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  1. jotabe

    CV Player issue with karma

    in 3 pages what i've learned is that: People put a lot of expectations on CV... but they expect different things about that CV... some expect the CV player to hunt the entire match for DDs. Others expect to farm... and last but not least, expect to scream high enough for Wargaming to take CVs out of the game. the last of you, guys... sound so much like Regia Marina during WW2... CVs have counter... i've just explained some before... people not wanting to learn how to play against CVs are not CV player problems. CVs are hard enough as they are for them to be further nerfed. Sorry for anyone throwing Karma, but it's not like i care about you, i care about the WG removing that stupid way of rant who penalizes players just for play
  2. jotabe

    CV Player issue with karma

    i've been one-salvo killed on my perfectly new Tier 8 BB by a lone IJN DD, and i didn't even get te chance to see the DD NOR THE TORPS up until it was waaaay to late for even defensive maneuvers. You can't do that on a CV... 1st off you can't oneshoot anything, but also your planes will ever get seen before strike
  3. jotabe

    CV Player issue with karma

    Its not like i can't sleep for Karma... but i've left playing the game for maybe 2 years and came back just a few months ago... i didn't think Karma meaned so little for comunity and WG... on the other hand... i find somehow funny how everybody says its not important yet everybody uses it... being the more annoying the DD who suggest me not to care abut karma and in the next sentence explains how he throws negative Karma to CVs despite how they perform... i'm not an all time CV player... most of my battles are BBs 2nd to Cruisers and 3rd to Destroyers... CVs is the least used ship in my port , despite being the most used ship class in the last few weeks. I don't find CVs such a big deal, once you know how to deal with them you can pretty much make them useless on any ship class... There's a hint for any ship class in order to learn how to deal with CVs DD: do not use AA up until CV already spot your ship, once it does, set your nose tho the rocket planes and CV will probably miss his shot... after the initial Rocket Run CV tends to look out for BBs way more than DDs, since BBs provide a big [edited]platform with a lot of health in order to be the ideal target of large attacks. HELL i have even find DDs who will sit behind a CA for the first 2 minutes of the battle, and then stays unbothered by CVs for a long time in the match Cruisers: For real... any developed cruiser has the speed, AA and manouverability to wipe off enemy planes at the cost of 1 bomb who might overpen or do less than 2k damage. Or just one 3k torp who can't even start a flooding like it should BB: unlike in the RTS playmode, you only have one sq per strike, that means enemy BB can manouver in order to set the bow against enemy TBs or the side against enemy DBs, along with that, there's 2/3 times were CV is from the same tier or a lower tier than your ship... Every ship class: stay closer than 2.5km from a friendly ship with usefull AA and the combined AA will be a compelling reason for the CV to look elsewhere. If not, his chances are reduced to a single strike which can be propperly evaded Tier 5 ships will face Tier 4 CVS (tier 5 battles) and tier 6 cvs (tier 6 battles) Tier 6 ships will face tier 6 CVs (tier 6 and tier 7 battles) and Tier 6 or 8 CVs (tier 8 Battles) Tier 7 ships will face tier 6 CVs (tier 7 battles) tier 6 or 8 cvs (tier 8 battles) and tier 8 CVs (tier 9 battles) Tier 8 ships will face Tier 6 or 8 CVs (tier 8 battles) Tier 8 CVs (tier 9 battles) and tier 8 or 10 CVs (tier 10 battles) Tier 9 and 10 ships will face Tier 8 CVs (tier 8 and 9 battles) and tier 8 or 10 CVs (tier 10 battles) So for ships of tier 9 and 10 you get mostly downtiered CVs, the matchmaking works in fact worse for CVs since the aircraft won't even reach target if downtiered, while despite having less health AA or undergunned, you can still fight your way in other ship classes ANYWAY if karma does not represent anything relevant, the post is also irrelevant
  4. jotabe

