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  1. Have you ever considered applying for the Dunning-Kruger poster model?
  2. Google translate will fix that right up for ya In bad Russian, yet. Deer Hunt! Охота на Оленя! Cooked Crayfish! приготовленные раки! Tomato Sauce! Томатный соус! Potato salad! Картофельный салат! You can't fix stupid Вы не можете исправить глупо You are about two blini shy of a picnic Вы около двух блины стесняется пикника your mother was a turnip ваша мать была репа Your sister is a rutabaga Ваша сестра брюква Freak! Урод! You are dumber than a box of rocks Вы глупее коробкой пород No culture Нет культуры
  3. Sounds like the SEA server is gonna suffer from your inability to control your temper, now, instead of us. Good riddance to you, hopefully you never come back. BTW, you'll still have that 33 game penalty to work off IF you come back. Mere time won't erase them.
  4. Did you ever think that's the most helpful advice you'll get? Have you CONTACTED SUPPORT WITH A REQUEST FOR THIS ISSUE? or just posted yet another [edited]whine post on the forums
  5. There's plenty of ships that can do 58k in two salvos with citadels, "sunshine." Quite often the terms are used interchangeably on the forums. Especially by those shading the truth in a whine post. Personally I assume they're lying until I see a replay. Said replay has yet to appear.
  6. No, that's a devastating strike, which is influenced by HOW WELL YOU AIM. Just as the likelihood of giving someone a Detonation can be influenced by HOW WELL YOU AIM.
  7. Hyperbole much? I've had quite a few teams come back from being a ship or two down, even in ranked, regardless of whether they were detonated or not.
  8. The most likely cause is on YOUR computer or from YOUR ISP. Before complaining about Wargaming's lag issue, make sure the problem isn't on your end. Contact support and they will help you iron out performance issues with your computer.
  9. No you don't. Not any more. You QUIT, remember? If you're not playing the game you can't get any damage. So, are you lying about quitting the game? Or just re-rolling again and trying to hide it?
  10. Having watched the love of my life die to that horrible disease, after being married to her for 35 years, I find the usage in this context extremely offensive. Of course those that haven't been through that simply don't have a clue, and prove it with things like this video.
  11. Stupid is as stupid does. Your friends sound like drama queens to me.
  12. You can't really fix stupid, just put it on ignore and hope the other team enjoys the easy win.
  13. I'd really love to see the 3/5/7 and 5/10 match making templates that WoT uses. It kinda takes the sting out a bit when you're not top tier. Those templates actually brought me back to WoT. For those that don't know: 3/5/7 3 top tier 5 mid tier 7 bottom tier 5/10 5 top tier 10 bottom tier
  14. Then you were NOT flying the anti-detonation flag. I'm simply assuming that you're lying since you can't get your story straight. Off to the whiner ignore list for you, troll!
  15. Then you were NOT detonated. Learn the difference between detonation and Devastating Strike. From the wiki, I increased the size of the relevant text: Mitigating Detonation The chance of detonation can be decreased in three ways: Mount Magazine Modifications 1 as the Upgrade for Slot 1. This will decrease the chance of magazine detonation by 70%. Mount the Juliet Charlie signal flag; this will decrease the chance of magazine detonation by 100%. In other words: the magazine will not detonate if this signal is mounted on the ship. Another way to reduce the chance is by angling. This is by pointing the nose of the ship at or close to the ship shooting you. Certain ships you can point the rear of the ship to the enemy and prevent detonations. Since most (about 95%) detonations are caused by showing your sides (aka broadside) to the enemy. By the way angling can also greatly reduce citadels. This is why you will notice when shooting at or aiming at a ship it will turn in or away reducing the angle and ability to detonate and/or citadel.