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  1. Hah. You tried to get your kid a Missouri and Musashi... but you damn near got him everything else! :D
  2. Gasboy

    About the Santa crates...

    I'm still missing a few, so I'm buying this year's.
  3. Gasboy

    Fricken Start Already!

    Yeah, but I would bet that there would be pandemonium if the OP's experience was everyone's experience, every day no matter the time of day. :P
  4. At the time I was trying to get past her: the Furutaka. Also the Bretagne. And because it really triggers my OCD... the Konigsberg and her derpy-aligned aft turrets.
  5. Gasboy

    PVE, remove capping option

    They're not that dumb.
  6. Sorry, forgot that she should be tier 4. xD
  7. Cause the amount of WoWs content to his other content is a low percentage, where as other CCs with fewer subscribers have a higher percentage of WoWs content. EDIT: OOoh, I found someone with more viewers... Pewdiepie has one World of Warships related video*, so I guess he's the biggest CC of them all at 102 million viewers. Pewdiepie captain when? *When I searched for "world of warships" on his channel, the results showed one video... couldn't be arsed to find out what in the video is WoWs related.
  8. Gasboy

    PVE, remove capping option

    The point of Co-op is not to have a killfest of red ships. It is supposed to emulate random battles, except that your opponents are all bots, and matchmaking is generally nicer. It's meant to be a "practice" mode. People can try out ship builds, or new ships, or a class they've never played before... without impacting their PVP stats, and so they don't look like a complete dufus. But there are those that play it full time, and that's fine. It's just, as I said, not meant to be a "kill them all" arena... even if it goes that way.
  9. I feel the same way. I have still not yet worked my way through all of the signal flags I got last year, and the premium ships have been great. It has, generally, been fun playing WoWs.
  10. There are still the shipbuilding tokens that you can earn simply by doing what you do anyways, playing the game. Someone will do the math and figure out how "fast" your shipbuilding needs to be in order to complete the PR. Play til you get to that point, then go do something else.
  11. Gasboy

    New Rule for Ranked

    What'd you say or do?
  12. Poor WG, they can't get a break. On the one hand, people are complaining about the "gambling" crates (likely because they are mad at spending $200 and not getting a Missouri), and on the other, we get this passive-aggressive [edited] temper tantrum because they haven't figured out how to get the doubloons for the ship duplicates. Damned if WG does, damned if they don't.
  13. Gasboy

    Fricken Start Already!

    Oh, but people would be willing to wait extra time to get perfect matchmaking... xD
  14. Gasboy

    Can someone explain...

    I was refuting the point that the CV can always take out who they want, when they want. It is, like many things, situational.