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  1. Well, you can play the missions to earn the PEF for free, you're not forced to buy it. If you're impatient, however... You can earn steel without having to use the PEF. So what if there are "dozens" of cruiser killers, the PEF is yet another. Yes, there are battlecruisers in the game, and WG has treated some as battleships and some as heavy/large cruisers. But that's not what you're complaining about. How is it that something you don't like is a scam?
  2. Gasboy

    PSA regarding Santa's Gift Boxes

    Then what do we get in compensation?
  3. No, it will split the community into even smaller chunks, and make getting matches more difficult.
  4. Gasboy

    WG smoke is the dumbest idea ever!

    We get it, you vape...
  5. Gasboy

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    I had the T6 Dallas waiting in port after the game had updated. I didn't have any containers nor did I open any.
  6. A few issues with this. Firstly, people often do not know what is going on with other players. Loads of times things happen and someone's screaming at you for cheating, because that person doesn't fully understand the game or mechanics. Other times, they see bad stats and just assume botter, when the player in question is simply a poor player. Or report someone as AFK because their computer is slightly better than potato, and they're still loading. The second thing is, Wargaming does not want the extra load of trying to do things manually. That requires more staff, and requires a lot of work. This is likely why they have an automated system, where only the most reported players actually get looked at by a human. Think about it. Let's say you're not playing your ship the way someone else thinks you should be playing, and they report you for "Plays poorly." You want to be banned for that? It's almost guaranteed that they can find an example of poor play on your (or anyone else's for that matter) part, because while some play is objectively bad, a lot of play can be subjectively good or bad depending on the final results. And even final results can be considered good or bad depending on your viewpoint. Do you want a minimum wage staffer with little to no practical experience in the game deciding that you played like poop, and deserve a week off?
  7. Gasboy

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Nope. I had the USN cruiser line up to the Baltimore. I ended up with the T8 Cleveland, the T6 Dallas, and the T6 to T9 heavy cruisers.
  8. Gasboy

    Who's the idiot???

    You'll always be at fault even if you say something in chat. Only if you get acknowledgement does some of the blame transfer if a friendly is hit.
  9. Gasboy

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Wouldn't it make sense then to ask for the credit value for tech tree ships that you already have, instead of demanding doubloons?
  10. Gasboy

    Mouse & Lert's Most Memorable Premiums of 2018

    Thanks for another year of premium ship reviews, Mousie! :D Happy New Year!
  11. Gasboy

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    Pretty sure you would get credits instead if you have the ships already in your port. Also, all of the info was there at the beginning, so you've only yourself to blame if you didn't read it all.
  12. Gasboy


    No, you get awarded that flag for getting the Solo Warrior achievement during a match. Much like how Detonation and First Blood achievements give you flags for getting them. You get +300% free XP for having the flag equipped on your ship
  13. Gasboy

    Mighty Prinz Missions RIP OFF!!

    And she was free if you had the T6 Cleveland in your port.
  14. Gasboy

    Lo Yang Buying Advice Wanted

    Even still, those deepwater torps have caused a few DD captains to poop themselves and desperately turn in an attempt to survive... then there's that realization and internal screaming while I make a getaway or finish them off with my guns.
  15. Subs introduced at Gamescon. IF the Russian BBs aren't yet launched, those would probably be the highlight of Gamescon if they aren't already out.