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  1. No Such Thing as Skill in WoWs

    Kevik missed what I said about him :-/
  2. No Such Thing as Skill in WoWs

    Truth be told, Kevik is probably the most honorable and sincere people in SALTY.
  3. I honestly thought one of my clanmates made this. lol
  4. I think Feminist has been hanging out with us too much lately.
  5. The GODenberg

    Not even a clear sky? wth?
  6. The GODenberg

    I was too at first, it too a long time for the Hindy and I to click.
  7. The GODenberg

    And yet I'm the commander, hmm.
  8. The GODenberg

  9. EDIT: Fixed, please delete MODS.
  10. It says 1600 PST in the game client. (Which is 4pm out west)
  11. That is what the in game client says. Just looking for conformation.