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  1. mdolsen

    Your very first Premium was?

    Same here....was a good buy!
  2. mdolsen

    How many is your losing streak?

    Generally, 4 or 5 losses in a row will be enough indication that I should play another game for a while...but it rarely happens, my bad streaks don't go on particularly long.
  3. mdolsen

    Remove Torps from DD gun botes.

    Where to these people come from? How do they survive in their day to day lives?? Jebus........
  4. mdolsen

    Texas AA nerf

    I play my Texas quite a bit, and have noticed no change. Some games are fine, other games (especially when you have absorbed a large number of HE hits, destroying your mounts.) are less good. The AA values, as previously stated, are unchanged. It's a ship whose AA is punished heavily by being HE focused.
  5. mdolsen

    Darned premium ship sales!

    De Grasse is very good, then Atago.
  6. mdolsen

    Should I skip HMS Emerald?

    While the Emerald is not very good, the grind is so short that it's a waste of free xp to skip her.
  7. Don't think you are right sir. I got a T-61 from a large crate.
  8. I don't find this tough or grindy in the least. I usually play a couple of scenarios, and 5 or 6 random battles most days, and it auto-completes without having to think about it.
  9. mdolsen

    WG Launcher is GARBAGE

    No issues with the Game center for me. Smooth sailing.
  10. mdolsen

    what did you buy with your 30% coupon?

    Bought a year of Premium. Decent Price.
  11. mdolsen

    50 Battle Mark.

    Mastery is too much of a blanket statement for me, as there is always something you can focus on to fix in your play, let alone all the new ships that come out that play significantly differently from prior content. That being said, between closed beta, beta, and live, I would say I felt like I was pretty good at around 1500 games.
  12. Same for me - as long as there are event going, or missions to do, I play most days, and enjoy myself.
  13. mdolsen

    Dear WarGaming...

    While I don't agree with much of what you said, on the tier 10 ranked battles, you are exactly right.
  14. I would love to try this out.....as always, a great post LWM!