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  1. Gasboy

    pay to participate

    It has always been pay to participate. In this case, you pay with your time to complete missions.
  2. Gasboy

    Stream and Give Away

    Twitch just died. D:
  3. Gasboy

    I feel like this is a clue/code.

    http://www.papg.com/show?1TMC Aircraft carriers are 5 squares, submarines are 1. Each grid represents one player. Thus, you need at least two grids.
  4. Gasboy

    Stream and Give Away

    Decent player, excellent sound. 10/10, would watch again.
  5. Gasboy

    Stream and Give Away

    Oop, he done.
  6. Gasboy

    Stream and Give Away

    15:30, dude's still streamin'.
  7. Gasboy

    I feel like this is a clue/code.

    It's a paper game of "You Sunk my Battleship!".
  8. Have you ever wondered why there are warning labels on everything? Yes, it'd be nice if people would do more homework before buying something, anything, including pixel boats. It'd also be nice if WG would just put all the relevant info in the store page blurb so that gathering such info is much easier. People shouldn't be punished for missing a live stream, or YouTube video, even if you think (perhaps rightly?) that they're lazy arses. xD
  9. Gasboy

    Hot Takes on Atlântico?

    Yeah, I am hoping to see British battlecruisers eventually. I'll be pleased to play the Invincible, and I am looking forward to the Repulse in this upcoming dockyard event. They could have easily taken Agincourt, and put her in the Pan-American tree at tier 5. Or the other Brazilian dreadnoughts. Or any of the South American dreadnoughts.
  10. Benham is on the list, but no Somers. :(
  11. Come on, the meme specifies that you say "Colorized".
  12. Thanks, gives me something to read up on. :)
  13. Gasboy

    Great game, but

    Yes, some missions are chained, and have to be completed in a set path. Yes, some require specific ship types or specific tiers. That's just how things go. There are many games where you can only unlock things by doing specific things in that game. WoWs is no different. If you want to get every last thing in the game, you have to play all the ships, and grind all the tiers. Yes, radar and sonar are not realistic, this is done for game balance. It's meant to hard counter hiding behind smoke and islands, and "being invisible aka outside your concealment range". You can hard counter radar by using knowledge gained in game. As for making the game easier, Wargaming is a corporation. Corporations exist to make money. You can make more money from a game if more people buy and play it. So by tuning the game to a broader audience, you can make more money. That aside, radar isn't designed to make the game "easier". As for sonar and torpedoes, you can still nail people using sonar because it makes them lazy. They rely on it, and when it is on cooldown, they forget to do things like random WSAD. That's a trick more people need to learn: Randomly increasing and decreasing your speed, and making random course changes will allow you to dodge most aimed torpedo attacks. Can't do much about random Shimikaze torpedo dumps, but experience will tell you to be hyperaware whenever a Shimi is on the red team. As for water, waves and shallow areas? Yeah, it'd be nice to have a better indication of where you can potentially get stuck. Though, heh, if you want 'realism' with radar and sonar, then you also have to accept that in many areas of the world, even today, ships get stuck in shallow water due to greed, carelessness, and ignorance of local waters.