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  1. Support has your back. https://na.wargaming.net/support/kb/articles/513
  2. Your inability to learn isn't our problem. Off to the ignore list for you!
  3. Because so many players whined about how "bad" the low tier gift ships were (a.k.a "They're not OP!" <poutpoutpout>), and wished for something else. Lo, and behold, they GOT what they wished for and are complaining about that too.
  4. You could do something REALLY different, like actually improving at the game!
  5. They made the mistake of playing before their morning coffee.
  6. Oh, gee. . . lessee. . . . takes a whole 20 minutes. REAL world examples. . . . Your kid trips and puts her hand through the glass of a storm door. "Just a minute, I gotta finish this match or Ivan's gonna have a hissy fit. Yes, I know you cut an artery. Try not to bleed to death before the match finishes." Your wife is undergoing chemotherapy for lung cancer, and passes out in the bathroom. You can't revive her while the ambulance is on the way. Both of these have happened to me. Took WAY more than 20 minutes. If a user has a documented history of serial AFK (over the course of 100 games or so), then yes, terminate their account with extreme prejudice. For isolated events - no.
  7. Wrong. You fire the round that will be most effective for damaging your target ALL of the time. For a bow on, angled BB that's usually going to be HE, for a broadside BB that's going to be AP. I swap between types at need, as should you. Stop whining about OP and go play a Brit BB to learn their weaknesses. There's plenty.
  8. Not since BFT and AFT were nerfed, anyway. Before that, cruiser heavy was normal.
  9. Okay - I was translating your Russian for those that don't speak or read it. You choose to insult me for that courtesy. Here's some English for you to translate taken from the forum rules. First: The official language of this forum is English. Using other languages is allowed in special forum sections only. Transliteration and intentionally distorted or illiterate language is unwelcome. Second: Users are not allowed to abuse others, make personal attacks or behave disrespectfully. This prohibition applies to both public threads and private messages (PMs). Since you choose to ignore the rules, and behave like an uncultured peasant to those trying to help you be understood, you've been reported and placed on my personal ignore list.
  10. Google Translation: that submarines, are you crazy? from destroyers and aircraft carriers torpedoes quite a lot .....
  11. Stolen to add to my collection of tantrum pics! +1 for you!
  12. Shot of tequila downed, OP added to ignore list.
  13. A Wallet Warrior far better at the game than you and I are! So, which are you jealous of? A) the fact he has money to spend and you don't? OR. . . . B) The fact that he can play circles around you on his bad days? OR. . . C) The fact that he can post an intelligent, reasoned reply and you can't?
  14. Your lack of situational awareness and refusal to learn isn't OUR problem. There's a whole forum dedicated to tutorials for new players, yet there's a constant influx of [edited] pastries like you that would rather piss and moan rather than make an effort to learn something. Go here and read, watch videos, and LEARN. You'd do well to apply yourself to the tutorial forums over at World of Tanks too. It's obvious that you've never attempted to learn how to play THAT game either.