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  1. Azzura

    NZ Based Players

    i'm not playing right now (watching TV)....but what is the IP for the server? The next time I am playing when a lag spikes happen...i'll do a tracert.
  2. Azzura

    NZ Based Players

    NZ here too... I've been experiencing them as well...they seem to come and go. Initially, I thought it was just a Spark (my primary internet connection) thing. But I was using my backup/secondary internet connection with Vodafone/Netspeed 4G home connection and noticed them on the backup connection as well...
  3. Azzura

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    When ever possible I don't snipe...but only fool BBs charge in before assessing the situation.
  4. Azzura

    Supertest: Damage Limit DD vs BB

    I hope they make BB secondaries better to compensate... Or should I say perhaps they will...well maybe Ughhhhh who am I kidding?
  5. Azzura

    Yup. "Super" Containers suck

    Yep...SC pretty much suck... Now how long till someone from the you should be happy group----- comes in and says?....you should just be happy to get something for free!
  6. Biggest thing I find frustrating about playing the Warspite at T8. The thing moves at a snails pace to get to anywhere on the large maps. Add in the 16.3km range... When playing it in T8 matches I constantly felt like I was trying to catch up to the battle and taking a real longtime to get anything in range to shot at. I used to play this ship a lot!
  7. Azzura

    Is fire prevention any good?

    You're still gonna burn! A lot!
  8. Azzura

    GK is actually not bad

    Secondary build without maximum concealment = won't work. You'll never get close enough....The ship needs concealment in order to be able to get somewhat close to the action for secondaries be useful or close enough to brawl. Without concealment HE will be flung at you forever.... I have mixed feelings about secondaries (love hate relationship with them) - idk why but it seems to take them 3 to 5 seconds to even begin to fire on target (which is really annoying!!!). They seem to miss DD's consistently under certain circumstances, yet hit them nicely when traveling in straight lines or moving slowly (but we all know how often DD's travel in straight lines and or move slowly lol). Main gun accuracy --- 32% hit rate...just as good as my Montana and Yamato.... Conq is at 33%. So main guns are just as good as any other T10 BB i've played. I've decided to experiment with the 406's again. With legendary module..I think the reload is 24.6 (?) on the 406's. Really enjoy the tankyness of it....fun ship.
  9. Not sure I had any tokens.....Well...guess I missed out using my tokens. If I had any...
  10. Azzura

    Should CVs be banned from Ranked?

    I don't understand why they aren't allowed in Clan Battle. Yet they are allowed in Ranked.... Why aren't they allowed in CB?
  11. I think I am a whale...I don't want to think about how much I've spent. I am not interested in these crates. It just feels like gambling to me.
  12. Azzura

    World of PremWarships WoPW ?

    I wonder?
  13. Or for 37% of matches you were the top tier and 63% you were not the top tier
  14. Azzura

    Possible Solution to Radar

    If radar and spotter plane superman vision didn't go through islands. DDs might be able to cap and or even get around an island and ambush the island huggers. People can't honestly think it takes a lot of "skill" to hug an island, spam HE from a position that can't be fired back upon (who am I kidding...I am sure they think they are gods at the game!). And has radar bubble that goes through islands magically revealing ships on the other side at no risk. Maybe they need to penalize or give reduced xp and credits to ships/players who remain stationary. Ya know...they do all kinds of damage while stationary. But at the end of the match they get little xp or money from it .....cause they just hugged an island and spammed. Eventually....they won't be able to afford to use such tactics.
  15. "Now, our "Casual" player is going to attempt to collect Steel by using "Try Your Luck" containers for the three daily crates they can unlock. Let's assume they're only getting 2 of these crates per day on average. 365 days in a year x 2 crates = 730 crates. "Try Your Luck" have an average Supercontainer conversion rate of about 3%. Thus, 730 crates is approximately 22 Supercontainers a year, rounding up. If every single container dropped steel, they'd have 33,000 Steel in one year -- or enough to get Stalingrad after 10 months and 1 week. But that's incredibly optimistic. If the drop rate for Steel in Supercontainers is a more likely 10% drop rate, then our Casual is going to need 8 and a half years (on average) to unlock Stalingrad this way." "8 and a half years (on average) to unlock Stalingrad this way" = comical!