are enough USN battleships to have two lines. If you start putting them as premiums we might not get them as tech tree ships. Sumner is Yue Yang, Gleaves is Hsienyang. As with the battleships, the USN could probably field two Dd lines in WoWs. So again, let's keep the name classes for the second line. Very likely the 1944 version of West Virginia won't make it into the game. WG hasn't budged on "historical" speeds.
  11. Gasboy

    New steel ship: USS Johnston

    I don't see them nerfing the speed as balancing measure. The Black will be back as a coal ship, though. There are a number of ships in the pipeline already that could end up being steel ships.
  12. This would essentially kill matchmaker. Never going to happen. But sure, let's go with that. Of course, if someone marks you as a coward, you'll go to the gulag with all the other people marked as a coward. No overturning it either. How long do you think before people abuse this?
  13. Gasboy

    Harsh truths

    That was part of the point. You start with yourself, and work your way outwards.
  14. Gasboy

    Harsh truths

    Lol, did the Dunkerque yell about "No SUPPROT" after dying?
  15. Gasboy

    Harsh truths

    I loathe people who mash that button needlessly. xD At the beginning of the game "I NEED INTELLIGE..." It's like, "Yo, the game just started, how about you let us get into position before you do that?" Or sometimes in the middle of the game. "I NEED INT...", often the response is... have you looked at the minimap lately? xD