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  1. Commissar_Carl

    Mouse's Little White Christmas Reviews #1: Vanguard

    @LittleWhiteMouse, what's wrong with the Famous and Historical Monarch?
  2. Commissar_Carl

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    @LittleWhiteMouse @Lert cool! well, here's hoping for the slight chance that something comes of this.
  3. Commissar_Carl

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    that's pretty friggen' cool. As for West Virginia... I feel like that's kinda on them for not taking the pulse of the over patriotic American player-base. I can see West Virginia doing alright in Europe, Asia, and Russia where they wouldn't care bout the ships history as much, but if they had taken a decent look they probably would have been able to see this NA player riot coming and model the ship as Maryland to begin with and dodge this whole fiasco. Oh! quick question, do the proposals @Lert makes in the forums get the same WG treatment?
  4. Commissar_Carl

    Mouse's Premium Ship Proposal #1 - Prince of Wales

    can you elaborate on this please? like, was this sent direct to the devs, or is your submission to WG this thread? If I recall correctly you do have a bit of sway with WG (I think that you had a bit to do with the design of Haida, right?) but do you have their ear to the point where there is even a chance that they will look at your proposals and stop to think about them? Or is this more along the lines of wishful thinking? Anyway, I would be over the moon if they added in PoW! who cares about the fact that I have 4 tier VII RN BB's, there's room for another KGV!
  5. Commissar_Carl

    Songs You Like By Singers You Can't Stand

    I hate everything rush has ever done, to the point that I have the first 10 seconds of all of their songs memorised so I can change the channel when they menace my cars radio. but geddy lee does have 1 good song.
  6. Commissar_Carl

    British Destroyer Agility -- with Numbers

    Huh. Is this a change from the British cruisers engines? I was under the impression that while acceleration is through the roof the deceleration was lacking. Messing around in the training room I counted 20 or so seconds for a Cleveland to go from flank speed to zero when thrown into reverse, but 25 seconds for the similar Edinburgh to do the same. Am I missing something? Edit: Also, for the sake of getting a better feel for these compared to the existing ships, can you add Jervis to the Tier VII list? If it beats Sims at turning or even comes close that would give me a better idea of how these maneuver in context.
  7. Commissar_Carl

    360 degree turret rotation?

    This is great, shows that turrets for L and J classes could rotate 180 in theory. Wonder about Daring?
  8. Commissar_Carl

    360 degree turret rotation?

    @CAPTMUDDXX You are not quite getting me. I think this is a boon for balancing. I am 100% ok with it. I am not complaining. I just want to know if this was a capability of the real ships.
  9. Commissar_Carl

    360 degree turret rotation?

    With the new dev blog it was revealed that the x turret of Jervis, along with all the turrets of the lightning, Jutland, and Daring will be able to rotate 360 degrees. As far as balance goes I think this is great. But could these ships really do that? I know that in game the Haida (and I'd imagine Cossak) have 360 degree rotation on their B mounts, but Navweaps says that they have +160/-160 degrees of train. For that mount ( i think the mk XIX dual 120mm mount off the top of my head) was it able to rotate 360 but disabled fron firing in the deadzone, or could it just not rotate 360 degrees? Just want to see if anyone has answers on this.
  10. Commissar_Carl

    Premium Ship Review #108: T-61

    Isnt it sad that alarm bells were being raised about this ships power literal months ago and noone at WG said 'huh, we should take a look at that before it goes on sale.' It makes me wonder if it is part of the company policy to release objectively better boats every once in a while. Just to keep interest up or maybe nudge the meta.
  11. Commissar_Carl

    Wrong Answers Only: 14

    "There's the f****** Scheer! Open fire at her!" Captain Bell of HMS Exeter at the battle of the river plate, mistaking Graf Spee for her sister ship.
  12. Commissar_Carl

    Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Angry youtuber review soon?
  13. Commissar_Carl

    The Great Martian War

    There was a tabletop game called 'all quiet on the martian front' based on 'the war of the worlds' that acts as a continuation of the original story. It is basically dead, but it had a lot of promise and was basically tailor made for my tastes. If nothing else, it has a fantastic rulebook with tons of great worldbuilding.
  14. The Humblebrag. Is Daring good? Is Daring fun? Is Daring good fun? And is Daring absolutely dependent on a 14 pt captain to be playable?