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  1. I really hope I can get into the WoWs Alpha

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  3. I'm only suffering from first world problems lately. That's a good thing, right?

    1. ironcladtanker


      "Hunger in the third world, and anger in the first, half the world's at war and the other's dyin' of thirst....."

  4. The key to happiness is doing your job well so your boss compliments you for self esteem, and game a lot so you don't have to deal with the ugly outside world ;-)

  5. New game pc arrived today, just gotta test my old ssd if it still works, and get windows.

  6. You might think I am wasting your time with you reading this, but let me tell you this: Time you've had fun wasting isn't wasted time. So, did you have fun reading this?

  7. If I could fly... I still wouldn't have money for an aircraft so what would it matter?

  8. it'll be fine... hush

  9. I like you. Yes, you!

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    2. ironcladtanker


      So, you like everyone on this forum?

    3. RutgerS


      only the ones who read that status.

    4. Wolf_Northwood


      I am least liked and most hated

  10. Well, hello rare visitor