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  1. I see Niko is On patrol this morning

    But the largest question on the table is... Is Niko still a corgi or are we not able to assign species anymore let alone what gender is represented today. Row
  2. I see Niko is On patrol this morning

    this tread has all sorts of legs to it. I see it trying to go far but will really won't.
  3. How does the Kaga stand up against the AA spec Nor Cal? My highest plane kills were 59 against a T7 carrier in one battle. I also have the fighter module for extra fun in the sun. Thanks Row
  4. While I am taking an extended break from the game right now, what I haven't read in the many posts, too many to follow, are the resources the team has. First, if I remember right, there are shore batteries that fire a very long way but are AI controlled. I do not know how useful they are but they are something. and they can be targeted by the red AI bots. You can either use these as a distraction and land free shots on the incoming fleet. If they get destroyed the liberty ships come out and fix them. Second, the liberty ships allow you to heal if you are close enough to port. To me this means faster ships, possibly cruisers, can fight off a wave and if they are damaged run back get healed and return to the fight. I don't think there is any rule stating you have to yolo and become a reef. Third, at least in one video you get a tier 8 carrier that spawns right in the middle of the map and gets focused down pretty fast. If the players know this and the general position of the spawn move to support it and sink the middle flank. I would expect a tier 8 carrier to be a huge boost to the team. I am sure there are other resources available but like I said I am not playing right now so .... Row
  5. Red Alert - Holiday Weekend inbound

    So that is good news as I will fly through the last 3 stages of the Bismarck event and get a shinny new BB to make potato chips with over a long weekend. Is it okay to substitute a non-alcoholic beverage of choice in the drinking game. I can't drink so I need to enjoy in other ways. Row
  6. Detonation has to be removed

    I am a little confused, is this rant about being detonated, bad players, or MM? I need to know which to provide a snappy but sarcastic reply to. Row
  7. The Hood even worth it?

    I am just happy I can get the Bismarck without having to finish the T6 & T7 grinds. I already have the Scharnhorst so I don't really need another T7 BB. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Row
  8. Will start step 5 this weekend and finish one each day since it is a 3 day weekend for me. No rush and I will try my best not to go full tilt after the second game. Row
  9. I will miss this after 0.6.6 update

    What will be fun to watch are the captains that think because the citadel was lowered they won't get wiped out for being broadside. Oh the tears will be awesome as they realize broadside is still a bad and angling is your friend. Row
  10. Grats on the milestone. I am always somewhat in awe at the people like you who find the time to do what you do when RL is still out there. Row
  11. Cap or kill?

    Capping is one of the highest exp earners in the game. if I am capping then my team has the remaining time to catch and sink the remaining red ships. I will not give up a +1 in the win column on the chance my team can secure a win by killing the red fleet. Row
  12. Warships Today

    Mine won't update either but it is nice to look at all the pretty blue colors Row P.S. Now it updates to the recent status due to the event and I am red. Oh well
  13. If we can use the ARP ships I have about 10 total in that tier range and if the earning capability is between PVE and full PvP then I think that is a perfect fit for those that are looking for something different we can jump into if we get bored with either of the current modes. Row
  14. Enough is enough

    I saw this a lot this weekend which to be honest I expected. I am just focusing on the exp / damage dealt tasks to complete each step. I can directly control these actions purely by my play. I will continue to have this focus but I expect not to win too much for the next 16 days or so but I will have a shinny new Bismarck to play in later this week. Row
  15. How was your weekend spree?

    Well without reviewing Warships today, because I am at work, I completed the first 4 steps towards the Bismarck, I have 20 of 24 badges and 14 duplicates. I did unlock the Izumo by grinding out the Amagi and found the Scharnhorst is a champ at tasks that require damage / main battery hits to complete. But I did all of this solo and with friends and I feel I lost 80% of the battles this weekend but that is just my bias kicking in and I should be able to make it to the end and get the one ship that I really want. Row