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  1. What Class do you Main?

    Added follow up questions for a more detailed breakdown. Thats dumb. can't answer questions that I added. If you are unable to answer the new questions but want to just answer in the comments, and I'll read them.
  2. What Class do you Main?

    I will. oh, oh no. you still think this is a bad survey if the edit is to be believed. is there anything I can do to improve it?
  3. What Class do you Main?

    I think you will find that there is.
  4. What Class do you Main?

    added bacon
  5. What Class do you Main?

    Just wanted to get a feel from the community as to what class of ship they like to play most and if most players "Main" a certain class. I have a bit of a theory that I want to get data on.
  6. Mouse Makes More Medals

    While my medal may not promote good gameplay (although hopefully it incentivises taking out low health targets and focus fire) yours absolutely does not. If people activly try to go for krakens and under 20,000 damage that would be real bad for whoever is on that guys team.
  7. @Umikami Alright, now that i can see the plan in full i get it more... but there are several issues that are overlooked. The chief one is radar. The RAF would have identified the aircraft coming and scrambled their night fighters. By 1942 the bristol beaufighter has proven itself greatly at shooting down bombers, and against ju 52s i have to imagine that that would continue. The germans dont get good nightfighting capability untill autumn 1942. More to come.
  8. It would be worthwhile to read the rest of this thread. It goes pretty in depth on why sealion would have basically ruined the nazi war effort if it was launched.
  9. Mouse Makes More Medals

    Dont know if this promotes good playstyle, but... Kill secured. Destroy an enemy warship that is currently targeted by another player, doing less than 5 percent of total damage to the enemy ship.
  10. Premium Ship Review #105: HMCS Haida

    Just realized that if i win my next battle I will top the WOWS Numbers chart for winrate in Haida. Currently at 29 battles with 76% win rate. Would be 22nd in PR though. I blame my ISP. Internet dropped me in 3 matches that I could have done far more in. I really love this ship. EDIT: so of course my team loses, and of course it is basically my fault despite getting confederate and topping the team. got rushed by a gajah mada in my smoke, and instead of just lighting him up with the cannons while he was outside of Auto-detect range I tried to torp him. If i had just shot the 2/3 volleys that I would have gotten off it would have allowed me to kill him, and then we could have won. It is a lesson hard learned. And so, I get to be so close... but so far away. If I had did that, I would have had the highest win rate for Haida commanders... in the world. EDIT II: I wish WOWS- Numbers would update, because I may have cracked the top. currently at 75.76% Win rate with 33 games played. Don't want to touch Haida again until I can see if I did it. the suspense is killing me. EDIT III: I DID IT!
  11. Strike that, reverse it. US tank armor was softer and more ductile so it had great resistance to spalling. Dont really know british armor traits. Soviet armor was very hard, but they at least had access to alloying materials to keep it from shattering (post 42, before that there were real armor quality issues) German armor arguably had the most issues. While they generally had the correct hardness for plate thickness they did not have good heat treatment techniques or access to important alloying materials, therefore german armor was usually very succeptible to spalling, shattering, and plate and weld failure.
  12. @UmikamiAgain, if you could describe the plan to invade the UK in one post in detail that would be a lot easier to follow than piecing it together over the course of many posts. could also refute Guardians description of your plan, which isn't super flattering.
  13. I'm giving it one last college try. but i'm thinking that reason will probably not prevail. now i'm just wondering what you could say to make Umi think you were biased to favor the Japanese. Seeing his posts... individual has their own biases. I mean, everyone does, but you shouldn't let your biases... rewrite the laws of physics and history to support them.
  14. folks, we are getting a little off topic, we ought to be trying to determine if the battle of britain could have been lost. or at a minimum trying to decipher Umikami's plan and explain why it probably won't work.
  15. But we didn't need to concentrate on one front because we actually didn't and were successful anyway. And our agenda stated that the continuation of the british as the main european power and the defeat of germany would be best for the US national interest. Again, if you could describe the plan to invade the UK in one post in detail that would ne a lot easier to follow than piecing it together over the course of many posts.