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  1. So, someone just posted about adding cold war ships into the game. Another guy posted in response And I'm just sitting here thinking that I would like to play the ships that would make up the battlelines of WWI. Now, you may say that those ships already exist in the game, a lot of the ships that fought in WWI are indeed already modeled. The only problem with them is that they are confined to low tiers where the whole batter of consumables that a line gets is not fully introduced, or at tier 5, facing uptiers to tier 7 while the less capable ships at tier 2-3-4 only have to deal with +-1 MM. Add to that that no missions allow you to play any ship below tier 5, and there is no reason to dip your toes into the WWI arena. further than this, the guns are pitifully short ranged, and in many cases woefully inaccurate. they just ain't fun. Which leads me to my novel idea. What if we did embrace pre-dreadnought, and instead of having something like Yamato at tier 10, we had a dreadnought mode where the tier 10s would cap out at Queen Elizabeth (in WWI guise), Bayern (in WWI guise), or perhaps cutoff at the Washington naval treaty's signing? Honestly, this solves a few "problems" with the base game. Got a issue with radar? there is no radar! Got a issue with aircraft carriers? there aren't any! OK, there's HMS Argus, there's USS Langley, there's Hosho... that's it. It would allow WG to balance the WWI ships a bit more in line with how they were, with greater ranges and accuracy that makes them more enjoyable to play. Now, if World of Warships but just with older ships wasn't appealing on its own, perhaps I could entice you with a interesting mechanic? What if each ship had slaved to it a pair of bots, that you could have some control over? they would sail with you, following your maneuvers and would accept limited commands on what formation to take, what targets to shot at, and when to fire torpedoes. in this way you could have that WWI line of battle feel, as well as make the battles feel grander in scale. Let me know what you think.
  2. Commissar_Carl

    Real waves

    If the ship is pitching and yawing (which I visually agree with, nothing more disappointing than being in a "cyclone" and not feeling like I'm in one) that is going to affect targeting. Even if the ship is not rising and falling on its centerpoint, the pitch and yaw may affect shell impacts (if the bow dips down and you aimed at the bow you'll miss a shot you otherwise would not have) and that may sour people on this idea. Me? I'm all for it.
  3. Commissar_Carl

    Ships of the Line: Royal Navy AA Cruisers

    @mofton oh, did not know that the stats were already kinda in game. May just use those then. as for fire chance, we'll see. still have a lot of question marks for stats and depending on the reload rates that I come to 6% may just be blatantly too much.
  4. Commissar_Carl

    Ships of the Line: Royal Navy AA Cruisers

    OK, last shell, the 4"/45 Mk XVI in the Mk XIX mount. for being such a prolific gun, the fact that its AP performance has never been modeled is interesting, and does give me room for balancing. Unfortunately, the fact that I cannot even find a AP penetration figure anywhere does mean that I don't have anything to aim for, which is annoying. further, there are statitics to this gun that are too good as is. the main one being a 6% fire chance. This is just too high given the rates of fire that I am anticipating. What this all means is that I will be scratch building a lot of these characteristics. for the HE shell, 1500 max damage and a 4% fire chance does seem alright, subject to change of course, but I do like the idea of this shell being less able to start fires than a american 5" shell. the AP shell would do 1700 damage on a pen. calculating the drag coefficent based on the range ratios between this and the 4.5" cannon we get .379. the shell has a mass of 17.35 kg and a muzzle velocity of 811 m/s, so all that is left is the krupp value. I put this at 1900 (halfway between the 102mm on the wakeful, and the 120 on acasta) and fed this through the calculator. And with that, I have all the ballistics for the line mapped. All thats left is to nail down AA and DPM values for the ships and we'll be 100% done.
  5. Commissar_Carl

    What part of this would be fun for a new player?

    There's a lot of truth in this thread. Personally, while the game really promotes endgame content, I think that there should be incentives for players to play low tier battles, just to fill lobby and give new players a better feel for how the game will be. Don't know what to do about op premiums though.
  6. Commissar_Carl

    ST, Adjustment Firing mechanics

    I'm not going to rule it out right off, and it would benefit me, but would this create a even greater gap between skilled and unskilled players? Interested to see it tested at any rate!
  7. @Lert Would the airstrikes be detected by a friendly ship outside of smoke? Or is it literally that if you are in smoke you can't see it even if a friendly ship a kilometer away can?
  8. Usually, the detection range for aircraft is so great that provided that you are not so far out of range alone, or last one alive on a flank, you will see the airplanes coming. I do not think that this is as big a advantage as you think it is. I have put a bit of effort into the "single ship cannot see planes outside of a smokescreen" issue, as that is something that needed to be resolved for my RN AA cruiser proposal. Basically, my line would have kinda short duration smoke screens that they would be able to shoot aircraft out of. If you are the only person on your team in the training room (and LWM is on the other) then you don't get the advantage of other ships spotting for you. Thats how I tested it, and saw the feature you mentioned. I was so concerned this would blow up my fake ship line that I invented a new consumable, but people pointed out that other ships would spot aircraft for you. Are the detection ranges for the airstrike craft listed?
  9. Commissar_Carl

    ST 0.10.4, new ships

    So the Dutch ships,we'll see, but all in all I am pleased they are being added and interested in seeing how they play. Unless the thought is that the Dutch have enough ships for a bb and destroyer line too I do not know why they are not being added to the pan European tree, similarly to Swedish destroyers. I really, really think that Congress is a step in the wrong direction for the game and hope to see at a minimum major remodeling and rebalancing, at most just full stop cancellation.
  10. But this thread is all the better for it.
  11. First of all, I'm flattered. Second, is there a sauce on WG releasing their R&D team? That's a big deal.
  12. You know why people are really upset by the fact that this is a Alaska at tier 8 with 2 less guns? Why people are upset that this isn't modeled correctly according to its doodle on the back of a napkin? Its because this ship really makes it look like wargaming has just said "ehhh, screw it" and given up. Let's not think about the looks and accuracy for a moment. This ship will change the meta at tier 8 for competitive play, clan battles, anything with tier caps because it is basically getting a free battleship for a cruiser slot. A battleship with radar and DFAA mind you. The fact that supercruisers have been removed because they were bad for the meta, and then they throw one in a tier lower that needs to be bought in order to remain competitive reeks of a cash grab. Even without the competitive play thing, the fact that this will fight tier 6 ships will get people to buy it because its going to be hilariously broken. And now we get to why the modeling matters. If this ship was modeled more or less according to the doodle, that would take some time, some care, some investment. Wargaming would have some skin in the game. Yes, it would still be horrible for the meta, but it would look like wargaming tried. This looks like wargaming threw together over the course of a week a ship that is a must buy for competitive play, and broken overpowered for regular play, for the minimum price they could. That seems like a cash grab. That is a friggen cash grab.
  13. Again, the worst thing about this ship is that it cannot fail to make money with how few new assets will have to be modeled. If it does not fail to make money WG can interpret it as being a wanted good-for-meta successful ship and start flooding the tier with those. Look, I'm not going to say that everything WG does is bad. They are working on the commander skills, and a few of the upcoming premiums they have in the pipe look pretty cool. But this is basically all the worst design choices rolled into one. This makes me more apprehensive for the games future than anything else.if this is how they intend to monetize from here on in, oof.
  14. Commissar_Carl

    Are we getting 1047?

    Oh God please don't give them any ideas.
  15. Commissar_Carl

    Block political posts

    You talking posts, or comments? Any political comments you could either just ignore (as I do) or watch them get ratioed and yelled down. I do not see there being a big problem with politically charged posts, I haven't seen any at any rate.