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  1. Commissar_Carl

    My personal nightmare - HMS Thunderer

    @LittleWhiteMouse The saddest part of this whole thing is you gave WG a choice of 2 reskined RN BB's to choose from to bring into the game, and they didnt pick the one that fought the Bismarck. RIP Prince of Wales.
  2. @LittleWhiteMouse I've had this same issue as well, but it did not just pertain to WOWS. One of these two things fixed it for me. 1. If you have only wireless mice, get a wired one. I'll shill for logitech and say the G502 is pretty good. 2. If you have a different controller plugged into your computer (like a joystick or wheel) that might be it? I mean, it's a reach, but I think unplugging them stopped the issue sometimes. I haven't had to deal with it for a few weeks though, and am sure it was the mouse. Hope you figure out what's causing this, it is incredibly annoying.
  3. Commissar_Carl

    What are your 5 favorite ships?

    1. Atlanta 2. Haida 3. King George V 4.Lightning 5. Leander The Atlanta is easily the most fun, with all the dakka, great AA, great ability to fire over islands, it's just a riot. love the Haidas DD destroying playstyle (and once the DDs are dead it's pretty good at roughing up battleships and cruises with it's high damage HE) The KGV has fantastic heal, great HE,and its AP is no slouch against broadsides. Add in that it is pretty fast, pretty well armored pretty maneuverable, and it is my favorite BB Lightning has the advantages of the quick smoke, the hydro, but mostly the single fire torps and good guns. I like all the UK DD's, but lightning has that sweet spot where it all comes together. Leander is where the UK crusiers really take off. Fiji and Edinburgh are also great, but leander has better matchmaking.
  4. I drove the myokos every match for 5 days two weeks ago in order to accomplish the Exeter missions, and I did not find CV's to be a big problem even when singled for air attack. I do not play CVS very much at all. I got the ranger yesterday and the furious the day before. And at tier 6 anyway I really enjoy the gameplay, and also see the limitations that a CV faces. But in general I play other ships, and the only thing that struck me as being wholly awful was one match in the lightning where a Lexington had RDF and just hounded me for 7 minutes straight before killing me. Even then, WG is removing RDF from planes. Maybe at high tiers things are more unbalanced (like they are at tier 4) but right now I think that CV gameplay ain't bad, and neither is CV counterplay.
  5. Man, this reads like you haven't driven a carrier for even a second. You want ships to stealth fire planes from greater than 10 km away? At that point carriers are worthless and should just be removed, which I bet is what you really want at the end of the day.
  6. Tier 4 CVS are very frustrating. The Hermes I find to be somewhat tolerable, but the Langley is just about irredeemable in my book. Haven't tried hotshot, and don't really want to. My advice is to get good at the mechanics at this tier, and the give up on it and either get tier 6 carriers, or just give up on carriers. I'm working on getting the furious and ranger, and will see them if there is any hope for cv's. I like the gameplay, just wish I felt like I was making a difference when playing them.
  7. Commissar_Carl


    These ships actually have pretty similar captain skills, but I will put in my recommendations. The smoke expert is useless. It will not allow the ship to move faster in creeping smoke, and it is very hard for other ships to benefit from creeping smoke anyway. Use adrenaline rush. Personally, I would use BFT over superintendant. That benefits Haida more than Perth, but the extra AA is something, and the dpm boost to haida is very nice. Apart from that, looks good.
  8. Commissar_Carl

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    Is this gamerblog a trustworthy source? I find this a bit hard to swallow. Either their data must say it is underperforming, or they are just doing the same thing they did with giulio cesare (buffing a good ship after release into op-ness) and we all know how that is turning out. Maybe my dream of tier 6 exeter isn't dead. It may just be reached in the worst way possible.
  9. Commissar_Carl

    Premium Ship Review #121: Exeter

    Ok, we can fix Exeter in 3 easy steps. 1. Make a community enforced ban on people playing this ship with low winrates. 2. Use above average and unicom players to inflate stats. 3. Wargaming moves Exeter up to tier 6 because it is over performing. Everyone's happy. Personally, glad that I can earn this ship, cause I ain't buying in this condition. Glad that Alaska can be earned for free too. I get my goodies without supporting the questionable choices WG has been making.
  10. Commissar_Carl

    Have you sold your Saipan?

    I sold my Saipan and I actually like the CV gameplay (eh, the principal of it anyway, needs balancing) but I wanted doubloons for a lo yang.
  11. @LittleWhiteMouse, what's wrong with the Famous and Historical Monarch?
  12. @LittleWhiteMouse @Lert cool! well, here's hoping for the slight chance that something comes of this.
  13. that's pretty friggen' cool. As for West Virginia... I feel like that's kinda on them for not taking the pulse of the over patriotic American player-base. I can see West Virginia doing alright in Europe, Asia, and Russia where they wouldn't care bout the ships history as much, but if they had taken a decent look they probably would have been able to see this NA player riot coming and model the ship as Maryland to begin with and dodge this whole fiasco. Oh! quick question, do the proposals @Lert makes in the forums get the same WG treatment?
  14. can you elaborate on this please? like, was this sent direct to the devs, or is your submission to WG this thread? If I recall correctly you do have a bit of sway with WG (I think that you had a bit to do with the design of Haida, right?) but do you have their ear to the point where there is even a chance that they will look at your proposals and stop to think about them? Or is this more along the lines of wishful thinking? Anyway, I would be over the moon if they added in PoW! who cares about the fact that I have 4 tier VII RN BB's, there's room for another KGV!
  15. Commissar_Carl

    Songs You Like By Singers You Can't Stand

    I hate everything rush has ever done, to the point that I have the first 10 seconds of all of their songs memorised so I can change the channel when they menace my cars radio. but geddy lee does have 1 good song.