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  1. Queen of Battle Flag.

  2. No CV Option

    Cry me a river. I seem to recall CV's being at a few naval engagements in WW2. Learn to be situationaly aware of whats happening around you
  3. TK Pink and silly people.

    I have been turned pink on several occasions I normaly accept that it is a risk of the game what annoys me us when it is all clear on the map you fire 10km or longer torps and some one sails into the. They ignore the warnings on the screen about the presence and imment tgreat of my torps. Regardless i strive to do better each game.
  4. Radar Groundhog Day

    Suck it up buttercup. If you cant get better at how you play DD the play some other ship mabey a BB or CV
  5. Supercontainer Rewards Thread

    I have not gotten a super-container in nearly 4 months its like collecting hens teeth. What has happened to them ?????????????????

    Did a complete reinstall of the Game it is working now

    Ok so the invite was able to be sent but when I click on the button that says go to invite it open the clan tab and I get stuck at the loading wheel.

    Ok I removed my mods and it still gives me the loading wheel. The Clan page wont load Also my tags are not showing in battle and Im still not showing on the roster

    When my clan commander tries to invite me to the clan we keep getting this error "An error occurred when inviting player to the clan this user account does not meet requirements" My clan tags on my screen come and Go, when I log into the game it displays the tab next to profile tab on my screen but when I try to open it the Tab the loading wheel just keeps spinning. My clan mates cannot see me on the roster. When I division up the TAB for the clan disappears. As does the clan tag at the front of my name. Please help
  10. Error Connecting Server. Unknown error

    i Put in a ticket already this is their response Hey Ecka_The_Wrecker,Thanks for your interest in World of Warships and for contacting our NA Support Team!We would like to ask you to please compile and attach a Pingplotter log to get a better idea of your network connectivity.You can download the Standard version of Pingplotter at the following:www.pingplotter.com/downloads/pngplt_std.exeTo complete the test, please perform the following:1. First please close all open applications including torrents, DC-clients, ICQ, Web Browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and the like), and Mail clients etc... As these can interfere with the connection test results.2. Launch pingplotter and maximize the window.3. Change the Trace Interval option in the lower left hand corner to 2.5 seconds.4. In the "Target Name" field please type in the IP address of the following server and then press enter. for the World of Warships Open Beta Server*******Please allow this test to run for at least 20 minutes*******5. Finally we would like you to please click "file" (in the upper left hand of you screen), then "save sample set", save the file and then attach it to your reply.Please also let us know what OS you are using and if you are using a wired or wireless connection.Once we have the files mentioned above; we can continue our troubleshooting process.We appreciate your patience when dealing with this issue.Best Regards,Jonathan BryantWargaming America SupportYou can always check your ticket status by logging into our Support Portal: https://na.wargaming.net/support/Please don't forget to fill out our survey once your ticket has been completed. Just courious how many of us have upgraded to windows 10 ?
  11. Error Connecting Server. Unknown error

    Yes it was a clean install i deleted the whole directory and uninstalled Aslans through add remove programs
  12. Error Connecting Server. Unknown error

    After the latest patch which I installed without issue. I went to play the game and received the error message Error connecting to server. Unknown error. I then removed my mods (Aslans Mod Pak) the game would still not load same error so I uninstalled and reinstalled 4 time each time I received the same error. I am still receiving the same error when attempting login to the game. Any suggestion gratefully received
  13. Where to Download the game.

    lol well i guess you got me too ill admit i just had to click on the link lol
  14. Torpedoes

    torpedos just like artillery do have duds if you want to use that term a dud is ordnance which after being fired from the discharging device weather that be a cannon or firearm or even a torpedo tube which fails to detonate or discharge. I would anticipate that there is a chance that in the game we may see this reflected in the game mechanics