    Balance Smole

    i admire how trollish some comments are... On the battle described, BBs run away from Smolensk because charging against him in a Cap in order to be at 6km... would present some issues like: 1) Rest of read team having you at range and starting to shoot at your [edited], not just smolensk 2) Smolensk torps 3) Smolensk being in a smoke deciding when and how to popup. 4) you still overpen that paper ship with AP. Smolensk is OP, there's no debate about that... in the battle described it was a rush who proved the point, but a regular smolensk play consist in getting your [edited]behind an island and farm the hell out of enemy team. Worst thing about smolensk is that it completely breaks the Rock & Paper & Sissor style of the game... it is a Cruiser that can only be confronted by other cruisers... since it will burn the hell out of DDs (like any cruiser should) but it can in no-time farm the hell out of any BB (like any cruiser shouldn't). It has too much advantages... Range, firing arcs, HE, RoF, and by being so unarmored it is in fact very resilient to BBs. Myself as BB player i've just quit playing Tier 8-10... there are so many cruisers so overpowered that it's aint even fun anymore... you get torched the entire match by a guy with next to no-skill which only finds the first rock it can and sits behind it letting the unbalanced game do the rest... and the worst case-scenario for a BB is the smolensk... period.
  5. I do not think of myself as a CV player, but it is fair to say that in the last 2 months i've being playing mostly CVs... The thing is that i started my "CV play" with about 7 Karma points... it is really little i think... but it was something... in 2 weeks i was 0 karma... and i think that was related to myself being new at CVs.... but then i got better and better, now i'm no less than any average CV player... 50k+ average on random battles on my both USA and Japan Tier 6 carriers (my stats are still a little low due to lack of more battles and my "recruit-degree" startup). and when i got better Karma didn't show... i'm still at "0" After that i started to chat with my clan teammates and they suffered same issue... many of them even refuse to use their CVs not bc they don't have fun with them but bc they loose too much karma points... And after that i realyze how many times i was getting "reported" by DD players which i attacked in many times... the same hate they show in chat, they show in "reports". Another issue is how much do your team ask of you as CV... i've found myself on loosing battles in which i ended up top3 with more than 60k dmg with my Tier 6 Ranger/Ryujo and nevertheless being blamed for defeat by Tier VIII battleships players which ends up in the bottom of the team... i bet some of them are also doing those negatives reports. I think many players hates CV just because they break the "traditional cannone" battle in which you can break contact to repair, sneak unseen and decide when you can take the punishment from enemys... and CVs works perfectly to bring light against enemy desires, and by attacking repairing BB, CV also prevent a ship from going to the rear, repair/reload consumables and resume battle in a stronger position. To me that's fine, but game mechanics do allow them to actually mess with the ones like myself who accept that challenge (even when playing with another ship classes) and enjoy the game as it is. I'm not on the chair of WG decisions, but it would be nice to have statistics about how many negative points are delivered to CVs and how many to other ship types... On the other hand i do not think Karma impacts that much on what you get as container prize, but the idea that my chances of getting something good are being limited by a random DD player who reports me for playing well as CV really gets me. And that drives me to the conclusion: many DD players are deliberately throwing bad karma to CVs in order to achieve that less players use that ship class WG MUST apply a fix in how Karma point works... for instance... if you get top 3 in your team, an automatic Karma point should be earned. Also, if you do 0 damage (AFK) you auto-loose a Karma point. If players can still report/compliment, a ship class limit should be applied... for instance no more than 1/3 of the daily report points should go to a same ship class, in order to prevent DD players to use 7 points a day against CV players, which are few and do feel the punch. I think this is pretty reasonable... if you only report CVs, despite how good or bad some player might perform... it does not talk about CV player performance but it talks about how you feel with the ship class... it is imposible not to find a sucky DD/Cruiser/BB player in every single battle... why all the "hate points" to the CVs? picture is there just to raise love for CVs lol PS: i think WG should nerf smolensk
  6. jotabe

