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  1. Can they limit them? I mean look how many cvs are in que? Start doing the math if you limit to one cv per match per team. How long would these cvs end up sitting in que?
  2. Azzura

    When will Slingshot Drop Exploit be fixed?

    Idk...not so sure it is a exploit. It's more like taking advantage of a game mechanic with skill.... Ohh and some have the skill to pull it off...and some don't...
  3. Azzura

    Save your money the Saipan Sucks

    While I have only had a limited 7 battles in it. So far, I am not finding it too bad....my highest damage is 165,910 damage and am averaging 88k damage. Seems ok ..so far.
  4. I agree.... When i've been playing CV I will drop a fighter and it keeps the other CV away from the area. And if the other cv drops one...it keeps me out of the area. I've also noticed fighters in general from any ship is painfully effective.
  5. Azzura

    Credits Nurf ?

    Well...idk. I just had a 290k win....and lost 21k in a Midway. And I have prem time... is that bad?
  6. Azzura

    Another day another nerf on cvs

    What effect will this have on other ships...none dds?
  7. Azzura

    Another day another nerf on cvs

    Does this mean the bombs will now land center of the target circle? vs the edge of the target circle?
  8. Just l2p better...
  9. Azzura

    Just get rid of carriers

    Fine....just put CVs in CB if it doesn't matter so much. Just watching some drivers reviews lol. Damnit Ping...take my money!
  10. Azzura

    Just get rid of carriers

    The fact that CVs are not in Clan Battles should be all that needs to be said about how broken CVs are to the game play. Yet those who play random matches must endure it. Well I don't endure it much....hardly play, no spending...but hey my golf handicap is single digits now ..on an 8 lol. Maybe CVs in the game hasn't been all bad. Oh look! --- a new Ping driver just released....hmm only $500
  11. Azzura


    I'd buy a years premium time for the option to opt out of CV matches. CV matches are just way too boring to play.....
  12. Azzura

    Global User Poll Re: CV Rework

    WG has said a lot of things would "never" happen...did you want a list of them?
  13. Azzura

    Global User Poll Re: CV Rework

    4.) or opt out of CV matches 5.) or Remove CVs entirely
  14. Azzura

    Put on CV Opt Out in the randoms

    Wargaming has said they wouldn't do a lot of the things....yet they have to the game.