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  1. I guess that's why my win rate is constantly going up! Spendin those dolla dolla bills!
  2. Look at it this way Hella, you're on our team speak when we brought up the horrible ranked players that were playing 700,800,900 games to rank out and FAILING. Were they learning the game or getting better by playing excessively? Abso freaking lutely NOT!
  3. I've already said this to him. he needs to work on his actual skill, damage, positioning on the map, communication. NONE of that will be achieved while burning yourself out mentally doing something like this. Kids these days just don't listen, they really don't. Well there is only one way to learn apparently, the hard way.
  4. Ugh those stats make my eyes bleed.
  5. QFT. Ive done it so many times now that I don't get frustrated or rage anymore. I know I'll get through it in the end, it just takes time. So I put a smile on my face and get er done!
  6. I think there are 18-25 of us. I'd like to see my name up in lights and go LOOK MA, I've accomplished something in my life!
  7. Good idea Doc. Well done sir.
  8. I love my Clan. Daddy happy.
  9. 60% overall winrate and 1400 WTR minimum. Let me know if you qualify and I'll give you our TS info
  10. Yah unfortunately AOBA struggles in higher ranks.