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  1. I’d like to know who that 35% is. I will chop off his man hood personally. lol
  2. I feel ya bro
  3. This man needs a courtesy HJ for that comment.
  4. This thread has more posts then ZR has games played in the last month.
  5. I can find a third party metric site to put us #1 as well. @Kiririn_ In your little pic at least we're number 2, but yet in this one you're 16....hmmm how funny is that.
  6. Hold on while I go dig up some re-rolls to be on top again. And you KNOW exactly why BFK didn't cast your match. Don't act like the innocent little weeb.
  7. Hmm I wonder why there hasn’t been any ZR sightings since @Macabe spoke up.
  8. To the top we go. #truth
  9. Remember 2 is better then 1. Say that to yourself and you’ll always be happy.
  10. I'm quoting this so that I can make sure its in the first post after the first season of CW ends.
  11. Please find me a post any post or screen shot that I said we missed a sign up for SL. I will donate $1000 to a any charity right now.
  12. It must be re-run Friday.
  13. You'd have to be part of a clan that actually played the game to understand.
  14. ^ this thread just got cancerous with all that anime.
  15. who cares about reputation?