    Ranger and being up tiered

    If you think Ranger is frustrating against Tier VIII, you should try a ryujo with stock planes lol... But for real... Ranger gets planes that are not so soft anyway, but nevertheless i've found out that captain's 3 point skills "aircraft armor" and "survivability expert" (A.K.A. extra health) are "must" skills to have. On the other hand, focusing on DDs in the 1st and even 2nd run with rockets it is a good start, you can drain up to 1/2 enemy DDs hp if you play w/skill in a single rocket squadron run. That's a lot of aid to your team. Also rockets will damage modules like AA mounts and torch enemy ships, so it is not complete a waste of resources and time to throw a rocket run into a BB or Cruiser. Another Pro-Tip to save TB and DB is to throw a wave into an island/empty ocean right after launch and before reaching enemy's AA... that way 2 or 3 planes return fast to the carrier and will reduce a lot sq reload time. Even if AA is really strong, throw 2 waves into island just to reduce lost. Nevertheless there is a drawback: Enemy AA concentrates on fewer aircraft so they will last way less than if the full sq strikes... let me put this another way.... Your DB SQ consist of 3 aircraft per attack wave, and 3 waves of attack in a full 9 planes squadron (3/9). If you discard 1 of those 3 waves, you'll attack with 3 planes and will have 1 full wave for a 2nd strike or in heavy AA scenario to replace attacking planes who gets shootdown... if you drop eary 2 times, you will engage enemy with just 3 planes in 1 wave, and will have 0 replacing planes for the ones shooted down... so in a heavy AA enviroment you'll have 1/3 options: A: 3/9: you attack with your full squadron, but AA is so intense you don't get a chance of 2nd strike, so you waste 9 planes to get 3 bombs above target, you might save the 3 attacking planes since they return at a higher altitude B: 3/6: you attack with 2/3 your squadron, If AA is very very intense, you might get not even 1 bomb above target, if AA is very intense you'll get at least 1 bomb above target, if AA is just intense you get a full 3 bomb attack. you will save 3 everytime, but up to even 6 planes. C: 3/3: You attack with 1/3 your squadron, Pretty high chance to get 0 bombs above target, but you might get 1 or even 2 bombs (if lucky) on low AA scenarios. Good thing is that you keep pressure on enemy ship and still get the chance of producing a fire, which will be bad news for a softened target like a Battleship. You decide how to engage enemy, it is really usefull the 3/6 attack, and you can do the same with TB, attacking with 6/8 and even 4/8. Despite all, expect to have 40 to 50k battles which are kind of ok but by no means ground breaking or decisive. a very good battle will be 50 to 75k, and 75k battles or more will be rare for an average non-pro player (at least for me they are) your avg damage will be much better on Tier6 battles, needless to say...
  7. jotabe

    Time to put and end to this sad joke CV rework

    rework is a reality, no point in debating how to fix old RTS. I think the current state is somehow balanced for US CVs, not so much for Japan ones which are still too weak airplanes, but not that much broken since you get similar overall damage from both ships. Haven't tried UK yet. The main advantage for CVs is that most of the real counter it can face would be related to fleet tactics that are very rare in random battles. but every once in a while you face a 3 ship division which goes in a pack of ships making 3x improved AA. in Those cases things get really frustrating for CV
  8. well sir you nailed with this comment. Only real sealclubber tier for CVs its tier IV, and it is also the same tier ppl get to see regular 4 and even 6 CV in a match. Tier IV also has no "fighter sq" for planes, so a CV won't really mess with his counterpart, moreon since CVs are only tier IV ships with capable AA along with some tier V premium Battleships. So any reasonable CV player at Tier IV will decimate tier III and IV battleships, aiming at the ones isolated or w/o AA Thats as sealclubbing as some other Tier IV like chinese DD, of which some ppl uses and now wine about other ship class being OP. At Tier VI CVs stop being even reasonable, myself i have twice as much avg dmg w/Hosho than Ryujo, that's a lot to say... there are lots of problems: 1) Single sq strike means (compared to before) than you can't split enemy's AA 2) more than 2 ships inside a 2km radio equals air massacre, your DB/TB will only launch first strike, maybe 2nd if ships have low grade AA. If ships are uptiered you might not even reach target -problem is far worse w/japan aircraft) 3) start planes are crap, barely usefull against same tier, very unusefull angainst up tiered ships 4) what's described up means your captain needs 2 skills for your planes = extra armor + extra health. 5) points 2 3 and 4 shows that grinding CV is a far miserable task, way more than cruisers and even Battleships (except some horrifying exceptions) And all the problems mentioned here for Tier 6 gets worse on Tier 8 and once you research the better planes, and you captain reach at least 8 skill points, you'll still find out that some ships will be almost imune to your dmg, while others have insanely OP AA having no defense against that. Yes, CV might crap on some DDs (not US ones) but not as bad as some cruisers...
  9. Historia: El ARA-3 ( A-3 )Francisco de Gurruchaga fue la primer embarcación en rescatar a los sobrevivientes del lamentablemente hundido Crucero ARA Gral. Belgrano de l República Argentina.

    Nosotros creadores de este nuevo clan nos encontramos con el objetivo de crear una nueva hermandad Social y activa de todos los jugadores latinoamericanos que quieran pasar un buen momento en este juego World of Warship y aprender todos juntos, compartiendo información y experiencias dentro del game. Objetivo CLAN WARS Usamos Discord para poder comunicarnos. Interesados mandar privado a Milis_hunt dentro del juego. Saludos.