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  1. Ah. You're talking about CONSUMABLES. There's a detailed section of the wiki here. CLICK ME. Take the time to read it and your question will be answered.
  2. All Wargaming schedules are done on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and have been since day one. It was several years before NA time zones were even added to the UTC times, mostly due to the inability of US citizens to make the conversion in their heads, which lead to constant whines like this. Adapt.
  3. Please don't blame your failures due to lack of knowledge on the game mechanics. It's obvious from your 39.1% win rate that the BB player, no matter how bad, is better at winning the match than you. Lotsa help here: New Player Guides
  4. PSST! Your OCD is showing!
  5. So your lack of reading comprehension is the problem? Several people gave you excellent answers and you gave attitude back because the answers didn't coddle your pwecious widdle feewlings when you called a mechanic you didn't understand "stupid." Also, you never stated you understood. What you stated was: So - in view of your willingness to cop attitude when people genuinely TRY to help. . .
  6. Every ship in the game can do a devastating strike. You'd already KNOW this if you'd actually READ the replies you've gotten so far in this thread. I think you're just butthurt and want to whine. So. . .
  7. So, you have no evidence to back your assertion that you were detonated while running a Juliet Charlie flag, and insist on maintaining your fiction. Unlike those who thought they were detonated, had replays ON, and went back to watch the replay only to find out that they were in error. . . . and so the ignore list grows.
  8. You've only been detonated 3 times in 131 battles. Stop sailing broadside to the enemy and inviting DEVASTATING STRIKES. If you actually want to LEARN something about the game, go here: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Main_Page
  9. Got a replay of that? No one else has managed to snag one since the game went public. That's hundreds of thousands of games that have been played with no evidence of the Juliet Charlie flag failing to prevent a detonation. Statistics indicate you're either lying or ignorant of what a detonation is.
  10. Who let you out of your cage?
  11. New players are segregated for 100 matches or so. They WOULD NOT SEE someone with more matches than that before then. You have no argument.
  12. You couldn't scan the page for 15 seconds for the same topic on the front page of this section? One that's been there for DAYS!???? Welcome to my ignore list.