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  1. No Such Thing as Skill in WoWs

    Kevik missed what I said about him :-/
  2. No Such Thing as Skill in WoWs

    Truth be told, Kevik is probably the most honorable and sincere people in SALTY.
  3. I honestly thought one of my clanmates made this. lol
  4. I think Feminist has been hanging out with us too much lately.
  5. The GODenberg

    Not even a clear sky? wth?
  6. The GODenberg

    I was too at first, it too a long time for the Hindy and I to click.
  7. The GODenberg

    And yet I'm the commander, hmm.
  8. The GODenberg

  9. Looking for Highly Competitive Clan

    New phone who dis
  10. EDIT: Please delete MODS.
  11. EDIT: Fixed, please delete MODS.
  12. Damage Isn't Everything

    Well said
  13. It says 1600 PST in the game client. (Which is 4pm out west)
  14. That is what the in game client says. Just looking for conformation.